1923:”well,the…”:the Major talked with Olivia in a dinner party that Olivia gave.The Major said it bc Olivia asked him what kind of trouble was .Before said it, Olivia also asked if Major was having trouble with the Husband´s Wedding Day problem, but the Major answered that it  wasn´t bad that year.After the Major said it, Olivia cried because of the problem of the Nawad who became the leader of a gang of robbers.

12J:Douglas´s granddaughter talked with Karim.She told it to Karim bc Karim asked her what she wanted to find out in India.Krim was the Nadaw´s nephew and Kitty was his wife. Douglas´s granddaughter went to his London flat because she telephoned Karim and told him that she was going to India so he invited her to his London flat.When she went to His London flat there were 2 English people there who told her that they were going to start a business with Karim and Kitty.

1923:”She saw a strange…”:Douglas ´s granddaughter talked.Olivia looked at Nawad and she saw a strange look in his eyes bc Harry told him that Olivia asked about the gang of robbers. Then he told her that she had to ask him about something that she didn´t understand.

1923:”Just like you”:Olivia talked wurh Douglas.They were in the Satipur graveyard when she said it. She said it bc they visited a grave that Olivia liked what was written.The message said that he(the person who died)was a good son,a kind father and a dear husband.So she said it bc they weren´t parents.Then he said that he would be.

1923:”you should”:Douglas talked with Olivia.They were in the Satipur graveyard when he said it . He said ir bc suddenly she felt to her knees again and covered her face with her hands and she started  to cry in front of the statue of the angel.Then she was glad he believed that.

15J”there is a heap”:Douglas´s granddaughter talked.She said it bc she was talking about an old woman who was one of the town´s beggars.The old woman dind´t seem to have a home or a place to sleep.Also,nobody was responsible for it, so she went home carrying her clean clothes.

15J”maji was”:Douglas´s granddaughter talked.Maji was the friend of Inder Lal´s mother.Maji was very pleased and said it bc the beggar woman ,Leelavati died, she  just stopped breathing. When she died, they were under the tree.

1923:”she looked round”:Douglas´s granddaughter talked about a conversation between Olivia and Mrs Saunders.They were speaking bc Olivia visited Dr Saunder but he wasn´t in his house and she started to speak with Mrs Saunder .Mrs Saunder was ill but she wasn´t in bed bc the servants got the wrong idea from her.

1923”it´s the only”:Dr Saunders talked with Nawad.The Nawad invited him to lunch bc Dr Saunders went to see how was Olivia and Harry.So the dictoe ate and drank and in the lunch he said it.After said that,the Nawad,Olivia and Harry ran up to Harry´s room and the Nawad started to smile.

1923”I invited him”:the Nawad talked with Harry and Olivia.The Nawad said  it bc Dr Saunders said that Indians were not as intelligent as they were ,so he,Haryy and Olivia  ran up to Harry´s room and he started to smile.After the Nawad said it, Olivia said that Dr Saunders was stupid.

20J:Inder Lal talked with Douglas´s  granddaughter .When he said it,they were in Boba Firdaus´s shrine under a tree.They went there for a picnic.They were talking, and when it was getting dark, they made love under the tree.So he said it and then he smiled at his joke.

1923:”but just as they arrive”:Douglas´s granddaughter talked.Olivia and the Nawad were in the Boba Firdaus´s shrine.That violent-looking man worned her,but when the man recognized the Nawad, they fell at his feet and greeted him.Then,Olivia sat under a tree and he started to talk with them.

1923:”look what”:The Nawad talked with Olivia.They were in the Boba Firdaus´s shrine.Before that,they were worried for some violent-looking man but then, when the man recognized the Nawad, they fell at his feet and greeted him.After said it,he asked for what she had wished but she thought that she shouldn´t tell him the wish.

31J:Maji talked with Douglas´s granddaughter.Before Maji said it, Maji told Douglas´s granddaughter that she was pregnant so they started that conversation.Maji said that she was midwife as her mother and grandmother.So she put her hand on Douglas´s granddaughter stomach and she asked it.After asked it,Maji said that Dougas´s granddaughter would be safe with her.

15August:Douglas´s granddaughter talked with Inder Lal.They were in the Old British graveyard.She showed him the British Officer´s grave that said it.After said it, she decided not to tell him about her pregnancy bc she didn’t want to destroy the happiness they shared at that moment.