L I S T E N I N G   C O M P R E H E N S I O N


Listen to the news items and choose the correct answers, a, b, c or d.  (10 pts)  

1. The first news item informs us that a lab employee

ahas robbed Lloyds bank of more than £80,000.

bdenied stealing over £500,000 from the company he worked for.

ctried to have money transferred to one of his colleagues.

2.The employee of the science lab in the first news item

ahas confessed to forgery and theft in a court hearing.

bhas repeatedly been committing theft and forgery over the last few years.

chas been convicted of forgery and theft and given ten years in prison.

3.According to the second news item, the couple going through IVF treatment

awere extremely happy that she got pregnant through IVF.

bwere particularly upset because this was their only child.

calready have a child through IVF from the same clinic.

4.The second news item suggests that Jenny and Fred Herbert

adidn’t give up the baby.

bwant the clinic to take responsibility for the mistake.

chave taken the clinic to court.

5.According to the third news item, the Modern Technology Fair

awill offer new mobiles and computers for sale.

bwill offer training free of charge to those who pay the entrance fee.

cis a good place to buy the latest touchscreen technology.   

1C       2A   3C     4B      5B

R E A D I N G   C O M P R E H E N S I O N


  Read the text about crime and choose the correct answers, a, b, c or d. (10 pts)

Crime today: Jet Street gang

Street gangs, already prominent in large cities and urban areas, are rapidly becoming more popular among young people. With their membership expanding, the rate of street crime in some communities has risen dramatically in the last few years. One of the largest and most prolific criminal gangs in the world today, with an estimated membership of thousands in San Francisco, and tens of thousands in other areas of North and Central America, is the Jet Street gang. This transnational criminal organisation started as a small street gang in one of the poorest areas of San Francisco and has been active since the 1980s in many regions of the United States, Mexico and Central America.

In the last decade, state police forces, the FBI and customs and immigration officers have been involved in a number of cases where they undertook raids and carried out arrests of suspects right across the regions where the gang operates. The gang’s criminal activities range from minor criminal offences, such as petty theft, joyriding, shoplifting and vandalism, to serious criminal activities such as drug trafficking, arson, robbery, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, identity document forgery, fraud, and murder.

“Every police officer and most judges recognise the name ‘Jet Street gang’”, says special FBI agent Bob Hemsley. “They are one of the most prolific street gangs in the USA. They steal cars, burgle homes, and I’d say that someone is robbed by one of the gang members every day.”

“It’s a well-established gang and its members commit all kinds of street crimes,” claims Raphael Dominguez, who oversees investigations by the Bureau of Firearms and Drug Trafficking in Central America. “They are devoted to the gang and to the letter J. We see street graffiti and tattoos with variations of the letter J all the time. Gang members also identify themselves with the letter J on their clothing.”  

Unfortunately, most gang members caught and arrested by police officers do not make it to court. Witnesses often pull out of trials, as they fear for their lives. This is quite understandable due to the number of threats they receive from gang members prior to the trial. As fast as arrests are made, accused gang members are released, often due to alibis provided by other gang members. And if a gang member does eventually appear in court, he is likely to be acquitted and released due to a lack of evidence.

1.The writer claims that

acrime committed on the streets is generally on the rise.

bthe violence of street gangs is going up, hence crime is on the increase.

cthe crime rate in some areas is directly influenced by the rising number of street gang members.

2.According to the article,

aa vandal or a thief who steals small items is less of an offender than a fraudster or arsonist.

bthe Jet Street gang commits a large number of trafficking offences.

cpolice officers have arrested a large number of 13th Street gang members recently.

3.One of the police officers quoted in the article says that the gang

ais the most important street gang in the world today.

bis well known in the law enforcement community.

chas committed almost all existing crimes.

4.The article says that

amost policemen have met one of the gang members.

bthe Jet Street gang is among the most active gangs in America.

cthe letter ‘J’ is important to members of gangs.

5.According to the article,

amost gang members eventually stand trial in court.

c   there is lack of witnesses in gang member trials, because they are threatened by other  gang members.

bgang members have a witness in court who gives them an alibi.

1D    2A    3B      4B     5C

L A N G U A G E    I N   U S E


(Please be careful.  You lose 0.5 for every 2 spelling)  


Complete the sentences with appropriate technology words.(2,5 pts)

1.If your mobile phone gets wet, the electronic circuit board / battery / board may need to be cleaned.

2.We had to have our axle / aerial / cog repositioned as we were not getting good reception on our TV.

3.The application has finished installing, but I think you’ll need to stream / double-click on the icon.

4.The contact details are at the top of the webpage. You just need to scroll up / browse to the top to see them.

5.I can’t text him just now. I’m downloading / streaming  live TV on my phone at the moment.

Write  appropriate words in the gaps related to science and medicine .Use the words below. (Unit 5) (2,5 pts)

patent-diagnosis- side tubes advances

6.Based on John’s symptoms, the doctor made a preliminary DIAGNOSIS________ of diabetes.

7.IVF babies are created in  test TUBES   __________.

8. You can’t drive when you’ve taken this medication as the SIDE _________  effects including drowsiness and loss of concentration.

9. After long research scientists have announced a recent ADVANCES ___________ in genetic engineering involve altering the genes in a living organism to produce a genetically modified organism with a new type of DNA.

10.The laboratory was very keen to PATENT _____ their discovery, to protect their rights to its application.

Number the sentences in the correct order to form a dialogue between two students.(2,5 pts)

1. _____ B

2. _____ D

3. _____ E 

4. _____ A

5. _____ C


a  I guess you could be right. I think we need as many volunteers as possible.

b  What shall we do about the posters? Don’t you think that it’s time to put them

    up in the classrooms?

c  That’s decided then. We’ll put them up tomorrow morning.

d  Maybe, but I still think we should announce the march on the school radio first.

e  The big advantage of putting the posters up now is that people who want to help

    on the day of the march will come forward.

Fill in the correct word form of the words in bold. (2 pts)

1.The fugitive was convicted of ____________forgery_  for creating a fake ID and credit card. forge

2.An _____________arsonist  who started a fire which destroyed a local factory was jailed yesterday for 9 years.  arson

3.Depending on the severity of the crime, the law may consider the ____________fraudster guilty and insist on a prison sentence. fraud

4.The local council agreed to repaint properties ____________vandalised _ by graffiti artists. vandal


Talk about actions in the future by completing these sentences with the correct form of the verbs

in the brackets (future continuous-perfect) (3 pts)

1.It’s likely she will be taking _____________(take)the long route today if she wants to avoid the traffic.

2.By middle age many of today’s teenagers will have been __________(be)affected by deafness.

3.Voters will already have decided___________ (already, decide), so let’s not make any more statements.

4.Is it likely Henry will have realised_________(realise) we’re going to be very late?

5.Do you think those two will still be going out ______(still, go out)  with each other half a year from now?

6.By midnight, the driver will have been working _________________(work)  for 12 hours without a break. It’s  


Choose the correct verb to complete the text (passive voice)(3,5 pts)

Fire devastates Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark ship, one of London’s most popular tourist attractions,  devasted /has been devasted  by a fire. The police think  it may have been started on purpose.More than 40 fire fighters called /were called  to the 138-year-old tea ship in Greenwich on Monday morning.

The ship  had  recently been closed / has recently closed to visitors to carry out some expensive  improvements .A spokesman for the London fire service said the whole ship  is affected / was affected  by the massive fire but nobody was hurt / is hurt.

The Cutty Sark_was used /used to carry tea around the world in the 19th century. Now It uses / is being used as a museum at Greenwich.

Bonus.- Complete the table. (2pts)