1.How I met your mother

The emission was started the 19 of September of 2005 and finished the 31 of march of 2014, but as Friends, has been still shown with the distribution and the addition to the Netflix catalogue.

If we take a look at this funny series, we can see that the character of Barney, spends most of the time of the series trying to have sex with all the woman that he can by using all kind of strategies and lies, even in some episodes he shows a manual “The playbook” were he wrote a lot of them (and while doing the research for this work, I found it’s available in reality and called: The Playbook: Suit Up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome), and by taking a look at the reviews of the product, between the common very funny, great for fans of the series, was a comment saying: “Gran libro del gran Barney Stinson, algunos trucos son un poco de ciencia ficción, pero te echas unas risas seguro… y quién sabe, quizás funcionen algunos trucos” what will be great book from the great Barney Stinson, some tricks are kind of science fiction , but you will laugh for sure…and who knows, maybe some tricks works.

So. Yes, it’s kind of jock, but behind that comment there it’s probably a little part of himself thinking of trying one of those horrible advises to flirt with a girl.

What would happen if in a series or in reality it’s a girl who uses the “ Lorenzo von Matterhorn” where she creates a fake name and fake web pages pretending she’s famous rich and whatever amazing, so that when tells the name to the other will google it and date for interest.

Or in a meeting point telling a random men that is waiting someone, that the girl isn’t going to come, so that she can comfort him and have relations with him.

And like these examples there are lots more in the serie that could scandalize people if the roles were changed.

If we take a look at other character of How I met your mother, we can see what at first time looks like something new, breaking the mold, Robin, she looks strong, she doesn’t want to have kids, or been compromised with someone, she likes things that are associated to the “men’s world”, but they associate all of this because of how her father raised her because he was expecting having a boy. And all the ways of how she is and what she likes, always bring her problems with boys, and by the way, at the end she even finishes married with Barney.

Or if we see the character of Lily that fits more to the typical role, at the beginning of the series, she was given a scholarship in San Francisco, she has a discussion with her partner of most of the series, Marshall, and at the end she leaves for doing it and they break up, but, surprise, when she comes back of doing something for herself, for her artistic career, she starts saying that she shouldn’t have done it and tries and tries being back with him, that it’s what happens at the end.

And Ted, that is the most common type of straight character, the poor man that is romantic that all that wants is to be happy with a woman and children, but that all the girls at the end don’t match with them for different reasons, and they are always discussing about it in the bar, like if the relations can’t end or like if he doesn’t make anything bad; not to mention, how many time in the series he tries to be again and again with Robin, because he has the conviction that she will be her wife and the mother of his sons, instead of seeing the reality and leaving her free.

Big bang theory

Was started on 2007 and continued until 2019, because Jim Parsons was going off of the series, so without them the producers preferred not recording more after the 12 seasons.

There are so many scenes that shows sexism situations, like in this recompilation video: https://youtu.be/HMQZuBytY4Q

Where Penny and Amy as girlfriends are shown as competitors to help their boyfriends to get a paper published, by using and laughing the waitress work of Penny as inferior, of their bodies and flirting as a tool for getting things from man.

Also another scene where Sheldon calculates how many man Penny has dated, and with how many had sexual relations and laughing at it and disrespecting her for doing what she wanted, while the other male characters of the series are always looking for the most girls and sex they can have.

One of the keys in Big bang theory it’s the archetype of the “nerd” that can be seen since: “The nutty professor 1963” “Revenge of the nerds 1984” “Sixteen candles 1984” or “Saved by the bell 1989- 1993

If we look at the boys, we see in Howard in his single episodes, a man that tries to flirt constantly and that again horrible acts are hidden as jokes, like in an episode where Penny says that he gave her as a present a teddy bear where see found there was a hidden camera. And then, when he’s dating and living with Bernadette, he doesn’t take care of the homework, leaving all the work to her, like is still the normal nowadays and again making laugh of it.

Rajesh is the most shy and sensitive of all the boys, and because of that sometimes he’s the person to laugh about, like if men can’t be sensitive. And also, in the first seasons he was also only able to speak with women when he was drunk, and then able to say misogynist things

Leonard has the role of the nice guy that someway is like Ted Mosby, because is kind of pathetic and romantic. Leonard stays almost all the seasons trying to “get” Penny even she says no a lot of times. And at the end, surprise, she dates with her and even they get married.

And Sheldon that it’s represented as someone so smart that he can’t understand feelings and relations with other people, and when he’s socialating with woman, he’s much more specific and bad that when he’s doing it with males.

All the comments and actions are very visual, but as the seasons went by, the scriptwriters started using the lampshading.

Personal conclusion

So to sum up, in the sport news women were barely represented and shown, and in the best cases was in the public tv.

For the sitcoms that are exported from the USA (so shown in lots of different countries) all of them present stereotypes presented as funny and also sexism comments and actions, that for an uncultivated viewership can be translated to common ways of still acting in real life because of the proximity between sitcoms and real life.

On one hand some actual (and some non so actual) series that are shown on platforms like HBO or Netflix, have more variety and less sexism and sometimes tries to educate people with the characters of the series, and even so the viewers not always get it; in the other hand as in this pages was told, this series are still available, in platforms, and of course in illegal pages, so they will be lots of years still kind of educating some people and influencing them.

I just hope when in some years another student search for studies about woman on tv and series of the 2019 and so on, he or she will be able to find more data and more hopeful for woman.

Who has invented the disck, which allowed to introduce mechanical tv?

Paul Nipkow

2.When and where was invented the term “television” used for the first time?

Was coined by Constantin Perskiy in a paper read to the international electricity congress at the international world fair in Paris on august 24, 1900

3.When and where did the 1st transmission of experimental mechanical tv take place?

In 1926 London by john Logie Baird

4.Where and when the  st mechanical tv studios established?

England, Germany, France (big cities in Europe)

5.When and where did the 1st Latvian tv experimental transmission happen?

November 10, 1937

6.Why could not the mechanical tv develop farther?

Nobody was satisfied with the quality, so nobody wanted to take the credit

7.When was mechanical tv replaced by an electronic tv?

An electronic tv was gradually implemented in middle of the 30,s

8.What has disturbed rapid and extensive introduction of an electronic tv in the beginning?

Different technologies and acceptance of standards as late as in 1941

9.When were the first electronic tv sets manufactured?

Middle of 40s

10.What genres and formats have appeared on tv until the World War II?

Dance and song performances, concerts, opera theatre monologues, films (Germany, Russia) experimental drama (japan)sport games (Germany)Celebrations, interviews (Germany) opening of the congress of the communist party (Russia) reports, news (Russia)

11.What happened to the tv development during the world war II?

In 1939 german sodiers moved into the territory of Poland World War II began

Broadcasting halted, researchment continued

12When did the first tv advertisement appear?

July 1st 1941 Bulova watch commercial costed 9 euros

        13.when were the tv operations rebuilt after the world war II?

Middle of 40s

         14. Which major TV companies dominated in the superpower countries during the second half of the 20th century?

3 largest tv comps in usa

Nbc national broadcasting company.Cbs columbica broadcasting system

Abc ametican broadcasting company.Repertory of all them was relatively similar.Also plenty of local tv stations existed

Non commercial stations PBSFrom 1969 educational tv was transformed in public tv. Each broadcastingregion had to have one such a channel. They were funded from state and municipal budget, fund donations ets. Not as influential as—

CNN in 1980 started to broadcast from atlanta (the news)

Made by Ted Turner .

FOX in 1986 communications magnate rupers Murdoch started to create the fourth of big commercial nets of the usa under the name of fox.

Britain BBc Britain has the classic public radio and tv stration, is the largest tv organisation in the world. Led by 12 couhncil members appointed by the Queen of Engl Elizabeth II found on october 18 1922 as radio station

ITTV major commercial public service tv network in the uk. Since 1990 ist legal name has been channel 3. Every region has its own tv station of itv. All tgether they make one corporation.

ARDTv in west Germany in the 50s it was clear that each of the 16 states was not ready to create their own public radio and tv organization—

ZDF the 2nd german tv. Is the state tv essentially different to ARD ZDF has its headquartess in msinz—

France ORTF in 1959 the regulations were issued which strengthened the state monopoly on broadcasting. So had its state tv which was supervised by office de radioffuion television franceaise

In 1975 was split into seven parts of structure. Main French tv program tf 1 was privatized in 1987

Ussr the central television on march 22 1951

15. when was Latvian tv established?What was the 1st broadcast?

November 6 1954 and back home with victory

16. when and how was the color tv introduced in the world? How it divide the world?

Middle of the 60s America had NTSC, France and USSR had SECAM and the rest of the world had PAL

17. When and how did the color tv enter in Latvia?

In 1968 the 2nd transmitting network began regular color tv broadcasts (Moscow central tv program)

1974 the first latvias produced colour tv transmission was over the airwaves, a concert film where a famous children group dance.

The tv colour equipment began

1976 in studio A began the operating of color equipment, but the news report where still in black and white.

18. when did Latvian tv move from Agenskalns to Zakusala?

? in 1986 the new riga radio and tv station tower and a new tv studio complex

In 1988 lativan tv left agensklans at all

19. when did the commercial tv begin to develop in Europe?

ITV in middle 50s

20. when were the 1st commercial tv companies established in Latvia?which ones?

ITV 1992 ntv-5 made the first alternative news

1994 Picca tv 1994-1996 joined with NTV-5 and delevolped to the first commercial LNT in 1996, tv3 in 1998