jane eyre

basin→  a container for water, for washing the hands and face

bear→  to suffer pain or unhappiness

Bible→  the holy book of the Christian religion

biscuit→ a flat, thin, dry cake

boarding school→ a school where pupils live

bully → a person who hurts or frightens weaker people on purpose

charity→ giving money, help, etc. to people in need (e.g. in the old days to a school for poor children)

Christian→ a person who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ

churchyard→ ground near or belonging to a church, where dead members of that church are buried

coachman→ a driver of a horse-drawn carriage or coach

darling→ a name that you call somebody that you love

elegant→ fashionable and graceful in appearance and clothes

evil→ not good, wicked

fair→  just, honest, right according to the rules

firm→ strong and determined in attitude and behaviour

furious→ very angry in an uncontrolled way

gentleman→  a man of good family, usually wealthy

gipsy→  a member of a race of travelling people

governess→ a temale teacher who lives with a wealthy family and educates their children at home

gran→ to make a low sound in pain or suffering

Hindustani→  a language in India and Pakistan

housekeeper→ a person employed to manage a house

lean→ to support or rest oneself in a bent position

liar→ a person who tells lies

library→ a room in a house used for reading

love-affair → a relationship between a man and a woman

ma’am→ a short form for ‘madam’

maid→ a female servant;

housemaid: a maid who does housework

marble→ a white or coloured stone, hard and cold to touch

master→ a male employer, the man in control

missionary→ a person who goes abroad to teach and spread (usually the Christian) religion

mistress→  a woman who is having a relationship with a man she is not married to

moor→  wild rough land on hills, with very few trees

nursemaid→ a woman employed to take care of babies and children

porridge→ a cooked breakfast cereal, aten hot

prayer→ speaking to God

prayers→ a religious meeting in a school 

rat→ an animal like a large mouse; calling a person a rat’ can be an insult

reveal→ to show something that was hidden or secret

rule→ a fixed instruction that must be obeyed, e.g. as in a school

seize→  to take hold of quickly

slate→ a piece of flat stone used for writing on

spirit→ the soul, the part of us which Christians believe does not die; sometimes, a ghost

stern→ serious and unsmiling

stocking→ a covering for girls’ and women’s legs

surname→  a family or last name

tell fortunes→  to say what will happen to someone in the future

tray→ a flat board for carrying cups and plates

tuberculosis→  a serious disease of the lungs which used to be fatal

typhus fever→ a fever easily passed from one person to another

vicar→ a priest in the Church of England

What happens to Jane when Mr Brocklehurst visits Lowood school?

Mr Brocklehursts accused her of being a liar and punishes her to stand on a chair and no one can talk to her.

Jane Eyre only thinks highly of two people at Lowood school. Who are they?

Helen Burns, her only friend at Lowood school. She dies in her arms.

And Miss Temple, she is the headmistress that defends her.

Describe the last scene between Jane Eyre and Helen Burns.

Helen was saying goodbye to Jan because she was il, and she knew that will probably die that night, they were talking about heaven, Helen believed in it and she said that she will wait Jane there, but Jane don’t think that heaven exist, at the moning Jane was asleep with the hand of Helen, but she was already dead.

How did Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester meet each other for the first time?

They meet on a walk, when Mr. Rochester’s horse slip and he injured his foot.

Why Mr Rochester and Jane’s wedding cannot be completed?

Because Mr.Rochester is already married with Bertha Mason.

Why does Blanche Ingram stop loving Mr. Rochester?

When Mr.Rochester disguises himself as an old gypsy, he tells Blanche Ingram that Mr. Rochester has no money at all. 

Why is Jane Eyre jealous of Blanche Ingram? 

Jane is jealous because she loves Mr.Rochester but he is with Blanche.

What happens with Bertha when she puts fire into the house? 

Bertha jumped off the Thornfield roof and Rochester saved the servants.

Who is Grace Pool and why does she earn more than the rest of the servants? 

She is a stout, and she is the nanny and prison guard of Bertha Mason.

Why is Jane Eyre punished in the red room at Gateshead?

Because John Reed hits Jane Eyre and she hits him. John’s sisters tell the mother and she sends Jane to the red room. 

How does St. John discover the real identity of Jane Eyre?

John discover the real identity of Jane because he watch it in a paper which have the name of Jane inscribed on. 

Why does Jane Eyre refuse to go with St John?

Because she don’t want to be his wife and she is scary to die in India.