Meeting Friday 28th February

Chairperson: Clare

Participants: Ella, Tom, Jake, Mila, Frank

Minutes: Carla

Purpose of meeting: to plan the visit by exchange managers 16th-20th March

Main points:

1.Daily activities                       3. Accomodation

2.Evening activities                  4. End-of-week celebration

D.  Open the meeting. Use the notes below to help you.

·Start the meeting.

·Welcome the participants.

·State the purpose

·Suggest the procedure: go round table to get ideas, then discuss.

·Finish by 4.00

·Ask someone to begin.

Good morning everyone, we are going to start the meeting. The porpuse is marketing new products. Please check the agenda and go round the table to get ideas. Please Franca starts with your opinion. We are going to finish at 4:00. Thank you.

E..Read the memo and the information  about plays. Then complete the form below.


To: Jane Little

From: Clare Roberts

Date: Thursday 19th March

Managers visit

Could you book some theatre tickets for tomorrow for the five managers  and me? We´ll be in a meeting all day until about 4.30 and then we´ll have an early dinner together at the hotel. Could you phone the ticket agency and find a play or something that starts after half past seven? Use the company MASTER card to pay for the tickets.

                    What´s on: Theatre

             Hamlet at the Barbican.

             Performances start at 19.15. Tickets $8.50 -$44

            West Side Story at the Playhouse. Show starts at 19.00. Tickets $7 – $55

             Buddy Holly at the Palace Theatre.

             Performances at 15.30 and 20.00. Tickets $8 -$60


Name of show: ___Buddy Holly____________________________

Venue:              _at the Palace Theatre______________________________

Date:                 Thursday 19 th March_______________________________

Time:                __20th_____________________________

Nº of tickets:     __6_____________________________

F. Farewell speech

You are Denis Moore and you want to say goodbye and thank you. Put the words in the sentences in the correct order.

a. have / attention / I your / could
could I have you attention?
b. for / evening / I’d / to / you / thank / like / this / coming
I’d like to coming this evening for you. Thank
c. hope / I / meal / enjoying / you’re / I / as / as / the / much / am
I hope you’re enjoying the meal as much as Iam
d. help / your / stay / my / I’d / to / for / like / during / thank / you
I´d like to  help you during your stay
e. with / in / I / forward / you / future / to / working / look / the
I look forward to working in the future with you.
f. propose / like / I’d / toast / to / a
I´d like to propose a toast.

B. Look at questions 1-2.
In each question, which sentences is correct?
For each question, mark the correct letter A, B or C.

1. Office Staff Required

Experience essential
Full training given (leading to recognised qualifications)

Applicants must have

A. relevant qualifications.
B. previous experience.
C. recognised training


A. The train service to the airport runs 24 hours a day.
B. Airport trains leave Platform 3 at 20 minutes past the hour.
C. The airport express takes half an hour at night.

3. Could all speakers please produce summaries of the sessions they gave.

The speakers should write
A. full details of what is in their session.
B. A brief report about their session.
C. A proposal for their session.

D. You had arranged to meet Christine Hendrikson on Friday 10 August, but had to cancel the meeting at short notice. Write a fax to her:

– apologizing for cancelling the meeting
– giving reason for the cancellation
– offering a new date and time
– asking her to confirm the new date and time.

Dear Christine:

I have to cancel the meeting due to there is a strike at the airport.

The meeting could be the next week at the same time.

Please, confirme

Thank you


F. Farewell speech

You and some other managers have been in the exchange programme. You are now leaving and want to make a short speech to thank all those who have looked after you and your partners. Write the speech.

E. Farewell speech

You want to say goodbye to all your colleagues as you are moving to another company.


I live in a big house. It has got 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a garege and a big garden. My bedroom is next to the bathroom. The kitchen is downstairs.

The garage is in front of the garden. The garden has got a lot of trees and flowers. There are oranges trees and there is a lemon tree.Escribe tu texto aquí!