Evolution of the history of human intelligence: it can be explained as the small brain, efficient way to communicate with him while mismo.Una human beings realized that they could express their “mental images” internal evolution was more Quick images began to be considered in symbols and, later on he acquired the alphabet and letter guiones.La scoop on the imagen.Al mocked momentaneamenta do not just set their thoughts in time and space, but also train the mind to that could cover those same dimenciones.Entonces, human intelligence could and started off to communicate with itself to travez of the infinite extensions of time and espacio.Los symbols, images and codes set ended up writing, the evolution of CULTURE. recent times, this “explosion” was caused partly by the assumption that writing is the only appropriate vehicle for learning, Analysis and information dissemination is the best way to analyze it and transmit it. self denigration, decreasing the performance, apathy and acceptance of rigid and dogmatic rules, all of which obtaculizan even the natural functioning of cerebro.La word, prayer, logic and number on the pillars of our civilization, with which we are forced to rely on the brain how exprecion that limit, but (this is what we assume) are the only big brains correctos.Los actually used a greater proportion of their natural ability and was starting to become intuitively penzamiento the principles of radiant and mental cartografria.
Emotional Intelligence: Goleman, according to the ability to recognize feelings in themselves and in others, being skilful to manage to work with others.
reception: anything that incorporate any of our senses
Retention: corresponds to the memory, which includes the retention and memory, the ability to access the information stored.
analysis: pattern recognition and information procesamientode
Broadcast: any form of communication or creative act, even of thought.
control: a function required for all mental functions and physical EJ: receive data is easier if one is interested and motivated, and if the receiving process is consistent with the responsibilities cerebrales.Recibido information efficiently, it is easier retained for analysis analizarla.Una efficient retention and increase our ability to receive informacion.Abarca a complex layout of the information-seeking tasks, requires a capacity to retain what recibido.Es obvious that the amount of analysis will be affected by our ability to receive and retain the fourth information.This three working demo is the broadcasting or expression either through the mental map
The discus, gesture or other resources, one that is harecibido, and retained control analizado.La fifth the overall brain activity for which this constitutes a “deserter” mental and physical functions, including general health , attitude and ambientales.Porque conditions in mind and healthy body is essential for the other four to work, receive, hold, analyze and issue operating potential.
Emotional Intelligence at Work: Goleman defines the intellectual conditions are not the only guarantee of success in the field profecional, only one factor that links the emotional needs of staff covered as a team, develop the performance and outcomes of leader and motivated workers to be productivo.Una person enters an organization in order to give the best, do their job do it with estusiamo and commitment is needed.
1 useful to have your work and know what to do
2nd do you know how
3rd feel that what is done is of significant value, that this constribuyendo.
The power of voice, how good is an idea, a method, this has no life if not better articulado.Los thoughts may not be dying of eduacion compartidos.organizacion, where the voice of those who know or are more prepared traduzcanen the vehicle is to empower more and more people in key competence in negicio.La clever to speak several languages and actively talking and productivamenta.
The power of imagination: Businesses and individuals successfully manage the coming century will be those in their act, they generate behavior consonant with the imagination, we can develop and use to believe in impossible, to visualize, design, crearlos.Las people whose imagination glimpse a present and future deferens, faster, more effective, more profitable and more enjoyable, will be those that will be when the actions of leadership in the new millennium.
The power of the reassignment: it has to do with the emerging topic of existential or spiritual intelligence, the staff develops a sense of connection with people that elevates the spirit and motivation, increasing identification with the signature and the overall productivity.
The power of commitment: loyalty still exists and is a competitive advantage for individuals and companies that have committed people poseen.Para needed: ownership of work, the identity for the company and its projects, the autonomy of action The freedom to share ideas and make changes, besides the possibility of allowing the employee to take over the process.
The power of association: increasingly come in larger quantities and rapides partnerships between people, between businesses, between people, countries, between institutions in various kinds. They seek to take advantage and enhance their differences, harnessing the creativity and capital of one another, the talent of one and the action of others, contacts and ferz one another. The power of association is the power to create, develop and maintain partnerships to achieve results more effectively and have clear productivas.La Nacesa organization and achieves compatibility with the needs of their employees, benefit both. “skills manager “has to have certain skills, influence the behavior of otros.Es say that we as people have certain needs and preferences, and that I as a manager must be able to understand that and recognize the efforts and results others and thus will feel more comfortable with migo, if not give importance to people and not I acknowledge their efforts, I am generating what others are negative expectations, they will feel they can not do it and whenever you interact above me as they will feel very bad. The emotional competencies (Goleman) define the success of leading managers and employees, as skills skills, techniques emocionales.Fueron classified into 4 categories