1. Where did Antonio meet his British friends? At a café in Madrid.

2. What did Antonio and Pablo have for afternoon tea? They got a couple of pints of beer.

3. What happened to the original Globe Theatre? It burned down in the middle of the 17th century and was destroyed again 30 years later.

4. What differences are there between today’s Globe Theatre performances and performances in the 1600s? The difference between those performances is that today’s the actors are wearing modern clothes, today women play the female roles, because in the 1600s women weren’t allowed to be actresses, so female roles were played by teenage boys. Other difference is that then the groundlings ate, drank and talked during the performance.

5. Why do you think there is a Caribbean carnival in Notting Hill? I think because there are many people in the streets of all cultures celebrating together and London is one of the best traditional countries.

1. Why did Antonio think the Vikings were brave?

Because they went to sea in their longboats more than 1000 years ago, to look for new lands and adventure.

2. What makes the Jorvik Viking Centre different from ordinary museums?

Because it wasn’t just old things in a museum, it was the recreation of a real town.

3. Why is York Minster so impressive?

Because York Minster is the biggest cathedral in Northern Europe.

4. Why did Antonio want to visit Oxford?

Because it’s one of the most historically interesting towns in Britain.

5. Why did the authorities close the bridge in Oxford?

Because there were a couple of people from the Ball that were jumping into the river from the bridge.               

1. What were the reasons Antonio enjoyed his first British Christmas?

The principal reason is he saw his favorite film and fifteen years later his dream had come true. Like in the film he was driving through the English countryside in a 1925 Bentley, a beautiful English car. It wasn’t the same car, but it reminded him of his favorite film and I felt like a child again. He was wearing a leather hat, a jacket and goggles.                

2. In what way did Nicola’s family make Antonio feel like part of the family?

In the way that he felt very lucky and when we stood up to sing Oh Come, All Ye Faithful, a traditional British Christmas carol, he sang with everyone else and had a big smile on his face.  

3. How did Antonio convince Angharad to have dinner with him?

Gareth showed Antonio something called “love spoons” which consists in an old Welsh custom about pointed to a table in the middle of the room that was covered with food and wine. The table was decorated with hand-painted wooden spoons.  After that, when Angharad returned Antonio gave her the spoon asking her if she would like to have dinner with him, accepting at the moment.

4. What did Antonio do on his last day in Wales?

On that day, Angharad took him to the Royal National Eisteddfod. The Eisteddfod is a modern version of the ancient competitions in which apprentice poets and musicians would compete against each other for a seat of honor in the households of noblemen.  Today, it is one of the largest cultural festivals of Welsh language, art, drama, music making and poetry writing in Europe and it takes place every August for eight days. He heard that Welsh people love singing and that they have wonderful voices. There were some children singing in the Eisteddfod who were only about 12 years old and they had incredible voices.

5. What were Piskies?

Piskies were little old men about two centimeters tall, with red hair, who were all identical. They were cheerful people who helped the old. However, they also liked playing jokes on people.

1. Why was Manchester United’s nickname changed?

Because in 1958 the team’s plane crashed in Munich, which 23 people died in all, eight players and eight sports writers were among the dead. 

2. When, and how, did Antonio meet Martin?

Six years later after telling to do Martin a visit, in the middle of August, Antonio got off the train at Edinburgh’s Waverley station.

3. What kinds of events and activities can you attend at the Edinburgh Festival?

There were clowns, mime artists, actors in costume and musicians and shows such as theatres.

4. Why do the Scottish people not cancel events, even if it rains?Because in Scotland is always raining, so if they cancelled something every time they had bad weather, they’d never do anything.

5. How is the New Year celebrated in Scotland?The tradition is that people stay at home until midnight and the first person to come into your house after that must be a man with dark hair. The man must also bring some presents to bring luck to the house. He must bring a piece of coal so the house will always be warm, a bag of salt so the family will always have something to eat, and a bottle of whisky so the family will always have something to drink.