Nowadays according to the law in some countries such as Norway and Hungary, young people with sixteen years old can vote in the general Elections.is It really such a good idea?.I think It is an absurd idea. On the one Hand,when you reach sixteen,you canleave school and start working and paying taxes. On the other hand,at this age they would probably be unable to make well informed decision in this field and would more likely to be influenced. In my opinion, nowadays, people with eighteen years old do not frequently vote. I think it would be an absurd idea to decrease the age for voting because we are still not really interested in political matters.

I think It is better to go to university because the teachers can resolve our problems. Although It is more comfortable to be in your house,in your sofá at the same time​ you are studying.On the one Hand, you have more time to do other activities.for example,to do some sports or may be you can work. If you do not go to university,you will have more time to study. On the other Hand,if you have doubts,you will not know the answer. In conclusion,I think going to the university It is better thanstudying in your house.

Who has not had a dog or a dar at home? Of course not only It is to have animals but also to take care of them. There people who like having weird animals and later they get tired and leave them.In the past,several species of animals became extinct through natural causes. On the one Hand, there might have been a change in the climate of a particular region,and the plants or animals on which the species lived could have died because the weather is sometimes bad.on the other Hand,animals might have been destroyed by another that was stronger or faster. But since human beings have beenon Earth,and especially in the last hundred years,animal species have become extinct because of hunting,pollution ,or the destruction of the places where​ they live.

It is quite common that nuclear plants exits in many countries.I am in favour of having nuclear power plants because they help so much society. We have Seven power plants in Spain.On the one Hand,it is very important.also,thanks to nuclear power plants with little energy we can do great things,like having light.On the other Hand, It is very expensive and can become very dangerous. If there were an explosion at a nuclear power plants, se solo badly hit. In conclusion, I not all countries should have nuclear power plants,although is expensive and dangerous.

There has been a lot of talks about the immigration recently. I can talk about the reasons why different groups le people choose to immigrate. First I should say that It is immigration. A simple explanation oficina migración is that a certain place attracts people b the posibility of obtaining better condition of wrk,frredom.I think the most common is the migration foro economic reasons. On the one Hand ,generally, the decision to leave the country of original is very complex and depends on the individual case of each person,your system of beliefs and valves,their family and effective.On the other Hand ,those who come to be integrated in the mes country,first work to legally,identification, social securityeducation,at the same time​culturally,by the language. In any case,they must take new customs and ways of Life. In conclusion, nowadays this type of migration typically occurs​ from less developed to more developed countries,and in many cases,these inmigrants enter or remain illegally in the country of destinaron. I believe that in a future,this will be changes!!

It is quite common for students togoto university to study.however,sometimes a few students want to study online.accordingto me it is betterto go to university because teachers can solve our problems.studying online is more difficult.On the one Hand,hoy have more time to do other activities like doing Sports or maybe youcan work.besidesif you do not go to university,you will have more time tostudy.On the other Hand there people who think going to university is boring.however,if you have doubts you willknow the answer.although It is more comfortable to be at home, It is better to you go to university.Un conclusion,I think going to university is better than studying at home

Nowadays all people should show solidarity,but unfortunatly it does not happen.thereis not doubt that when we are young people our parents and teachers try to teach what It is betterfor us.On the one Hand a lot ofpeople othersdifferent ways,such as giving money and buying food to people who really need it.besides there are people who want a dog and they decide to go to a dog pound un order to adopt one.On the other Hand,there are people who only think about it and do nothing to help anyone.it is quite clear that belonging to a low class or living withan unstructured family makes people become rude.What can be done to prevent this situation?.In Conclusion,Ithink it depends on education.