Linda Stevenson, 16, moved with her parents to Cornwall, BC London was a hectic city. One day they found a body on the beach, the police didn’t find it, and Linda met Mark, and they started searching for the body.


Linda goes to the commissary  , and tells the policeman and tells him that she saw a woman with curly and red hair. The policeman tells Linda , she imagined this because she maybe fell asleep on the beach , when Linda goes home someone hits her and drops to the floor.


Mark was the boy who hit her , and is a handsome boy. At this moment , Mark and Linda become friends , and he invites her to a teahouse , later Mark believes what happened on the beach and they decide to meet the next day .


Mark and Linda goes to the beach to investigate what happened , Mark carry a photo camera and discover some footprints , latter , they see a shade  on top of the cliff  

throwing garbage bags.

Chapter 4

Mark was taking photos and found garbage bags , inside there was the corpse of a dog, they believed they were thrown from the Carlsbrook mansion , Linda an Mark decided to meet the next day to investigate the mansion ,with the excuse that it would be a school project for the history of the mansion.

Chapter 5

Linda got ready to go to the mansion and met her friend Mark where they had been, he was also well dressed. They went to the mansion, and the door was opened for them by Mrs. Landsman’s sister, Julia, she showed them the house and told them the story of her famous life, she told them about the death of her sister Florence’s husband, Jack Landsman, and that she was locked up in her room.

Chapter 6

After the interview with Julia, they drank the tea and ate the cookies that Cindy, the maid, had served them wrong. Then they saw photos of Julia and went out to the gardens and stables, they met Edward, the one in charge of the stables and gardens, but who for that position was very elegant and wearing sunglasses. They left quickly.

Chapter 7

Mark and Linda became better friends, Linda had to go to London with her parents for a week because her father was launching a new book. When he returned everything was the same, Mark and Linda went with Mark’s father, Mr. Hillman, who was a lawyer, and they managed to enter the mansion

Chapter 8

When they are in the mansion they do not discover anything, but when Mr. Hillman was with Florence signing the papers to leave all his money to her sister Julia, he went to the room and at the moment Julia arrived and signed the papers, they suspected it.

Chapter 9

Linda could not sleep because of the beach, this day they found out that a movie is going to be shot in the mansion and they sign up as extras to investigate, the reverend tells them that one of the servants bought a dog from Mr. Landsman. the movie was about a rich and successful woman

Chapter 10

The next day, in the middle of a break from the movie, they went up to Mrs. Landsman’s room and discovered that it wasn’t a room, it was a changing table, where there was a curly red wig like the one on Julia’s shirt on the day when she signing of the papers, like the hair of his sister,

Chapter 11

Julia needed the money to start her career, and Cindy and Edward were her accomplices, she waited for the right moment to kill her sister on the beach, but when she saw that Linda discovered the body, she had to drag it to the stables and put it in a bag, and the dead dog and the signatures, would have to be that when he killed Florence, his faithful dog tried to defend her and they also killed him and the signatures are Julia’s practices to falsify her sister’s. But they had to come up with a plan because they didn’t have enough clues.

Chapter 12

Mark called Linda because he had a plan. The next day on one of the breaks, Linda went up to the room where Julia was dressing up as her sister, she put on the costume and went out to the balcony and started screaming for help saying that they wanted They killed, the whole town saw it and the cameras recorded it. Mark notified the police, who arrived right away, Linda took everything off and cleaned herself up and ran downstairs, then they went to speak privately with the sergeant.

Chapter 13

As Linda told her story to the police, Julia and Edward tried to run away but were caught. Police found Florence’s body in deep water near the cliffs in a bag. Mark and Linda’s testimony was not necessary because Cindy confessed everything, Julia was sentenced to life in prison, Edward to five years in jail for being an accomplice and Cindy to community service.


Linda stevenson -16y,Cornwall new city in londres, inglaterra

Mark and Mr. Hillman his father and attorney

Julia , actúa en la peli, and Florence she’s sister

Edward- director de la peli

Family Landsman

Cindy , ayudaba a Julia .the maid

Fifi – el perro de Florence

Reverent Adams