alley: small side street–banged: hit noisily–burst in: entered suddenly–catch his breath: breathe normally–concrete: mixture of cement and other materials used for building–crew: sailors and boat workers
cursed: called him bad names–domed: shaped like a hemisphere
dragged: pulled with force–dust: particles of dirt –olded: crossed
foster: providing care for a period of time–gave up: stopped trying
got soaked: became totally wet–grabbing: taking suddenly
horns: devices on cars to make a loud noise as a warning
in contempt: with disrespect–keep up with: go at the same speed as
longingly: with great desire–mosques: temples for Muslims
overcome: affected–overflowing: more than full–everjoyed: very happy
patted: touched gently–poured down: flowed down–quotas: limited numbers–records: written information, data, documents–relocation: change of living place–rough: hostile–screeching: loud penetrating sound of brakes–self-conscious: uncomfortable, embarrassed, insecure–shade: area protected from the sun–shivered: trembled–shore: beach, coast–sighed: exhaled to show disappointment–slammed: hit very hard in anger–smugglers: criminals moving people or things from one place to another ilillegally–squashed: pushed tightly–stuffed courgette: green vegetable with meat, rice, etc, inside–stunned: too shocked to speak–suffocate: asphyxiate, die because of lack of oxigen–sunbathers: people lying in the sun–swarmed: moved together–swept away: pushed away (against his will)
trust: believe in–warehouse: building for keeping merchandise–waved: moved hand back and forth–we made it!: we succeeded!
1. PEOPLE BROUGHT THE REFUGEES FOOD AND BLANKETS IN THE CAMP fALSE.They gave them food and drink but no blankets
2. THE REFUGEES WERE HAPPY IN THE CAMP AND WANTED TO STAY THERE. false They were frustrated and decided to walk towards a city called Vienna 3. TARIQ WAS SURPRISED THAT THE MAN WITH ONE LEG WAS SO OPTIMISTIC. True. he was surprised at the man’s happiness despite the situation and decided to learn from it 4. ALL THE PEOPLE IN CARS IGNORED THE REFUGEES WALKING ALONG THE MAIN ROAD.
false. some people stopped their cars to give them food and wish them good luck5. TARIQ WANTED TO TRAVEL IN ONE OF THE CARS THAT WENT BY.He refused to travel in the passing cars. I preferred to travel in a group because I saw it more secure
4. WRITE THREE WAYS IN WHICH TARIQ´S LIFE IMPROVED AFTER THE ARRIVED IN GERMANY.they took him to a hospital where they were taken care of, he had hot showers and good food, he rested comfortably and he got a couple that adapted him to German life, including going to school and having friends
because he did not understand the war well and it hurt him to take the trip because that meant talking about his family 2. HOW DID SALAH MANAGE WITH HIS BAD MEMORIES? it was difficult for her to talk to someone and her only reality was her mother and her diary in which she told everything that was happening and how she felt 3. WHY DID THE WOMAN IN THE REFUGEE CENTRE TELL RIMA THAT THEY COULDN´T GO TO GERMANY?
because they had to stay in the first place where they had registered, in this case, Italy, at least while they were reviewing their application 4. HOW DID RIMA FEEL ABOUT HAVING TO STAY IN ITALY?I was furious because the woman I was talking to did not understand what she was going through 5. WHY WAS SALAH NOT AS DISAPPOINTED AS HIS MOTHER ABOUT HAVING TO STAY IN ITALY? because he believed that his brother and his father were already dead so there was no reason to go to Germany
2.WHAT WAS THE CONFLICT BETWEEN RIMA AND THE LOCAL MAN WHO WAS SELLING ORANGES? WAS IT AN INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL CONFLICT? The mother and salah were taking a walk and suddenly saw an orange stand. They approached and asked for what the man said “they are not for you” She insisted that maybe she had not understood him and it was when the man said “only for Italians” and threw her out. She was frustrated but decided not to discuss
1. WHY COULDN´T TARIQ SLEEP AT NIGHT?because he missed salah and wanted to see him again, after all they were twin brothers and they had never been apart for so long2.. HOW DID TARIQ´S MOTHER AND BROTHER FIND OUT WHERE HE WAS? because it appeared on the news on the television, which showed a train station in Germany, where some refugees had arrived 3. WHY DID TARIQ FEEL A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIM AND HIS TWIN BAROTHER WHEN THEY MET AT THE AIRPORT?  because they had gone through different things in all that time and they were difficult to tell, but over time they would try to understand what had happened 4. HOW DID SALAH PROGRESS AT TARIQ´S SCHOOL IN GERMANY? he was an excellent student and with the help of his teacher he even continued working on his diary 5. WHY HADN´T HASSAN BEEN ABLE TO JOIN THEM IN GERMANY? because it was in a refugee camp in Greece and the borders had been closed, so there were documents to complete as refugees were now less welcome than before