• Sonnet 18 (theme- the power of literature- literature is so powerful that it can defeat death).( if people read this poem they will live for ever)

  • She walks in beauty- (theme- the idea of beauty- her internal and external beauty. There is a balance between her dark and bright) (she has perfect beauty and perfect youth)

  • Pride and prejudice- ( she didn’t write romantic novels but she wrote novels with some points in common with romanticism, like the importance of emotion. pride, is an emotion.)                                           

  • The hound of the baskervilles- sherlock, watson, stapleton, sir henry.

The hound of the baskervilles. Tension, Sir henry, Sherlock, Stapleton, Watonsn.

Sonnet 18. power of writing.

She walks in beauty. Romanticsm

Pride and prejudice. Characters, context

Sonnet 18:

The theme of sonnet 18 is the power of literature, the author through the poem is defeating death, because he is going to preserve the beauty and the youth of his beloved in the lines of the poem. The poem is going to live forever as long as there are people that read the poem. The modern man thinks that he is in charge of his own future, that he can defeat death by his own.

She walks in beauty:

Themes:She walks in beauty is about different types of beauty that can be find. Women who resemble nature are particularly beautiful, in this case, this woman has: in her appearance the darkness of the sky and the brightness of the stars, the balance between those elements make her very beautiful. In addition, she seems to be a calm, serene person, who doesn’t regret anything done in her life, and has sweet thoughts and a pure heart, so it is also beautiful inside.

Romanticism: there are three aspects about romanticism.The importance of emotion: the people of that age thought that the science was the most important thing, and romantics thought that thas was wrong, and they wanted to bring the emotions back. The love for the natural world: they thought that the only perfect thing in world was the natural world, so when they wanted to compare someone beautiful, they compare them to nature. Mystery melancholy and introspection: they thought that when people look inside himself they brought melancholy, because the only perfect thing is nature. (95 palabras).

The hound of the Baskervilles:


Sherlock: He likes solving puzzles, he is more intelligent than Watson, he is a genius, however, he doesn’t know how to deal with people, he is anti-social, he doesn’t express emotions, he is single-minded, only cares about the cases that he is solving and he is rude, and self centered. (49 palabras).

Watson: he is friendly and kind, and cares about other people, he is very intelligent but not as Sherlock. He is sympathetic, has normal relationships, he is also interested in puzzles, and he admires his friend. (35 palabras).

Stapleton: he seems to be a polite gentleman on the outside, but he is actually the evil character in this novel. He is blond and short, and he is weak. (29 palabras).

Sir henry: He is a tall and strong. He is very generous, and he is very attractive. Sir henry is the kind character in this novel, and he is described like someone that cares about other people. (35 palabras).

Tension: there are three ways to create tension; they are: Likeable characters: attract the reader to read more, because they wants to know what is going to do or what is going to happen to them. Holding information from the reader: don’t know something, makes them want to read more, to know what the mystery is about and what is happening. And putting characters in danger: that makes intrigue and suspense to the reader. (73 palabras).

Pride and prejudice


Mrs bennet: is a young woman that needs to get married to inherit the fortune of her family. She is very proud, and she thinks that she has to chose who is going to marry, and she doesn’t want to marry anyone even if it’s a rich person. She wants to be different from the rest of the girls. She is also prejudice, because she believes that people from the landed aristocracy are not good people. In the novel she changes her mind, she learns that people can change, that she shouldn’t be so proud, she should accept people that come to her.

(101 palabras).

Mr bingley: is part of the landed aristocracy, so he own a lot of money. He is a very lively person, kind, he speaks to everyone, he is good company. He is not so handsome, no as Mr. Darcy, then he marries one of the Bennet sisters. (45 palabras).

Mr. Darcy: he is also pride and prejudice, he is part of the landed aristocracy, he has a lot of money, more than Mr.Bingley. He is very rich and powerful. He is also very proud and conceited, he doesn’t speaks to anyone that is not of the landed aristocracy, he doesn’t want to speak to Elizabeth at first, and he is not good company. He is also prejudice, he thinks that people that are of the landed gentry are not intelligent and they are not worth it, in this novel, he learns how to be not so proud and to live his prejudice a side. (104 palabras).