1 In the two sentences from the text below the word hand is used both as a noun and as a verb. Complete 1–6 with a part of the body from the box. The word required in a and b is the same.

1 a He’s a reasonable footballer but he can’t HEAD the ball very well.  b The person in charge of a school is known as the HEAD teacher.   /  2 a The EYE of a storm or a hurricane is the centre of it.   b His dirty clothes and scruffy appearance caused the policewoman to EYE him suspiciously.  /  3 a They found her lying unconscious at the FOOT of the stairs on the ground floor.  b Taxpayers shouldn’t have to FOOT the bill for repairs to the palace – the royal family should pay for them.   /  4 a It’s my belief that if you ARM the police, more criminals will carry guns.   b They walked along ARM in ARM.   /  5 a When she reads, she’ll often MOUTH the words without actually saying them.   b The   MOUTH of a river is the place where it flows out into the sea.  /  6 a Most of the rooms in the hotel FACE the sea.   b We’ve only ever spoken on the phone – we’ve never met FACE to FACE.

2 Complete the sentences with words from the box. charts lead session song tune wind

1 She’s miming that song….  /  2 I have to write the names of five wind instruments.  /  3 This album was number one in the charts for 15 consecutive weeks.   /  4 They cancelled the concert because the lead vocalist had lost his voice.   /  5 My uncle’s a session musician  /  6 Dad, it is not a horrible noise and their instruments are in tune ! You just don’t understand music.

3  Write the words for the people who do each of the following sports.

0 surfing: surfer  /  1 athletics: athlete  /  2 basketball: basketball player  /  3 cycling: cyclist  /  4 golf: golfer  /  5 gymnastics: gymnast  /  6 skiing: skier  /  7 snowboarding: snowboarder  /  8 tennis: tennis player

4 Match the sports in column A with the places in column B.

1) motor-racing/ rink: circuit  2). football/ court: football pitch  3) athletics/ slope: athletics track  4) ski/ pool: ski slope  5) swimming/ track: swimming pool  6) golf/ pitch: golf course  7) tennis/ circuit: tennis court  8). ice-skating/ course: ice-skating rink

5 Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentences.

1 He was given a full set of golf CLUBS  as a retirement present.  /  2 Only five seconds separated the winner from the RUNNER-UP in this year’s marathon.  /  3 Olympiakos DREW 0–0 with Chelsea in the first leg of the semi-final in Athens  /  4 Second Division football REFEREES get paid very little in my country  /  5 We are expecting over 300 surfers to take PART in this year’s surfing championship  /  6 I’ve never really enjoyed DOING sport.  /  7 The home side WON 76–75 in a thrilling game of basketball.  /  8 The players were cheered by their SUPPORTERS as they came off the pitch.

6 Word formation Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. All of the words require a prefix.

1 Most of what you’ve written in your answer has nothing to do with the question and is therefore  irrelevant . RELEVANT   /  2 There was some disagreement about . AGREE  /  3 You obviously misunderstood when I set the . UNDERSTAND  /  4 He claimed he had woim suspected he had obtained the money dishonestly. HONEST   /  5 Derek is so  unreliable  .  RELY  /  6 His childish and immature behaviour t school. MATURE  /  7 I keep telling you you’re overweight ; those now! WEIGH  / 8 The potatoes are undercooked ; you should for a bit longer. COOK  /  9 The parents, ouse, were accused of behaving  irresponsibly  . RESPONSIBLE   /  10 He always asks uld do. He seems  incapable  of making his own decisions. CAPABLE

7 All the words in each of the groups below can be used in combination with one of the words in the box. Write an appropriate word from the box in each of the gaps.

Rock: Band,singer,star  /  Lead: Vocalist,singer,guitarist  /  A song: sing,perform,mime  /  Live: álbum,performance music  /  In: the charts, concert, tune  /  Instrument: percussion, wind, stringed

8 Underline the correct alternative in these extracts from the reading text on page 23.

 a You foot/kick/give/fire the ball over your opponent’s sticks/poles/pillars/posts.   /  b … obstacles which are put in every rugby player’s path to make it harder for him to do/goal/score/mark points …   /  c … the ball can only be given/presented/passed/changed backwards.   /  d … chess pieces/parts/packs/portions have special functions …   /  e He’ll get thrown off the court/pitch/track/camp by the opposition …

9 Write the name of the sport with which each group of four nouns is associated. The first one has been done for you.

1tennis :court net racket backhand   /  2 footbally   pitch referee corner foul   /  3 golf course green clubs hole   /  4 skiing slope sticks run goggles   /  5 athletics track field event lane meeting  /  6 cycling saddle helmet pedals peloton

10 Complete each gap with a verb from the box. beat draw hit take take win

1 Which sports TAKE place on an ice rink?  /  2 Which country’s football team BEAT Holland to win the 2010 World Cup Final?   /  3 Which medal does a runner-up WIN ?   /  4 In which sports do you HIT the ball with a racket?   /  5 How many players from each team can TAKE part at one time in a game of basketball?   /  6 If two hockey teams DRAW nil–nil, how many goals are scored?