Personal Selling

A personal selling approach that involves advising and helping customers on how to reach their strategic goals by using the products, services and expertise of the sales organization is called:
Consultative selling

While accountants and financial staff are concerned with total profitability in ____ terms, salespeople are primarily concerned with ____, as it is influenced by cost-of-sales and pricing.
financial, gross margin

Which of the following statements pertaining personal selling is true?
None of the above

Need-satisfaction personal selling is based on the idea that:
Customers purchase to satisfy a particular need or set of needs

The part of marketing that relies heavily on interpersonal communication and interaction between buyers and sellers is called _________
Personal selling

Customers perceptions of what they get for what they have to give up is referred to as Customer ____

Sales _____________ is a customer-oriented approach that uses truthful, non-manipulative tactics to satisfy the needs of both the customer and the selling firm.

If Maria is engaged in sales __________, she is involved in a series of conversations between buyers and sellers that occur as salespeople attem

Salespeople who are customer oriented, honest, dependable, competent, and likable are in a good position to establish

When salespeople alter their sales messages and behaviors during a sales presentation in response to different sales situations, they are using:
Adaptive selling


Sales leads are also known as:

The strategic prospecting process is often represented as:
Both a and d are correct

Which of the following represents pre-call information about the prospective buyer that the salesperson may wish to obtain
All of the above

Which of the following is not typically a source of sales leads?
Competitor’s salespeople

The prospecting method in which salespeople seek to obtain leads from influential people is called what?
Centers of influence

Once salespeople have qualified their prospects, they should:
Begin gathering pre-call information

The more a salesperson knows about a prospect, the better chance a salesperson has to ___
Make a sale

When a salesperson spends a lot of time “interviewing” prospects to learn their names, interests, and job responsibilities they are being ineffectiv
Obtaining precall information on the prospect

Which of the following statements about strategic prospecting is not true?
With respect to business-to-business selling, most salespeople will never have to prospect

With respect to prospecting, which of the following statements is true?
Salespeople often indicate they do not have enough time to prospect

Technology is providing faster and more efficient ways for salespeople to communicate with their customers.  With respect to communication with their customers, salespeople should try to use which method first?
Use the telephone because it is inexpensive and allows for two-way interaction

Which of the following training topics does not include information that will help salespeople earn trust?All of the above will help salespeople learn how to earn trust

If you find that people you speak with often misinterpret your verbal messages, you should probably work on what?
Your voice characteristics

In order to be an effective listener a salesperson must do which of the following?All the above are correct

Nonverbal communications vary by
All of the above

The best way to avoid making mistakes interpreting nonverbal communications is to:
Keep an open mind about the people we meet

Each individual type of nonverbal communication carries meaning. However, collectively the pieces of nonverbal communication being expres
Nonverbal clusters

Which of the following best describes the purpose of sales communication if you want to earn the trust of the customer?
To seek common understanding between the buyer and seller

Which of the following best completes the sentence “It’s difficult to ____ someone if I don’t ____ them.”?
buy from, trust

Which of the following types of communications technology sometimes backfires on sales organizations by actually frustrating their customers need to contact the salesperson?

A buyer’s motivation to make a purchase begins when he/she:
Identifies a needs gap

Once the buyer has completed phase three of the buying process (developing a specification), the buyer should:
Begin searching for and qualifying potential solution providers

If a buyer mistakenly believes that a competitor’s offering has higher level attributes or qualities than it actually does, the salesperson should attempt to:
Alter the buyer’s beliefs about the competitor’s offering

A business organization wanting to increase its interdependence with its suppliers in an effort to reduce risk and increase profitability, may wish to explore the concept of?
Supply chain management

RFP is an acronym for:
Request for proposals

The member of the buying team who controls the flow of information is called the ____?

When using the multi-attribute model for evaluating suppliers and products, buyers must remember to:
Include all the benefits associated with the various solution alternatives

When someone buys a new copier that, at a minimum, includes sorting and stapling capabilities, sorting and stapling are ___?
“Must-have” attributes

Which of the following is not one of the types of buyer needs?

The gap between a buyer’s desired state and his/her actual state is referred to as a
Needs gap 

Which the following best describes the relative participation of the buyer and seller in a sales call?
Both b and d are correct

A salesperson wishing to elicit more details during the discovery process should use which type of questions?

The ADAPT questioning system is similar to the SPIN questioning system in that:
All of the above are correct

A major purpose of SPIN and ADAPT is to help the salesperson identify the ____________ for the buyer.
       Confirmed benefits

Which of the following best reflects the relationship between sales calls and sales dialogue?
Sales dialogue refers to business conversations which could include one or more sales calls

In a presentation, the salesperson’s ability to develop a customized solution is heavily dependent upon:
The salesperson’s ability to listen during needs discovery.

A salesperson asking a buyer “How would your productivity be affected if your copier never stopped functioning properly?” is asking a ________ type of SPIN question.

Requesting an appointment (i.e., sales call) with a prospect relative to making a cold call helps accomplish which of the following desirable outcomes?
All of the above

A sales presentation planning template contains sections for each of the following, except ____.
Each of the above are important parts of the sales presentation checklist

A salesperson wishing to uncover more details about information that the buyer previously provided, should use which the following types of questions?

When preparing printed materials and visuals, a salesperson should remember __
To make sure each visual presents only one idea

When presenting solutions a salesperson often has to handle buyer resistance. Another way to look at buyer resistance is to think of it as __________________.
A challenge initiated by the buyer

When attempting to understand the objection the buyer is trying to express, the salesperson should:
All of the above

Which of the following is not a common reason why prospects raise objections?
All of the above are common reasons why prospects raise objections

When attempting to link solutions to needs, the salesperson should do all of the following except?
Describe all of the products features and benefits.

When preparing to conduct a product demonstration, a salesperson should remember ____
A, b, and c are correct

What are three key actions to negotiate buyer resistance?
Listen, Respond, Confirm

When a salesperson confronts an objection, the first thing they need to do is:
Listen carefully

Which of the following is an example of a proof provider?
a, b, and c are examples of proof providers

Response-checks and check-backs are most commonly used:
A and B are most common