Past Simple and Vocabulary Practice

Past Simple


Regular Verb: I worked yesterday

Irregular Verb: I bought a car last year


Regular Verb: I didn’t work yesterday

Irregular Verb: I didn’t buy a car last year


Regular Verb: Did I work yesterday?

Irregular Verb: Did I buy a car last year?

Time Expressions

– Last (year, month, week, Monday…)

– Yesterday

– … ago (two months ago)

– In 2005

– On Monday

– In February



Apple, mango, orange, kiwi, pear, pomegranate, peach, red grapefruit, grapefruit, date, apricot, passionfruit, black cherry, red cherry, red grapes, green grapes, black grapes, plum, mandarin orange, guava, watermelon, melon, pineapple, lychee, fig, banana, strawberry, papaya, carambola, raspberry, lemon, blueberry, coconut


Cucumber, corn, lettuce, white onion, beet, purple onion, broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, carrot, celery, red cabbage, red chili, white cabbage, radish, eggplant, asparagus, mushroom, olive, red pepper, pumpkin, artichoke, fennel, spring onion, turnip, green bean, avocado, zucchini

Work Vocabulary

– Set up the delivery: organize el pedido

– Answer the phone: contestar el teléfono

– Deal with the customer complaints: atender las quejas de los clientes

– Issue a receipt: imprimir tique

– Prepare the materials for the presentations: preparar material para presentaciones

– Tidy the section: ordenar la sección

– Make the travel arrangements for Mr and Mrs Torr: hacer la planificación del viaje para los señores Torr

– Give the customer a refund: hacer el reembolso

– Replenish the stock: reponer existencias

– Make the arrangements for the delivery: hacer la entrega del pedido

– Greet and attend the visitors: saludar y atender a visitas

– Handle the requests for information from the public: atender las solicitudes de información del público

– Set up this customer’s store card: configurar la tarjeta del establecimiento del cliente

– Make the arrangements for the launch: organizar preparativos

– Call the suppliers: llamar a los proveedores

– Update the database: actualizar la base de datos

Redacción BM

Last summer in August I went to Chipiona for a week. We had the house three minutes from the beach. In those days we visited as many places as possible. The day we arrived around twelve in the morning, we dropped our bags and went to the beach to spend the day. The next day we visited the church of the Virgen of the Regla. On the third day we went to the main street where all the atmosphere is. On the fourth day we made a route through the Castle where there were beautiful views. The next few days we enjoyed the beach and walked around Chipiona. It was a fantastic week!

Redacción MJ

Last summer I went to Barcelona with my parents and my brothers. We visited the Port Aventuras and the Aquópolis. The hotel had a swimming pool and jacuzzi, we stayed for a week and a half we wanted to stay more days but we couldn’t. It was visiting the Barcelona field, I met some players and took pictures with them. I was also in the viewpoint of Barcelona, it had very beautiful views. In August I went to my town El Garrobo I was with my cousins and my uncles, I visited guardian castles and also visited the animals. I had a great time.