Marcus Garvey was from Jamaica, and he was inspired early on by the book up from slavery.

All the following key elements In the universal negro improvement association except educated elites

According to the universal negro catechism what is the cure for race prejudice: Leprosy

Who was the chaplain of the UNIA wrote their catechism and founded the African orthodox church: George ALEXANDER MCGUIRE

The best representative example of the UNIA economic project was: Black Star Line

The use of the general theological ideas, myths and images for national and political purposes is: Civil Religion

Garvey thought of Jesus as: The black man of sorrows.

According to Marcus Garvey “salvation “can be found in: A fair distribution of power.

The “eschatological” vision of Marcus Garvey consists primarily in: the redemption of Africa.

The racial caste system that functioned through anti-black laws and mores was: Jim Crowism.

The term Jim Crow originally came from: a character in a minstrel show.

All the following are key aspects of Jim Crowism except: Universal suffrage.

Howard Thurman was struck early on in childhood by: the unity of all the things.

Howard Thurman was primarily known in his day as: a mystic.

Howard and Sue bailey Thurman were the first African American couple to meet with: Mahatma Gandhi.

Howard Thurman emphasized in his teachings that societal change can never happen without: developing the inner life, a spirituality of the heart.

For Thurman this 1st c. Jewish group sought to imitate the oppressor (Rome) and assimilate: Sadducees.

Which of the is following is not one of the three hounds of hell that hunts the disinherited:  Pride

Howard Thurman was involved in all of these activities in his life except: Member of the African communities league.


For Howard Thurman love must include: person enemies, group enemies,and political enemies. (all are correct)

What court decision made the statement Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal: Brown v. board of education.

MLK called his strategy for social change: non-violent resistance.

For MLK, the “first point” in the nonviolent movement is: means must be as pure as the end.

MLK defined agape love as: understanding creative redemptive good will with all men.

For MLK the first point in the nonviolent movement is: means must be as pure as the end.

Malcolm X claimed that MLK’s non-violent movement made white people: comfortable.

MLK was a leader in the: Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

In the southern Manifesto, members of Congress argued against desegregation, citing: all are correct

According to James Baldwin, the Christian understanding and experience of freedom was: frozen or strangled at the root.

James Baldwin says the conjunction of the words “black” and “power”—— in Christendom: frightens everyone.

James Baldwin claimed that the church is in “great danger” because: Christians know what to do, but refuse to act.

Who founded the nation of Islam in Detroit in 1930? Wallace Fard.

Malcom X’s father was: All are correct

Malcom x considered which of the following his act of submission to Allah? Not eating pork.

The Arabic word for pilgrimage is: hajj.

While on the hajj, Malcom X was struck by the theological truth of: God’s oneness.

Which of the following in NOT a characteristic of the nation of Islam up through the 60s: strong ties to elite political leaders.

According the Vincent Harding, “glory”- as in the glorification of blackness- means: to clarify, to make clear and plain and straight.

For Vincent Harding, black power in the late 60s and 70s meant: self-love and self-defense.

One spokesman for the black panther party who wrote “Soul On Ice” and fled to Africa was: Eldridge Cleaver.

The 10th point in the platform of the black panther party is like Walkers Appeal because: it refers to the declaration of independence.

What term says that inequality is best understood as shaped by many axes of social division: Intersectionality.

Thea Bowman stated that people coming together to pray and worship when they aren’t “one” is: sacrilege

Who coined the term “Womanist”? Alice Walker

According to Massingale a core element of white culture is: the presumption of dominance, of being the norm or standard

According to Katie Cannon, “theo-ethical” structures are: none are correct

As Kelly Brown Douglas explains, Kenosis in the Christian tradition refers to: self-emptying

What are some characteristics of the “canonical”/traditional way of doing theological ethics? White perspective

Thea Bowman was a religious sister who found the Catholic faith through: her early education.

Who founded the Federated Colored Catholics in 1924 to voice the concerns of black Catholics? Thomas Wyatt Turner.

Bryan Massingale thinks that catholic teaching on racism has: little social analysis.

According to Massingale a core element of white culture is: the presumption of dominance

For KBD, what Christian belief most points to the fact that matter(lives, bodies) matters? The incarnation.