PR and Marketing Glossary: From Traditional to Digital Strategies

Rundown (Resumen): Summary

Press Releases (Comunicado de prensa): Public Note

A Buzz (Reclamo): Claim

To Entice (Fomentar): To Promote
Conspicuous (Visible): Visible

Keep Track (Controlar Temporalmente): To Monitor

Comb Through (Revisar): Scan

Clipping (Archivar): Archiving

Compiling (Almacenar): Storing
A Public Stance (El Cliente se Posicione): A Public Position

Product Tampering (El Etiquetado del Producto): Product Branding

Buoying (Mejorar/Aumentar): Improving

Account Management (Persona Encargada de las Cuentas de Productos)

A Liaison (Conectar): A Connector
Pitch (Canalizar): To Channel

The Creative Department (Departamento Creativo): Design Department

Copywriters (El que Escribe los Briefing)

In-House (En Plantilla): Internal

To Handle (Lidiar): To Manage
Reassess (Repensar / Reconsiderar): To Re-evaluate

Submitted (Enviar): Sent

Analogy (Analogía): With this Structure


Daunting → Difícil (Difficult)
A Byline → Escaparate (Display)

Crafting → Creando (Making)

To Resonate → Hacerte Escuchar (To Gain Attention)

On the Lookout → Atento (On Alert)



Alongside: Paralelamente, At the Same Time

On the Rise: En Aumento, Growing, Increasing
Weapon: Arma

Niche Market: Nichos de Mercado, Group Segment

Engagement: Compromiso

Quality Beats Quantity: Calidad Supera/Golpea a la Cantidad, Quality is More Relevant Than Quantity

ROI: Return on Investment
Brand Awareness: Reconocimiento de Marca, Reputación de Imagen, Brand Recognition, Company Reputation, Company Image

Relatable: Relacionables, Connected

Instead: En Lugar De

Insights: Perspectiva, Perspective, Information

To Take a Stand: Tomar una Postura, Posicionarse, To Take a Position, To Have an Opinion
To Make Room: Hacer Espacio, Create Space, Give Space

Inclusivity: Inclusividad, Inclusion, Non-discrimination

Ploy: Estrategia, Técnica, Inmersión, Interaction, Tactics, Strategy

Intrinsic Trait: (Intrínseco: Interno) Rasgos Internos, Particular Characteristic, Concrete Characteristic or Feature

Therefore: Por lo Tanto
Bullet-proof: Que Merezca la Pena, Que Sea Exitosa, Powerful, Successful

Wisely: Carefully, Sabiamente

To Cut Through the Noise: Diferenciarse, Salir de lo Común, Be Different, Stand Out

Sure-fire: Sobre Fuego, Forma Segura, Proper Way, Important Way, Secure

Broader: Más Amplia, Bigger
Cross-promotion: Promoción Cruzada, Joint Promotion

Invaluable: Valor Incalculable, Uncountable Value

Measurable: Medible, Countable

Priceless: No Tiene Precio, Invaluable

Compelling: Convincentes, Successful, Credible


-/id/: Cuando hay una “d” o una “t”, Granted/Needed/Wanted

-/t/: Cuando son Sonidos Fuertes, Stopped/Watched/Talked

-/d/: Los Demás, Loved/Travelled/Enhanced
Passed Down: Traspasar (Transmitted)

Leveraging: Equilibrando (Playing)

Passover: Pascua

Crumbs of Bread: Miga de Pan (Breadcrumbs)

Flakes of Dandruff: Copos de Caspa (Dandruff Flakes)
Seamless: Exitoso (Successful)

Flopped: Fracasada (Failed)

Nappy: Pañal (Diaper)

Restrained: Cuadriculados (Inflexible)

Composed: Elegantes (Elegant)
Interplay: Interacción (Interaction)

Cultural Resonance: Connotaciones (Cultural Connotation)


Your Salary Depends on Your Skills.

The Work Consisted of Selling Everything Possible.
We are Against Increasing the Minimum Salary.

The Campaign Will Focus on Connecting With All Publics.

We Have to Stop Charging Such a High Commission.


Minced: Triturado (Cut)
Landed a Windfall: Vio una Gran Oportunidad (Saw a Big Opportunity)

Flunkies: Seguidores (Followers)

Pitching Ghost Product: Dirigido a Productos que no Existían (Targeting Non-existent Products)


What Was the “Beat Generation”?

The Beat Generation was a literary subculture movement started by a group of authors whose work explored and influenced American culture and politics in the post-World War II era.

Which Topics Were Associated With This Generation?

Some defining elements are the rejection of classical American values, drug use, great sexual freedom, and the study of Eastern philosophy.

What is the Connection Between This Movement and Route 66?

Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) is one of the most important American writers of the 20th century. An icon of the Beatnik movement, he considered “On the Road” his most famous novel, a generational manifesto in which Kerouac coined the term “Beat Generation.”

1) Traduce las Siguientes Frases. Presta Atención a los Infinitivos y Gerundios en Negrita. ¿Se Mantienen al Traducirse o Cambian? ¿Por Qué?

a) Fumar está Totalmente Prohibido en Todo el Edificio.

– Smoking is totally prohibited in all the building.

b) Es Bueno Abrir las Ventanas para Ventilar la Casa al Menos una Vez al Día.

– It is good to open the windows to ventilate the house at least once a day.

c) A las Nuevas Generaciones no les Gusta Nada Leer.

– The new generations don’t like reading at all.

d) Me Encanta Vivir Aventuras Viajando a Países Exóticos.

– I love living new adventures traveling to exotic countries.

e) No me Gusta Cocinar por la Noche.

– I don’t like cooking at night.

f) I Love Dancing When I Go Out at Night.

– Me encanta bailar cuando salgo por la noche.

g) Online Trading is Massively Growing Currently.

– El comercio online está creciendo mucho en la actualidad.

h) Going to the Beach and Sunbathing Relax me a Lot.

– Ir a la playa y tomar el sol me relaja mucho.

i) By Doing So, You Will Get Much Better Results.

– Al hacerlo, obtendrás mejores resultados.

j) I Just Want to Speak English Well for Getting a Good Job.

– Yo solo quiero hablar inglés bien para conseguir trabajo.

2) Completa los Espacios de las Frases Siguientes con la Forma Correcta del Verbo (-ing o Infinitivo con ‘to’). Sigue el Ejemplo.

Ej.) Tonight I Fancy to an Expensive Restaurant and Then to a Jazz Club. (go out)

Tonight I fancy going out to an expensive restaurant and then to a jazz club.

1. I Don’t Enjoy USING Computers. (use)

2. The Bank Manager Absolutely Refused to LEND Me Any Money. (lend)

3. Luis Has Decided to SELL His Porsche and BUY a Ferrari. (sell / buy)

4. Don’t Forget to PHONE Me When You Get to the Hotel. (phone)

5. I Love Living in Spain Now, but I Really Miss Eating Fish and Chips Out of English Newspaper. (live / eat)
6. I Gave Up Smoking and Drinking Alcohol Last Year. I Don’t Feel Any Healthier, Just Depressed. (smoke / drink)

7. Would You Like Going Out for a Drink With Me Next Saturday Night? (go)

Would you like to go out for a drink with me next Saturday night?

8. I Regret Not to Take That Job in Nigeria. (not take)

I regret not taking that job in Nigeria.

9. Angeles Hates Driving in the City. (drive)

10. Why Do You Keep on Looking at Me Like That? (look)
11. If You Happen to See Ruben, Tell Him I’d Like to Speak With Him. (see / speak)

12. I Feel Like Going Shopping and Spending All My Husband’s Money! (go / spend)