Leon Air Base: A Positive Work Environment and Entertaining City

This is Cadet Sargent Reboredo and, as requested, I am submitting this mail in order to give you an appropriate view of the Leon Air Base.

If you were posted with us, I am confident about you would enjoy the place.

Positive Work Environment

We have in our team a group of skilled technicians which are able to solve any breakdown or failure we have to face in our daily routines. The consequence is our aircraft fleet is ready every single day.

Entertaining City

Leon is an entertaining place to live, with a good quality in food and affordable prices. Besides that, the weather is right what you are looking to, since I remember you told me that you hate living in a hot place. Definitely, in our city you will remain cool the whole year.

Opportunity to Live in the Same City

I remember some years ago, in Afghanistan, that you told me you would like we live in the same city. Maybe this opportunity has come finally. I would be really happy if you decide to join us.