guia ingles

1.What did Dally do when the police had finally caught him?

Dally raised a fake gun so the police would shoot him and then the police shoot him

2.What reason does Ponyboy think that Dally wanted to die?

He thinks that dally wanted to die because Johnny was dead and he couldn’t live without him

3.Why did Ponyboy not want other people to see his house?

Ponyboy was bothered by his school friends seeing his house because most of them came from “good homes, not filthy-rich like the Socs, but middle-class

4.Why was Ponyboy worried about the judge’s decision?

He was worried that he and Soda would go to an all-boys home.

5.What was the result of the murder trial?

Ponyboy is acquitted, and the Curtis brothers get to stay together.

6.What changes had Ponyboy noticed in his own behavior?

By the end of the novel, after Ponyboy has witnessed the deaths of Bob Sheldon and Johnny, he has completely lost his innocence, his grades drop and his attitude change.

7.What had happened to Ponyboy’s English grades?

His grades suffer, because he became detached, bad attitude and depressed

8.What assignment did Ponyboy’s English teacher give him?

So pony can raise his grade to a C by writing an outstanding autobiographical theme.

9.What did Ponyboy do when the Socs told him they didn’t like what had happened to their

friend Bob?

That they didn’t like someone killing their friend specially a greaser

10.Why did Darry get angry with Ponyboy?

Darry yells at Ponyboy about his grades dropping. Darry tells him that he has to pull it together and that Johnny and Dally are dead and there is nothing he can do about it.

11.Why was Sodapop upset?

Soda was upset because he tells them their constant fighting is tearing him apart

12.What does Ponyboy end up writing as the theme of his assignment? Explain (3)

His assignment begins with the very first line in Chapter 1 of the book you have just read. The end of the book refers back to the beginning, and what the author is trying to tell us is that it is Ponyboy who is the fictional writer of the story.  For his English assignment, Ponyboy wrote the theme, or story, The Outsiders.

13.How are Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry related?

Soda, pony and darry are brother

14.Describe Ponyboy’s personality

Ponyboy is 14, intelligent and gets good grades in school.

15.Describe Soda’s personality

soda is 17, he dropped out of high school

16.Describe Darry’s personality

Darry is the oldest, strict and hardworking

17.Who are the Greasers?

The greasers are the poor boys from the East Side of town who band together to provide for each other’s needs.

18.Who are the Socs?

The socs are a group of rich teenagers from the west side

19.What happened to Ponyboy’s parents?

Ponyboy parents died in a car accident

20.Describe what happened when the Socs found Ponyboy walking alone.

the Socs beat him up because he is a Greaser and he is an easy target because he is alone, as well as being the smallest of the Greasers.

21.How are the Greasers seen by others?

The greasers are seen like criminals, don’t attend school

22.Why was Cherry nervous when Randy and Bob were coming in their Mustang?

She was nervous because she was with two greasers and they could get into a fight

23.Describe Johnny’s relationship with his family

Johnny relationship with his family was not the best, they were violence

24.Why does Darry hit Ponyboy?

Dally hits him because pony came home late

25.What does Ponyboy do after Darry hits Ponyboy?

Ponyboy and Johnny ran away from home

26.What other Greaser was Ponyboy with in the park?

Ponyboy was at the park with Johnny

27.Who killed Bob the Soc and what were his reasons for doing so?

Johnny kill bob because he was killing ponyboy

28.After the Soc is killed, who do the two Greasers go to for help?

They went to dally for help

29.Where were Ponyboy and Johnny going to go?

They were going to hop on a train headed towards Windrixville and hide out in an abandoned church

30.How did they get there?

They got there by train

31.When Ponyboy wakes up, where is he?

He is at abandoned church in Windrixville

32.Why does Ponyboy bleach and cut his hair?

Ponyboy did that to not be recognize

33.Who visited Ponyboy and Johnny?

Dally went to visit them to give them money and to catch them up

34.Describe Johnny’s condition after the fire.

Johnny’s back is broken, has severe burns, and is paralyzed from the waist down.

35.Why was Randy surprised about what happened at the fire?

He was surprise that a greaser would risk his life for other people

36.Why didn’t Johnny want to see his mother?

Johnny thinks that his mother is there for obligation not because of love

37.What was the only thing keeping Darry from being a Greaser?

The only thing keeping him are his brother’s soda and pony, he is the only one who cuts his hair

38.Pony believes that he and Darry are both going to “get somewhere.” What does he mean

by that? Do you believe that he is correct in this belief? Explain in detail.

Ponyboy thinks that they are going to be successful in life, get a job, house and a family

39.Who dies at the end of the chapter? Is his death in some way symbolic? Why?

Johnny dies at the end of the chapter, yes his death affected the story because he was a good friend to everyone and he was loved

40.What were Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy? What do you think he meant?

The last words to pony from Johnny was to stay golden, to me that’s means that pony should stay like he is