Outstanding Account Reminder

Incluimos copia de su estado de cuentas de abril por la suma de 10.800 €. Nos gustaría recordarle que nuestras condiciones de pago son de 30 días y agradeceríamos que abonaran su cuenta pendiente lo antes posible. Si ya han liquidado dicha cuenta, por favor no tengan en cuenta esta carta.We include a copy of your April statement for the sum of 10,800 euros. We would like to remind you that our payment terms are 30 days and we would appreciate it if you would pay your outstanding account as soon as possible. If you have already settled that account, please disregard this letter.Adjuntamos una copia de nuestro estado de cuentas de julio por la suma de 2.080 €. De acuerdo con nuestros datos, todavía no se ha efectuado el pago de la factura nº 5817 / 19. Le agradeceríamos si pudieran abonar su cuenta pendiente con prontitud. Si ya han abonado esta cuenta, por favor no tengan en cuenta esta carta.Attached is a copy of our July statement for the sum of 2,080 According to our data, the payment of invoice no. 5817 / 19 has not yet been made. We would appreciate it if you could pay your outstanding account promptly. If you have already paid this account, please do not take this letter into account.Nos gustaría llamar su atención sobre el hecho de que ya le hemos mandado tres cartas recordatorias de pago referentes a su cuenta pendiente de enero, pero no hemos recibido pago ni ninguna explicación de por qué no ha sido abonada. Lamentamos informarle de que, a menos que salde la cuenta para el 20 de marzo, nos veremos obligados a poner el asunto en manos de nuestros abogados.We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have already sent you three payment reminder letters concerning your outstanding January account, but we have not received payment or any explanation of why it has not been paid. We regret to inform you that unless you settle your account by 20 March, we will be forced to hand over the matter to our lawyers.Le comunicamos que dos cartas recordatorias han sido enviadas en relación con el pago de su última cuenta, pero ésta no ha sido saldada todavía. Lamentamos comunicarle que, a menos que salde la cuenta pendiente dentro de 14 días, no tendremos más alternativa que poner el asunto en manos de nuestros abogados.Please note that two reminder letters have been sent in connection with the payment of your last bill, but this has not yet been settled. We regret to inform you that unless you settle the outstanding account within 14 days, we will have no alternative but to refer the matter to our lawyers.

To: marystevenson@easterncompany.ukFrom: Javier Pérez Sánchez, Pérez Hnos., S.A.Subject: order no. 103 Dear Mrs. Stevenson:With reference to your order no. 103 of 22 December, we inform you that as of today we have proceeded to load the goods on board the container ship Atlantic, leaving the port of Algeciras on Monday 27 January, expected arrival in Edinburgh in approximately two weeks.The shipment has been packed in boxes of 100 pieces for a total of 15 packages as requested and is travelling in container no . 154.We thank you very much for opening the credit in our favour in a very timely manner and we enclose our invoice no. 665, a copy of the bill of lading and the insurance certificate.The goods have been insured on your behalf at the most convenient rate. We hope that it will not be damaged during the journey.

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are pleased to inform you that we have proceeded to send the goods corresponding to your order no. 45,666 on board the Iberia cargo flight leaving Heathrow on January 23rd, at 8.30. The goods are expected to arrive in Spain at 10.00 am the same day at El Prat airport.Please pay our pro forma invoice as soon as possible. Please find enclosed our invoice no. 765/AJ and the shipping documents in triplicate. As always, we have done our best to meet your needs. We hope that the articles you have chosen will once again meet the needs of your market and we look forward to further orders.Sincerely yours,Ann BrownRoberts & Co.Export Department.

ENGLISH TENSES. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets.

1.Have you ever tried Japanese food?

2.They uploaded photos when the power went off.

3.Mary has worked as an English teacher since she was 25.

4.Sue and Tim’s parents had a party tonight.

5.I fell  while I was running to catch the bus.

6.At this time tomorrow, we have a trek in the mountains.

7.I’m sure I have not enjoyed the skydiving course.

8.My son works out at the gym once a week.

9.Luckily, the fire started after everyone had left the building.

10. If you have  tried this dish, you’d love it.

11.Ms Simms was angry because she has not received the fax.

12.What time does  Ann start work every morning?

I missed the bus so I was late for the job interview. (If I … not miss)If I hadn’t missed the bus, I wouldn’t have been late for the job interview. .

I was able to buy the car only because Jane lent me the money. (If Jane … not lend)If Jane hadn’t  lent me the money, I wouldn’t have been able  to buy the car.

Sue had an exam. She didn’t go to the party. (If Sue … not have an exam)If Sue hadn’t had an exam, she would have gone to the party.  .

I didn’t get a taxi because I didn’t have any money. (If I … have some money)If I had had some money, I would have taken a taxi. 

Rachel didn’t take her umbrella. That’s why she got wet. (If Rachel … take)If Rachel had taken her umbrella, She wouldn’t  have gotten (got) wet.