John’s Gospel: Detailed Analysis of Jesus’ Life and Teachings

John’s Gospel

90 to 100 AD
Author: John ‘beloved disciple’ – follower of that
Audience: Jewish/Christian community – Which probably had gentiles/samaritans accepted
Most theological —> ‘explains in more detail’

Chapter 1

  • ‘In the beginning’ —> Creation / Genesis
  • Word = Jesus (Logos in Greek)
    • Jesus is God
    • Divinity
  • 1:10 —> Jesus has always been
  • 1:14 —> Word became flesh
    • Incarnation
  • Personal testimony of John the Baptist
  • Trinity at Jesus Baptism

Chapter 2

  • The wedding at Cana
    • Turns water into wine
    • 2:4 —> if not disrespectful
  • Knows when he needs to do what he needs to do
    • 2:5 —> do what he tells you
  • Obedience to God
    • ‘Best Wine’ Till last
    • Jesus/God provides the best
    • 1st public miracle

Chapter 4

  • Jesus encounters a Samaritan Woman
    • Jesus engages w/ samaritans
    • ‘Unclean’
    • Long tradition
      • Jesus Reveals that he is the messiah
    • 4:13 – 14
    • Water I give / Never thought
      • Knowledge about 5 husbands
      • ‘Owned’ by this person who would be a relative of her husband
    • 4:46 – 5,4 (second sign at Cana)
      • Royal Official —> Not Jewish
      • Demand for a sign
      • Cure the son
        • 4:49 —> already Believes

Chapter 5

  • Jesus gets the people to work on the Sabbath, which usually is a relaxing tradition
  • If God is constantly doing work, we should always be doing work as well (Jesus)
  • This is one of the points where John further explains it while Mark, Matthew, and Luke do not
  • Jesus ‘I do what I do because of my father’ ‘Because God does I do’
  • ‘I am the bread of life’ (Jesus) Eat of me and you will live forever

Chapter 8

  • The Pharisees are planning on stoning a woman for adultery
    • Jesus says no you may not throw a stone because you are not perfect (hypocrite)
    • In the Pharisees defense they are right because they are following the law
  • Light of the World
    • Get in fight with Pharisees about verifying his divinity / testimony
    • 8:24 —> ‘if you do not believe that I AM, you will die in your sins’
    • I’m showing myself to you and you still don’t get it

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

  • Raising of Lazarus (Lazarus is Jesus’ good friend)
    • He weeps and cries first, shows his emotion which shows his humanity
    • Ends up raising him from the dead
    • The passion narratives 12-21

Chapter 12

  • Anointing at Bethany
    • She’s preparing him for death
    • Judas asks why they waste their perfume and not sell it, this foreshadows Judas’ betrayal to Jesus
  • The entry into Jerusalem
    • Fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies

Chapter 13

  • The washing of the feet
    • Jesus does this to provide the example that explains no one is better than the other
    • Peter says Jesus is too good to wash his feet, and he must do it so Peter can go to heaven
  • Judas’ betrayal
    • Jesus says whoever is gonna Betray him to just do it already
  • The new commandment
    • ‘Love one another, as I have loved you, so you should love one another’
  • Peter’s denial
    • Peter says ‘Master, Why can’t I follow you, I will lay my life on the line for you.’ Now Jesus predicts that Peter will deny him three times

Chapter 14

  • The advocate
    • Is the Holy Spirit and foreshadows Pentecost

Chapter 15

  • Vineyard -> the kingdom of God
    • Vine grower -> God
    • Vine -> the people who are doing good (Jesus)
    • Branches -> the people who are else learning
    • Fruit -> faith and actions, good works
      • We learn and work of what we learn for Jesus which comes from God which helps build and grow the kingdom of God
      • People who lack faith just like the bad branches, will be burned and thrown away as waste

Chapter 18

  • Peter first denial
    • John dramatized Peter’s denial by breaking it up into parts
  • Trial before Jesus
    • ‘You say I am a king’ -> Jesus says earlier ‘Who do you say I am’ = Same thing

Chapter 19

  • High Priest tries to get more but Pilate tells him no no no and he is shut down he has had enough
  • Jesus says to Mary ‘looks at John and says this is your son and says John, this is your mother’
    • Theological meaning: Mary is our spiritual mother
    • Historical meaning: Patriarchal society and Mary needs to be owned if so Mary will become a widow and they were treated poorly and often marginalized and forced to beg. So Jesus gives her to John to ‘own’

Chapter 20

  • The tomb
    • Mary Magdalene goes to the Tomb and sees Jesus but thinks it is not Jesus
    • She realizes it’s Jesus when he says ‘Mary’ and she realizes and runs off and tells the disciples she saw the Lord and tells them what she said
  • Thomas (A disciple)
    • He did not believe Mary saw the Lord
    • Then Jesus came forth to Thomas and said to touch him in his hands ‘Say it to my face’

Chapter 21

  • Jesus says to Peter ‘Do you love me’ and Peter constantly says yes, he then tells him to tend to his sheep
  • 3 denials then 3 ties saying he loves him and then Peter goes off and leads the church