Nowadays , the number of Spaniards traveling abroad has increased considerably, the big surprise comes when the news comes out that travel within Spain has also increased. There is a large part that prefers to look for nearby sites of the great catalog of visits that we enjoy in our country, and then another large number of people prefer to visit and to know new places. The purpose of this essay is to comment on the differences and similarities between traveling in and out of Spain.

The first great similarity we can find between both cases is that, both in one and in the other option, when visiting new places you always meet new people, it is not a question of the country, therefore, if you visit Spain or a country you have the same options to find both good and bad people. As Murphy (2015) states, ‘good and bad people are scattered around the world, you have the same probability of finding a killer in Spain than in China or Algeria’.

Another important point is that both outside Spain and inside, you can find wonderful places with which you would have always dreamed of discovering. A large part of the population that travels in search of important monuments, the mistake they make is to think that in their own country they do not have such spectacular sites, there is the error, anywhere you can find landscapes and places that leave you with open mouth, just missing that people investigate and do not go to the same typical places as always, is a matter of discovery.

Having spoken of the similarities, it must be said that any of the options that are chosen are completely valid. Now is the time to discuss some differences between staying in Spain or traveling abroad.

The most important difference we find between traveling outside or staying in our country could be considered the way to adapt and interact with people from other cultures. It is normal that at first you can get to make complicated, it is not the same a person with Western customs that Orientals for example, it is a question of adaptation, which some people find especially complicated. According to Murphy, once a person manages to pass the adaptation period, he or she acquires a certain degree of self-confidence. Before that, a stay in a foreign place can become a very hard experience.

In addition, another difference that could become important is the climate issue. There are some types of people who are affected more by the climate change than others, even so, someone who changes from living in a place with 30 degrees on average and moves to a place with -10 average can get to have a fatal experience. Getting used to this type of change seems like something vital when it comes to adapting to a place, but in this case if your body is not able to respond, the situation can become really challenging.

Taking this into consideration, having finished my research I have come to the conclusion that either of the two options can be considered equally valid, it is a question of likes and likings. Anyone should have the right to choose their holidays and the ideal place to stay, is something that unfortunately does not currently happen in most families, but when given the option any place you have illusion to go is worth it .

Nowadays, the majority of students of English Studies have a doubt just before entering their last year of career, this is due to the fact that the degree has begun to offer the possibility of carrying out labor practices with the intention of improving competitiveness and get used to the job market. Some people believe that it is more appropriate to finish the subjects of the university career and start looking for work, but others think that having the opportunity to practice can lead to the opportunity to show everything they have learned and put it into practice. The aim of this essay is to compare the similarities and differences between doing the internships in a company or finishing the last university year.

The first big difference we can observe between doing the internship and staying at the university is that when facing the first job you are going to do in your specialty you will have acquired a greater degree of experience and security when making your work. Murphy (2015) states that ‘it is always more favorable for a young person to spend an hour practicing what he likes than a week in a class doing something that bores him and does not give him enough energy’. This has been taken to study in numerous centers and in spite of having split opinions, most see more useful to make a practical period before finishing the studies.

Another important point in which these two options do not resemble is that when you are doing a university internship you do not really learn theoretical content, it is a matter of learning to work in a work area, meanwhile, making your last year of teaching class as always It can make you give a final level raise that can come great for the oppositions or just to gain more knowledge. Even so, it is up to each student to choose the most appropriate option for him.

Having spoken of some differences within these two cases, it can be said that any of the options are considered valid. Like having certain differences, they also have certain similarities between them which are going to be threatened below.

The most important similarity between these options is that either of the two ways could prepare you correctly for the future, it is only a question of knowing what skills you want to promote before finishing your studies and dedicating yourself fully to work. According to Murphy, the most important thing when concluding a student period is the preparation carried out by the student and the improvements he wants to make, this is the basis of success.

In addition, another of the important similarities could be that both options give you the same possibility of obtaining a job in the short or medium term. Normally, a student does not have more options for the simple fact of making a practice prepared by their corresponding degree, they are exactly the same as a person who finishes his years without leaving the university, therefore, they do not involve so much change.

Taking this into consideration, having finished our search I can say that any of the options can be beneficial for the future. Anyone should have the right to decide how they want to finish their studies, while universities continue to offer ways to experience their students any way to improve means that things are being done in the best possible way.

Nowadays, the evolution of technology has reached such a surprising level that it allows new types of training to be adapted according to what work or profession the person wants to perform. In fact, one of the fields in which it has been totally adapted is in the universities, in which new types of degrees have been developed, these are carried out entirely online. The aim of this essay is to comment on the similarities and differences between studying within the university or studying online.

The first big difference we can see between the two is that in the online course it is much more complicated to get a person who can solve your doubts in the same way that a teacher would, it is true that you can search the internet, but the explanation It will never have the same quality as what an experienced teacher can give you. In fact, in the university you will always have people who can help you solve your doubts by attending their offices or in the same class in which you give your subject.

Another important point could be that when you are a student of a university, the most responsible thing that can be done if you want to have a good performance and upload your grades is to attend class and attend to your teachers, however in the online course you do not have the need to be up early, take a bus and go to class. As Murphy argued, ‘most of today’s youth prefer to study by free and without obligations, I think you could not make a bigger mistake than reject the good life that offers a university career’.

Having discussed the differences of both options, I must say that after doing my research that both are fully valid. Now is the time to talk about some similarities that these two ways of studying can have.

The most important similarity that we can find between the two ways of studying is that both one and the other have a syllabus that must be adhered to when beginning to memorize. Some people believe that online studies reduce the number of topics you have to see but the reality is very different, it is absolutely the same as in the university and all the topics you receive online could get to enter a hypothetical test final, therefore there is no favorable treatment.

In addition, another similarity that may be considered important is that effort is the primary ingredient to achieve success. According to Murphy, any student who perseveringly seeks to achieve his goal and puts all his enthusiasm into it, can reach even where he never dreamed he would. In fact, in this aspect both options are identical, in both you can not achieve success without sweating.

Taking this into consideration, having finished my research I have come to the conclusion that either of the two options can be considered equally valid, it is a question of likes and likings. As a conclusion, I should say that any student is entitled to choose the way in which he wants to take his studies and how he wants to develop his student life, online as by normal classes, any way is a challenge that the person who chooses He must be ready to strive and achieve his dream.