“The changing in our eating habits in the last few decades have been mostly negative”  In my opinion people are changing their eating habits and many of the causes have made this change negative.  I think that there are more and more problems with the food industries and one of the biggest problems is meat. Many people have stopped eating it because of the treatment of animals.  Another reason I think people feed on a lot of pre-cooked food for different reasons and one of them may be not having time to cook because of work, studies… I think that this may be hurting our health as many food we eat in don’t have enough vitamins. These contain more fats, calories and other substances that are not needed in all foods.  To finish I think we should pay more attention to what we should eat, and it’s not about stopping eating meat or pre-cooked food. We simply know what we eat.

“We should increase drinking age to 21”In my opinion, I don’t think you have to raise your age to be able to drink. Because it wouldn’t work and young people will continue to do the same.  I think a lot of young people get ahead of the curve and consume alcohol early. But not only with alcohol, but also with tobacco. When it comes to consuming one of these two things, minors don’t have much difficulty getting it. Since they can ask anyone older and buy it.  Another reason is that in many shops or bars they don’t like age, all they want is to make money, so they also sell alcohol to minors and this causes young people to start drinking ahead of time. I do not believe that the solution is to raise the age at 21, but that alcohol is more controlled and prohibited to minors.  To conclude I think teenagers should not drink so soon, simply because it affects them physically and mentally. And they can party without having to drink to have a good time.

In many countries, when someone gets old, they often go to live in a home with other old people where there are nurses to look after them. In my opinion, when someone gets older their families should take care of that person. But I don’t think It’s me who has to decide that.  I think people who have been working most of their lives deserve a good salary to be able to get ahead once they retire. But that doesn’t mean the state that pays them that salary has to take responsibility for those people. That’s why I think it should be family members or friends who should take care of these people.  Another reason why I think it should be the family that has to take care of these people, is because of the love and love that they need to receive. Instead the state I don’t think I can give that love and affection that these people need, all they can do is make sure those people get the money they deserve.  Finally, I don’t think anyone likes being alone, because feeling solitude is one of the worst feelings there is. We all like to be loved and care about us. Therefore we must listen more to the elderly and not put them aside. 

Driving age. What age do kids start driving in your state? Is that age too old, too young, or just right? Why? I think that nowadays it is more common to drive not depending the age. Young people want to drive earlier. But, I think that it is not safe to drive when you are not on adult.  Firstly,in our country the minimum age to start driving i 18 years old. However, in other countries you can drive being 16 years old. In y opinion, I do not think that arriving when you are 16 is a good idea. I agree with the idea of starting to drive at 18.  Secondly, I feel very strongly that at the age of 18 we are mature enough to drive. At this age we should be more concentrated in the rood.  People who are 18 are more responsible so this way drivers can feel more secure. I think it is clear that driving is a serious thing. We should conscious about the dangers that we can produce because a mistake. So we should be responsible enough to drive. 

“ Teenage years are the best period in life. You are in your prime in that period”. Write an opinion essay on this.  In my opinion the teenage years is the best period of life, because you start to know new things.  One of the reasons I think it’s the best stage is because you have fun at all times because you don’t have big problems to worry about and you don’t have as many responsibilities as adults. When you’re a teenager you make the most of every moment without thinking about the consequences it may have.  However I think this stage is a little complicated since it is a time in your life when you have to start deciding what you want to do with your life.  To finish I think you are a teenager or an adult you have to take advantage and enjoy every moment and every second because life happens so fast. The worst feeling a person can have before he dies is that he hasn’t enjoyed his life.