1- two events/trends contribute developm global markets and intern.. Fall of the USSR.
2- A persons SELF REFERENCE CRITERION and ETHNOCENTRISM are the primary obstacle to sucess in intern, marketing.
3- Political/legal forces and economic climate are 2 uncontrollable factors of both the domestic and the foreign environement. TRUE
4- Pricem product, and promotion belong to the group of CONTROLLABLE factors.
5-if you conduct a marketing reseaarch with the help of some information which is already collected.. is knonw as SECONDARY RESEARCH
6- Which of the following research techniques is most likely to be used for conducting a quantitatve research? SURVEY
7- Mary is conducting a marketing research. she has defined the research problem and has established research objectives so her next task is to: Determine the soruces of information to fulfill the research objectives
8-Which of the following is most likely to be the first step of a marketing research process?Define the research problem,establish research objec
9- Organize in the right order the steps of the reseach process:
  1 Define the research problem and establish the research objectives.
  6 Effectively communicate the problem and objectives to decision makers
  5 Analyze, interpret, and summarize the results.
  3 Consider the cost and benefits of the research effort.
  2 Determine the sources of information to fullfill the research objectives
  4 Gather the relevant data from primary or secondary sources, or both
10- In this translation method, the questionnaire is translaed from one language to another, and then a second party translates. it back to the original, and the the 2 original language versionare compared:BACK TRANSLATION
11- EXPERT OPINION AND ANALOGY are the 2 methods of demand forecasting that are particularly suitable for international marketers.
12- Through the SURVEY method usually a large number of rspondents are asked toreply verbally or in writing to structured questions using a specific response formate or to select a response from a set of choices.
13- Secondary data may present problem such as ALL OF THE ABOVE
14-Positioning: consumers perception of a brand as comapared with that of competitors brands that is the mental image that a brand evoke. TRUE
15- Tax benefits and economie of scale are 2 major internationalization motivations of PROACTIVE SME´s
16-PRODUCT ADAPTATION is the process of modifying an existing product so its suitable for different customers  or markets.
17- Excess capacity and overproduction are 2 major internationalization motivations of REACTIVE.
18- Benefits of product standaization are Economies of scale faster set up time; Single coheent global image.
19- Disadvantages of product adaptation are: Higher cost, time consuming and poor speed of execution; Difficulty to know what consumers really want.
20- New managemt or new employees and significant eventsare examples of INTERNAL change agents.
21- it would be fair to say that the firm where has desires of exporting because the managers believe that exporting may be a desirebale activity..STAGE 3THE EXPLORING FIRM
22- Consumer goods require product adaptation because of their higher degree of cultural grounding TRUE
23- COUNTERFEIT are any goods bearing an unauthorized representations of trade mark, patented inventoryworked that is legally protected …
24Local behavior, taste, attitudes and traditions do not affect the decisions maketers make about product adaptation. FALSE
25- Mention one type of action companies can take against counterfeiting: LEGAL ACTION/ PROSECUTION
26- Packaging serves 3major functions:  PROTECTION promotion and user convenience.
27- Package aesthetics must be taken into consideration: TRUE
28- The marketers task is the same whether applied in Miami, Florida, or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Yes, is the same due to the fact that marketing is the same everywhere in the world and the process should be very similar, however, the political/legal/ economic  factors would be differente and will have different results in each country.
29-Explain the country of origin effect and give an example: The country of origin effect affect  the perception of the quality of he goods because of stereotypes. Products manufactured in Germany and USA are perceived as high quality.
30- What is the difference between geographical and psychological closeness? The difference is that geographocal closeness is when countries share borders while psychological closeness is when countries whiles mist sharing borders they share cultural similarities  and others language.