Alpha Company has a performance standard of 97 percent fill rate. Last month it achieved a 94 percent fill rate. This is an example of: A performance gap

Which of the following factors is a major change driver that supply chain managers are concerned about? Technology change, Regulatory changes and Global political changes.

Jones Company makes every effort to consistently meet the expectations of all of its customers. It is clear that Jones Company is focused on: Customer satisfaction.

Johnson Company makes widgets, which it then sends to Smith Company. Smith Company puts the widgets in packages. Smith Company is considered by Johnson to be a: Downstream product supplier.

To an operations manager, the “critical customer” is: The person who has the greatest impact on design, sales, and growth opportunities for the product.

Which of the following functions would NOT have to think about “processes”?Logistics management, Production management and Supply management.

A supply chain is a global network of organizations and activities involved in: Designing, transforming, consuming, and disposing of goods and services.

Different levels of planning in supply chain operations management include: Strategic, tactical, and operational planning.

Anthony Company has analyzed its customer base and realizes that it has a few customers who provide both high revenue and high profitability. This suggests that the appropriate commitment to those customers would be: Customer success.

Zanda Company has told a supplier that it is difficult to contact people in the supplier’s company to learn the status of its orders and when they might arrive. Zanda is explaining which type of expectation it has of this supplier?: Access.

A firm has found that it provides a 90 percent order fill rate (orders shipped complete), 90 percent on-time delivery, 90 percent of its orders arrive at customers’ destination in perfect condition, and 90 percent of the time all documentation is correct. These are all of the elements of a perfect order for this company’s customers. If the firm improves its performance in on-time delivery to 98 percent, what is its new perfect order performance? 71.4 percent.

A process is: A system of activities that transforms inputs into valuable outputs.

Which of the following statements most clearly expresses a company’s commitment to customer success? “We attempt to meet the requirements of our customers.”

Joe Jones was asked to undertake a project to determine the resources and capacity his firm would need in the next three to 10 years. These types of decisions are considered to be: Structural aspects of operations management.

Customer service management connects what functional groups? Marketing, logistics management, and sales and distribution.

During the “mass production” era, operations management focused primarily on: Internal production.

Jones Manufacturing sells a part to Lear Corporation. Lear puts this part into a radio, which Lear then sells to Ford. From Ford’s point of view, Jones Manufacturing is a(n) __________ supplier. Tier 2

Jones Company promised a customer that the customer would receive at least 98 percent of all items ordered. In fact, the customer received 95 percent of the items. This is an example of which “gap” in the customer satisfaction model? Communications gap

Which functional activities are the most related to operations management attempts to manage the flow of materials and information in a firm? Logistics, supply, and customer management.

The difference between a “customer success” focus and a “customer satisfaction” focus is that: Customer satisfaction deals with expectations, customer success deals with requirements.

Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding supply chain management? Globalization has slowed the growth of supply chain management.

Order-to-delivery lead time generally would be longest for which type of product? One that is engineered to order.

Customer relationship management attempts to: Ensure the development of strategically appropriate relationships with customers.

Johnson Company has the following data about customer orders for the month of June:Orders Received: 5,000 orders, Total Units Ordered: 40,000 units,Total Units Delivered: 37,800, Total Orders Delivered Complete: 4,600. What was Johnson’s unit fill rate? 94.5 percent.

A company surveyed both its customers and its senior management about customer expectations. Senior management’s perceptions of customer expectations did not match customers’ actual expectations. This is an example of: A knowledge gap.

Operations managers answer questions of what, how, when, where, and who by defining both the ___________ and _____________ aspects of the operations management system. Structural and Infrastructural.

If a company has some customers who express that they are satisfied with the company’s performance, the company can count on the fact that: None of these.

Physical goods can be differentiated from services in the operations management process by: Longer lead times and they can be inventoried.

Which customer management approach requires a comprehensive supply chain perspective on the part of operations executives? Customer success.

While there is overlap between operations management and supply chain management, the two are different in that: Operations management focuses on processes, supply chain management focuses on relationships and flows.

Which measure of basic service will most likely show poorest performance for a firm? Perfect orders.

Operations management is: The management of processes.

Which of the following statements about operations management processes is NOT true? Outputs of operations management processes are always tangible goods.

A firm has found that it provides a 90 percent order fill rate (orders shipped complete), 90 percent on-time delivery, 90 percent of its orders arrive at customers’ destination in perfect condition, and 90 percent of the time all documentation is correct. These are all of the elements of a perfect order for this company’s customers. What is the best estimate of its perfect order performance? 66 percent.

Every organization operates which of the following types of supply chains? Product and resource/technology supply chains.

Which of the following decisions would NOT be under the direct control of operations managers? What customers should be targeted with greatest priority?

Which of the following statements are reasons why operations management is important? All of these are reasons why operations management is important.

Commitment to “customer success” is likely the best approach for a firm to use with: None of these.