perro 10

I wish I were healthy. I wish I had my own room. I wish I knew karate. I wish I had some free time. I wish I were happier. I wish I knew Italian
We have never been to a Chinese restaurant. I brought all the ingredients with me. Did you eat a huge dinner last night? We took my mother to the new Chilean Restaurant. I haven’t given a birthday gift to father yet. Have you ever ridden a horse? It’s great. I have never eaten snails. What are they alike? Have you decided what kind of pizza you would like?.
I bought this chicken for $5. Oh, I’m sorry. I just broke a glass. Victor made  Chinese chicken for dinner. I was’nt hungry this morning, so I skipped breakfast. Oh no! I forgot to buy rice.
Have you ever driven a sports car? I tried Greek food for the first time last night. Have you ever had Peruvian ceviche? It’s delicious.
I’m going to rent a car. I will probably visit my sister. Maybe, I will go to the mountains. Probably, I will catch up on my studying. I’m going to relax on the beach.
Where are you going to go?. How are you going to get there? Where are you going to stay? Are you going to travel with anyone?
I’m not going to go to a busy place. Maybe, I will take the train. I’m not going to stay on a hotel. I’m not going to stay on a hotel. I think, I will ask a friend
She’d better take a passport.  They need to bring hiking boots. They should take a hotel reservation. He ought to wear suitable clothes.

I wish I were the manager of this company. 2. Peter wishes he hadn’t bought that car.It breaks down so often and causes him trouble. 3. Asley’s mother wishes she would do well in the final exams next week. 4. Larry wishes he were on a spa holiday relaxing rather than working in the office now. 5. Mary feels homesick.She wishes she were in her home with her parents now. 6. I wish you would bring me a glass of water.I am very thirsty. 7. Karen wishes her father hadn’t gone to Russia on business.She misses him. 8. It was a very hot and sunny.I wish I had taken my sunglasses and sunlotion with me. 9. You look overweight.I wish you would attend a gym this summer. 10. My father wishes he hadn’t forgotten to take the camera with him.The view was wonderful. 11. Joseph wishes he hadn’t cheated in the exam.The teacher was very angry with him. 12. I wish I hadn’t spoken so loudly.My baby brother woke up. 13. Michael wishes his father would give him £100 for the school trip next month. 14. Mr.Parker wishes there weren’t mosquitoes around.They bite him badly. 15. I wish people wouldn’t cut the trees any more. 16. My mother wishes I would take her to the hospital for her operation this weekend. 17. Timothy wishes she hadn’t eaten too many strawberries.She has got a terrible stomachache. 18. Pam wishes she had an mp3 player. She could listen to music now. 19. I wish I knew more about cooking.I have to prepare something special for my guests. 20. We wish we would win the match next Sunday. We will be this year’s champion then. 21. The students wish they had studied more. They all got bad marks from the maths exam.
My parents won’t buy me a car. I wish they would buy me a car.
I don’t like my neigborhood. I wish I liked my neigborhood.
I can’t find my keys. I wish I could find my keys.
My sister isn’t in good shape. I wish she were in good shape.

Mary won  the lottery last year. We have already prepared  dinner. James found  your ring in the garden yesterday. He has just come  home. They bought  their car two years ago.I have not seen(i) anyone yet.

Phil did not go(i) to the cinema last night. We have not been(i) to the zoo so far.She has not arrived(i) yet.

Emily did not visit(i) me last week.

Have you read(i) the book yet?How many letters have they written(i) so far?When did he tell(i) you that?

Were you(i) at home last night?How often have you travelled(i) abroad till now?

A: Have you ever tasted(i) sushi?

B: Yes, I have eaten(i) sushi at least five times so far.

A: When did you eat(i) sushi for the first time?

B: I ate sushi for the first time on my dad’s 50th birthday. He invited(i) the whole family to a Japanese restaurant.

A: Did you like(i) it? B: Absolutely. In fact, it was so good that we have been to that restaurant three times yet. And on my mum’s birthday, we ordered some sushi and had(i) it at home.

 I think, my mother will like this CD. Just a moment. I will help you with the bags. We are going to fly to Venice in June. Look at the clouds! It is going to rain soon. My Friends will problably go to the beach.

John: Did you remember to bring that book I lent you?

     Paul: Oh, sorry, I forgot again. I will bring it tomorrow.  2Martina: Do you know what to buy your sister for her birthday?

 Tom: Yes. I am going to buy her a book on gardening.  I don’t feel like going out this evening. I am going to stay

 at home and watch TV.
4Elizabeth: There’s someone at the door.  Mark: I will go and see who it is.
5David: Do you know that Mark is going to open a shop in the centre of town?

     Jana: Really? What type of shop?

6I’ve decided that I am going to look  for a new job.

 You must remove your jacket and shoes when going through airport security..You have to call your friend tonight. It’s her birthday and she’ll kill you if you forget. She doesn’t need to wear a coat. It is warm outside. I told my roommate that he doesn’t have to pay for groceries this week because I owe him money. You must not swim in that river. It’s full of crocodiles. She has to bring her own skis because there isn’t anywhere to rent them. We don’t need to wash our car. It’s no dirty. You don’ have to pick me up from the airport. I’ll get a taxi. We need to win this game to get into the final.

He ‘d better study for the test because he’s failing the class. She ‘d better not smoke outside because people are eating on the patio nearby. I should not eat another cookie because I’m on a diet. Children ought to look after their parents in old age. They should star getting ready to go because the bus leaves at 4:00. Margaret ought not exercise too much. It might cause injury .