I’m a mother with two young children. I took this job because it offered me flexible hours. I get to work at eight in the morning, but then I can leave at four in the afternoon to get the children from school. I also have six weeks paid holiday, which is very useful in the summer when the schools are closed. I get private healhcare for all the family, and that saves me a lot of money. I don’t plan to have any more children, but the maternity leave is algo good here – six months on full pay.

I travel a lot because I’m in sales. So i get a company car with the job. I can use it at weekends too, which is great as I get cheap petrol. They also give me a laptop for doing all my reports and a mobile Phone. I can use the phone for personal calls too, which is useful. And the kids can use the laptop at weekends. I also get free gym membership. A lot of people go to the gym in the lunch hour and after work. But it’s not much good for me, because I’m always on the road.

Valerie: What interested me first about this job was the training courses they offered me. I’ve done courses in management, teamworkm and customer service. And the company also offers subsidized childcare. I had a baby last year, so that’s been really useful for me. We also have a very good company pension schem, bu I’m only 28, so that’s not really important now. What interests me more at the moment is the annual bonus. That means more money for Christmas Presents in December… if the company’s results are good.


A: Have you ever seen a video CV?
B: No, I’ve never seen onde, but I have heard of them. In fact, I read an article about them a few days ago. It said that people have started makins video clips as part of their job applications. And some companies have already started offering video CV services.
A: Well, someone has emailed me a CV today, and there’s a link to a video on her blog, but I haven’t watched it yet.
B: Well, shall we have a look at it now?

Interviewer :
So when did you start working in the non-profist sector?
Naomei      : When I left university in 1998.
Interviewer : And er… have you ever worked for a big organization?
Naomi       : No, I haven’t. But I’ve workd for three smaller ones with operations in Africa. So I’ve already had a lot of experience in the field.
Interviewer : And have you been to Africa in the last year?
Naomi       : Yes, I have. This year I’ve  been to Tanzania. I spent six months working on a construction projetc.
Interviewer : What did you to there exactly?
Naomi       : Well, my job was to supervise the building of a new school. It opened in June.
Interviewer : And were you happy with the results?
Naomi       : Yes, I was. The school was ready two months early. And that saved us $10.000 on the construction costs.

Paula   :
Antonio, I need you to make a list of participants for tomorrow’s training course.
Antonio : Ok, I’ii do thats right noew.
Paula   : And please include all their mobile phone numbers.
Antonio : I’m not sure I can do thats. I haven’t got a list. Do we have one somewhere?
Paula   :Yes, jyus look in the green file on my desk. And I’d like you to phone the Sales Director for me this afternoon.
Antonio : No problem
Paula   : Can you tell  him thats the welcome party is at six thirty this evening?
Antonio : Yes, of course. Anything else?
Paula   :Yes, Could i as you to go to the party too? I know it’s late, but I can’t be there because I have a meeting.
Antonio : I’m afraid I can’t, Paula I’ve got a train to catch at six.

Natasha : Ben, I wanted to talk to you about the SNT project.
Ben     : Ah yes. Where are we with recruitment exactly?
Natasha : Well, we’ve already shortlisted twenty candidates.
Ben     : That’s good. Can you give me their CV’s?
Natasha : I emailed them you last week. Have you looked at your emails?
Ben     : No, sorry Natasha. I’ve been very short of time this week.
Natasha : Well, time’s running out. I need to call the candidates early next week to arrange the interviews
Ben     : Well, I’ii read everthing this weekend. Don’t worry. Leave it with me.
Natasha : And what about the interviews at the end of the month? I’d like you to tell me when you’re free. I’ii need you for two or three days.
Ben     : Well, I’m ont  sure at the moment. I’ve got onde all-day meeting at SNT that week, but I haven’t heard what date yet.
Natasha : Look, Bean, the interviews are very soon. Can you let me know byu monday morning at the latest?
Ben     : Ok, OK, I’ii do it, By the way, have you finished the job description yet?
Natasha : No, I haven’t had time. I want to work on it this afternoon. I also need to speak to th MD about salaries and benefits. It seems that you and he don’t agree.
Ben     : I’m having a meeting with him this afternoon.
Natasha : Ok, so can you deal with the salaries issue when you see him?
Ben     : No problem
Natasha : Thanks, Bean, So that’s salaries to discuss this afternoon, CV’s to read this weekend, and your availability for interviews by Monday morning. You won’t forget all that?
Ben     : No, I won’t.