1.What happened after Roger approached the first nurse at the hospital?

She stopped smiling and looked very frightened.

2.What did the second nurse do after she heard Roger’s name?

She turned pale and her right hand started to tremble

3.Why was the young man at the table next to Roger trying to console his wife?

Because their baby was dead

4.How did the young man and his wife influence Roger?

He decided to return to the hospital to see his child.He was happy that his child was aliv

5.Describe Roger Button’s new son

He looked like a very old man with white hair and a funny white beard. He was too big for his cot

6.Why did Roger’s son have a headache?What did he want to do?

The brown baby was making a lot of noise/He wanted to go home

1.What was the slogan of the Chesapeake Clothing Store?

The costumer is always right

2.What clothes did Roger buy for his son?

Hebought a clown outfit

3.Why did Roger think that Methusaleh was a good name for his son?

Methuasaleh was the oldest man in the Bible. He lived for 969 years

4.How did the Buttone try to help people forget Benjamin’s age?

They cut his hair short and dyed it black they shaved him big baby clothes

5.What was Roger’s reaction after Benjamin broke a window with a ball?

He was happy because Benjamin was behaving like other children

6.What was Benjamin looking for in the medical books?

He was looking to find an answer to his strange condition

1.Why did the teacher think Benjamin wasn’t ready for kindergarten?

Because he didn’t want to play the games and he wasn’t interested in any of the toys

2. Why did Rogere worry when Benjamin played football?

Roger worried that Benjamin might fall or hurt himself.

3.What was Roger’s surprise for his son’s 18th birthday?

Roger was sending his son to take the tests to study at Yale College

4.What was the registrar’s first question after Benjamin said ”Good morning” to him?

The registrar asked, “Have you come to register your son?”

5.Why did Benjamin leave the room after the registrar shouted at him?

Because Benjamin understood there was no way to persuade the registrar that he was 18  years old.

6.Why didn’t Benjamin tell Hildegarde he was Roger Button’s son?

Because he did not want to contradict a lady.

1.What was Benjamin thinking about in the carriage on the way home from the dance?

 He was thinking about the business of love.

2.Why did the Button family become famouse?

Because Benjamin began to go out with  Hildegarde and she was the daughter of a famous officer. The newspapers wanted to write about the man going out with the general’s daughter.

3.What was General Moncrief’s reaction after he met Benjamin?

The general didn’t like him and he told his daughter, “You will not marry that man. He’s old enough to be your father!”

4When did Benjamin begin to worry about his age?Why?

5.What was General Moncrief’s opinion about Benjamin’s decision to join the army?

The general didn’t like him and he told his daughter, “You will not marry that man. He’s old enough to be your father!”

4When did Benjamin begin to worry about his age?Why?

He began to worry at age 35 because he wanted to stop the process of getting younger.  He was 35 and he looked 35 and he was happy and satisfied.

5.What was General Moncrief’s opinion about Benjamin’s decision to join the army?

He thought it was a good decision and  Benjamin would be a hero

6.How did Benjamin feel after the war was over?

He was disappointed to end his army career and did not really want to return home to his  family and his busines

1.Why was Hildegarde unhappy with Benjamin after he returned from the war?

Because he was continuing the process of becoming younger and she wanted him to stop it. She felt stupid because she looked 10  years older than Benjamin.

2.Why didn’t Hildegarde go to the dance for the returning officers of Baltimore with Benjamin?

Because she was worried that all the people there would laugh at her.

3.What happened at the dance?

The beautiful young ladies all wanted to dance with handsome Benjamin. He had a marvellous time

4.How old was Benjamin in 1910 when he registred for Harvard University?How old he look?

He was 50. / He looked about 20 years old

5.What happened to Hildegarde after Benjamin graduated from Harvard?

She moved to Italy. She had no more  patience for Benjamin.

6.Why did Roscoe ask his father to call him ”Uncle Roscoe”?

Because Roscoe’s friends thought it was ridiculous for a 15-year-old boy to call him by his first name.

1.How did Benjamin feel after he read the letter from the army?

He was happy and excited because he wanted to join the army.

2.How did Benjamin get to the army camp in South Carolina?According to the letter, what was he expecting to do ?

He took a train. / Command an infantry brigade

3.What did Benjamin do after the Colonel laughed at him?

He gave him the letter from the army for the Colonel to read.

4.IN 1920 Benjamin loooked about ten years old. How did Roscoe feel about him?

He loved his father, but only when they were alone. He felt a man of 60 should not look like a ten-year-old boy.

5.Sometimes Benjamin felt sad when the other boys talked about what they wanted to do when they grew up.Why?

 Because he understood that he wouldn’t grow up.

6.What happened to Benjamin in the third year of kindergarten?

He became afraid of the other children because they were older. He didn’t know how to use the scissors and colored paper.