1)Where did Ram meet his friend Salim?

Ram bumped into Salim as he was walking along the street in Mumbai.

2)Explain how Salim had become a junior actor

Salim found out from a customer who was also a junior actor that he needed photographs of himself to show to a film producer. So he bought a cheap camera, took the pictures and a few others of people and places too. Later, he gave the photographs to the customer, who showed them to a film producer – and he got a very small part in a film.

3)How did Salim meet Maman?

While he was taking photographs of people and places, Salim took a picture of Maman without knowing who he was. Maman then recognized him and tried to catch him.

4)How did Ahmed Khan help Salim?

Salim jumped on a bus while trying to escape from Maman. As Maman also tried to get on the bus, Ahmed Khan came between them and pushed Maman off. Ahmed Khan then gave Salim a job as his servant.

5)What did Salim find out about Ahmed Khan?

Salim found out that Ahmed Khan was a paid killer

6)How did Salim and Abbas Rizvi help each other?

One day, Salim found out that Ahmed Khan was going to kill Abbas Rizvi, who had been helping Salim with his acting. So Salim told Rizvi, who then ran away to Dubai. In return, Rizvi promised to make Salim a hero in his next film and to pay for his acting lessons

7)What happened to Maman in the end?

Maman was killed by Ahmed Khan. Salim had changed Abbas Rizvi’s photograph and address in the yellow envelope for those of Maman, so Ahmed had killed Maman instead of Rizvi.

8)What happened to Ahmed Khan and how did Salim find out about it?

Ahmed Khan was shot dead by the police. Salim found out about it on Mumbai Crime Watch.

9)How did Salim’s story help Ram with the next question?

Ram remembered Salim saying that Ahmed Khan had lost a lot of money betting that India’s greatest batsman Sachin Malvankar would make his thirty-seventh test century in a match against Australia. So when Prem Kumar told Ram in the quiz show that India had not played another country since Australia, Ram knew that the answer was still 36


1)Who told Ram about different countries around the world?

A man in a bar told Salim about different countries. The man’s name was Prakash Rao.

2)Where did Prakash Rao meet his wife and where was she from?

He met his wife in New York. She was from Haiti

3)What is voodoo and which country do people usually practice it?

Voodoo is a religion and a kind of magic. It is usually practised in Haiti

4)Who taught Prakash Rao how to practice voodoo?

His wife, Julie.

5)What happened to Prakash Rao´s brother?

After finding out that Prakash Rao had been stealing money from his company, he brought Prakash Rao back from America to a small office in Hyderabad, ordering him to pay back half of the stolen money out of his salary. Out of revenge, Prakash Rao then practised voodoo on him. Prakash Rao’s brother was then locked up in a mental hospital, where he died.

6)What was Prakash Rao planning to do?

Prakash Rao was planning to send his wife back to Haiti or shoot her with his little gun

7)What happened to him?

Prakash Rao had a pain in his chest and died from a heart attack. His wife had killed him first – by voodoo.

8)Why did the police not find his gun?

Because Ram took it after Prakash Rao had died


1)Why did Prem Kumar say that they were recording a commercial for tea?

Because Ram had said he knew the answer to the question about Mumtaz Mahal, and Prem Kumar and the producer didn’t want Ram to win the money.

2)Ram told Prem Kumar that he wanted revenge, not money. Explain what he meant

Ram knew that Prem Kumar was the man who had hurt Neelima and Nita. For that, Ram was going to kill him. That, and not the money, was the reason Ram had come on to the show

3)Why did Ram put the gun back in his pocket and go back to finish the quiz?

Ram realized that he could not kill another man in cold blood. Then he thought of all the good things he could do with a billion rupee

4)Why did Ram choose the answer A?

Ram chose A because that is what the lucky coin had told him to do. He also did not trust Prem Kumar.

5)What was Smita’s secret?

  Smita was actually Gudiya, the neighbour that Ram had helped in the chawl in Mumbai


1)How did Smita help Ram?

Smita fought for Ram. She found out that the police knew nothing about the train robber’s death, and she proved that Ram had not cheated in the quiz show with the DVD

2)Ram did not get exactly one billion rupees. Why not?

Because the government took some of the money. They called it a ‘quiz show tax’

3)How did Prem Kumar die?

Prem Kumar either killed himself or was killed by the people who ran the quiz show

4)How did Ram help his friend Salim?

Ram gave Salim the main role in a film he was producing

5)Where was Ram living at the end of the story and who was he living with?

Ram was living in Mumbai with his wife, Nita.

6)What was unusual about Ram’s lucky coin?

Ram’s lucky coin was the same on both sides – it had two heads.

7)Ram said that luck came from inside a person. Explain what he meant.

Whenever Ram called heads, he had already decided on the answer he wanted. His luck was his own decision. Ram had been told, or had found out, most of the quiz answers by chance. But he had remembered the facts correctly and so made his own luck.