Improving the Sensory Experience at Workout Gym

I listened to music in the morning. During that time, Tess rang: in the morning, Tess rang while I was listening to music. The end of the audio tour is at 5.00: by 5.15, the audio tour will have ended. Our plans for tonight! Having a spicy meal in front of the TV: tonight, we are going to have… The fridge started to smell bad a few days ago: the fridge is starting to smell a few… Tomorrow I’m going to listen to music all day: at this time tomorrow I will be listening to music. He ran all day. As a result, he smelled terrible: he smelled terrible because he had been running before. Pre. simpl: talk about facts and states/habits and repeated actions. Pres. Cont: talk about actions happening now/temporary situations. Pres. perf. simpl (have + -ed/3rcolum): talk about states, actions or events that started in the past and continue present/about something which happened in the past and which has an effect present/about past experience. Pres. perf. cont (have been + ing): talk about duration an action/to focus on the action.

When we talk about past habits or states we use “would” to express past tense/we use will to express promises or requests./a defining relative clause gives essential information./we can omit the relative pronoun if it is the object of a non-defining relative clause/we can’t omit the relative pronoun in defining relative clauses/we use be going to for predictions based on present evidence/in defining relative clause relative pronoun “whose” can’t be omitted/we use since with the present perfect to express the starting point of the action/we use for to express temporary actions.

Papil·les gustatives: taste buds/to savour sth: saborear algo/annoyed: molesto/insipid, sense gust: tasteless/tasl com: such as/bavós, llefiscos: slimy/pudent: stinky/empasar-se alguna cosa: swallow sthg/la finalitat d’aquest indorme es: the aim of this report is/the traditional five sense are: sight, hearing, touch, smell. and. taste/the music is different../this quiet music is very pleasant/something that tastes sugary is sweet/when there is no noise it’s silent/your perfume smells of flower/the can’t fur fragrant really souf7andy’s got a new boke but he hasn’t got used to riding in yet/the judge can’t hear everything that../jed’s a brilliant swimming in the past he used to win../next year Jane is going to../last Tuesday we all went to thw cinema.

This book was written by a Young girl. It won an award: this book which was written by a Young girl, won an award(nd)/this is the girl. Her brother is Spanish: this is the girl whose brother is Spanish(d)/December is the day. We celebrate Christmas then: December is the day when we celebrate Christmas(d)/I met Margaret while I was traveling. She’s a doctor now: Margaret, who I met while I was traveling, is a doctor(nd)/it rained a lot today. That left the ground very wet: it rained a lot all day, which left the ground very wet.(nd)

Join in sth: participate in/put up sth: hang something/set off sth: throw something/hand out sth: distribute/dress up: dress up/come together: group up/puto n sth: mount something/take time off: take time off/pack out sth: fill something.

Report: an introduction the aim of this report is to…/first a result of this../other factor affecting enjoyment..the reason for this is that../final recommendations/in conclusion I believe that../

We use modal verb could to express ability in the past/we use have to and must to express obligation/when we put a preposition before who is becomes whom/relative pronoun “which” that be used after a preposition/to express advice about a past action we use should+must´+have to/modal verbs do not take an “s” in the third person singular.

I advise you not to lie to your parents: you ought not to lie to your parents/it isn’t necessary for you to buy her a present: you don’t need to buy her a present/it’s possible that they met in London: they might have met is London/you don’t have permission to leave your room now: you are not allowed to leave your room now/he cooks delicious food. I often go to his restaurant: he cooks such delicious food that I often../this is the poem. The song was based on it: this is the poem which the song was based on.

Fins a cert punt: to a certain point/furthermore: a mes a mes/actually: really/espero que estiguis be/i hope you’re fine/dona records a tothom: give my regards to everyone/assessment: avaluació/to achieve something: achieve something/native speakers/to disappear: fade into obscurity/double the amount of something: twice as much/groups of shops that belong to the same company: chain/strong color or light is bright/as illness: a disease/diwali is a religious festival everybody joins in the celebration/your first language is your mother tongue/tv radio and newspaper are mass media/don quijote is one Europe most significant literature Work/ With the function of saying goodbye: farewell /Brasil is a multicultural society./a chair for disabled people is a wheelchair.

Beltane is a festival which is celebrate…..In Edinburgh where there is one ……The ancient Celts whose religion was…..used to bless people who brought…..understood to be a time when young couples.

Fonts d’energia: energy sources/la fam: famine/per tant: so/no obstant aixo: however/no em crec ni una sola paraula: I don’t believe in a single Word/ al menys: at last/robatori a botigues: shoplifting/sol·licitar un treball: apply for a job/patró: pattern/you must be kidding: has d’estar de broma/to rip sb off: ruin someone/an organization which helps people in need: charity/the person who break sor destroys public buildings is the vandal/because of global warming the earth’s../we ought to do more about recycling ../the greenhouse effect is causing../holes in the ozone layer can be dangerous/I am writing to complain about../you need to get a visa go that../it was such a good

The girl: “teenagers need to have training”: the girl said teenagers needed to have training/james to the teacher: “I’m sorry I’m late”: James told the teacher he was sorry he was late/doctor to John: “how often do you eat chips?”: the doctor asked John how often he ate chips.

It was a cheap holiday. They booked in immediately: it was such a cheap holiday that they../They took a notebook. They wanted to write about his holiday: in order to write about this holiday, they took ../

As long as you take the pills, you’ll../the weather was bad. They still had a good trip: even though the weather was bad,../She felt tired. She finished the climb: she finished the climb in spite of feeling tired/

She didn’t buy the plane ticket. She was afraid of flying: she didn’t buy the plane ticket since she was../it was a sunny day. I wore my sunglasses: it was such a sunny day that I wore../

He took a notebook. He wanted to write about his holiday: he took a notebook so as to write about ../James booked a holiday. He wanted to travel: James booked a holiday so that he would travel.

(Passive voice)-someone in China made my top: my top was made in China by someone/(passive with reporting verbs)-they say that education is very important today: education is said to be very important today/

(Expressing wishes)-buying a motorbike was a mistake: if only I didn’t buy a motorbike/(making suggestions)-I suggest that we go to the cinema: how about going to the cinema/

(Making invitations)-do you want to go to the cinema today?: would you like to go to cinema today?

Burglary(act)-burglar(person)-to burgle a house(verb)/vandalism(act)-vandal(pers)-to vandalized smth/Robbery(act)-robber(pers)-to rob sb/theft(act)-thef(pers)-to steal smth/

murder(act)-murderer(pers) mug sb/shoplifting(act)-shoplifter(pers)-to shoplift sb/kidnapping(act)-kidnapper(pers)

Introduce:bring in-inroducir alguna cosa/challenge, confront:stand up to sb-plantar cara a/Revealed:let on-explicar que/discovered:cover up-esbrinar que/stop people discovering:cover up sth-encobrir alguna cosa/Eliminate:stamp out-eliminar algo/tricked,made to appear guilty:set up doing sb-parar alguna trampa algu/Admit to, confessed to: awned up to-reconocer que algu feia..

Enquire: averiguar-enquiry: investigación/discover: descubrir-dicovery: descubrimiento/Imprison: encarcelar/Imprisonment: prisión/disturb: molestar-disturbance: disturbio/offend: ofendre

offence: ofensa/remove: retirar/Unless: a no ser que/provided that: siempre que/as long as: mientras/even if: incluso si/in spite of: a pesar de/Despite: a pesar de. A report finds a fifth of British teenagers have used public transport without paying since they know it’s illegal. Some teenagers argue that their actions were justified since public transport is so expensive. For instance a day’s. Bus travel in NY costs over.. Because of this…. However, despite..

An opinion essay: English is it a threat to other languages?: due to the influence of the internet and cheap air travel, the world has become a global village. As a result, English has increasingly become the dominant language and, according to some people, a threat to other languages. However, I do not agree. Firstly, many non-native speakers only use English for work. They still speak their mother tongue in most other situations, for example, with their friends or at home. Consequently, English has little influence on their culture. Secondly, thanks to English we are now able to learn more about other cultures. Without a global language, we would not be able to communicate successfully or learn about each other. To sum up, I do not think English threatens. In my view, it is useful to have a common language for work. Moreover, it enables different cultures to understand each other better.

A report: an introduction the aim of this report is to evaluate the sensory experience that workout offers customers, and to make recommendations for improvement. First impressions we found that the gym makes quite a poor first impression. The main gym room is very bright. As a result of this, the room sometimes smells unpleasant when lots of people are exercising. Other factors affecting enjoyment some customers have complained about the music. The reason for this that the gym owner prefers a classical radio station. As this music often quite slow, it is hard to exercise quickly while you are listening to it. Final recommendations in conclusion, I believe that workout could benefit from a number of changes. Less powerful lights and an open window would improve the smell. Moreover, different music would help people to exercise faster. For instance, pop or rock.