Racism at school. Do you think racism is still among us at schools? It does, and actually, there are some schools that are writing programs against it. Children from other etnies or whose parents come from other countries are more likely to deal with comments and even they are more likely to face agressions at school. For this reason, we must teach children this statement: every act has its consequences. If you misbehave there can be a punishment and if you take part into the problem’s solution you may be prized. Let’s see how. 1P. One of the solutions proposed to solve this problem is that children are going to choose the punishment to certain behaviors, under the teacher’s supervision. Thanks to this they could know first-hand the consequences that misbehaving with classmates can have. 2P. Of course, it seems also very important to reinforce positive behaving’s, that’s why there will be a squad formed by students to fight against these situations. Other classmates may can also ask the squad for help and there will be weekly prizes for kids who fight against these situations, even if they belong to the squad. Conc: Therefore, to sum up, racism at school must be treated, as it is: a problem. For this reason, we proposed two solutions that may help solving it: students selecting the consequences for those who misbehave and creating a squad. Let’s hope this is just a step to a better future. Disruptive children at school If you want, you can be better with your students. We want to improve misbehaving disruptive students. This problem affects pupils that went to be the center of attention and it affects all people who are close to the one who has the problem. Therefore, a possible solution for this is integrating them talking with families and using positive reinforcements. 1P. Firstly, the family environment is one of the most important factors in academic performance. It is an important way to try to change the behavior of disruptive children with their family because they are the link between children and teachers. Therefore, teachers should talk with their parents to know their attitude because they may be references to their sons and daughters. Moreover, it is necessary to talk with families to analyze if the cause of this bad behavior is in the family environment and try to change it. 2P. Secondly, the positive reinforcement is a good behavior modification technique for the student’s personal development. It is necessary that they are motivated, so you should use positive reinforcements to correct them and not only scold them or show them only their errors. May be, you don’t know all the positive reinforcements but some of them are: visually star charts, activities in group work with motivation topics for them and using motivation positive phrases. All these reinforcements should be used like routines to improve their behavior. Conc: In conclusion, to change the situation with misbehaving and disruptive students, you have to try two steps: the first one is talking with their families and the second one is giving them positive reinforcements. If you do that and trust in those students, you can make the most of pupils of your class feel this way all their dreams could come true.

Bullying at school. Eight out of ten students in Spain have been victims of Bullying. Nowadays, bullying continues being one of the most important problem inside the Spanish schools and its solution is really difficult to find. The triggers of the problem related to the value crisis in our country, with family problems and probably with aggressiveness that children can see in social media. In order to solve this problem, we should involve the class group, working with the children’s assault an using peer group strategies. 1P. First of all, we should involve the class group to cooperate and solve the problem all together. Usually it is important to involve the whole group when this problem appears because they should be aware of the consequences that these problems can have on the victim. Sometimes some good activities that we could do are role playing, group cohesion activities, reinforcing, and emphasizing the value of friendship. 2P. On another note, when it comes to bullied victims, teacher’s work is possibly needed to know well those feelings that this bullied child is having during that awful period. Due to this, it is probably crucial to take into account all teacher’s social strategies such as developing pupils’ self-confidence, self-esteem, social communication, friendship and so on. Nevertheless, the teacher should be trained before dealing with victims help. This way, that teased child probably see this issue is going to successfully end up. Conc: As a conclusion bullying continuous to be a problem inside the schools so teachers have the most important role to solve the problem working with children. We are still in time to end up with bullying problems. Childhood obesity: Rim John once said, “take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live”. The tendency to decrease physical activity is due to the increase in sedentary life of people. It can lead to cardiovascular problems, diabetes and childhood obesity but combining a good nutrition and doing sport can make students feel more comfortable with themselves and lead a healthy life. 1P. One way to fight against obesity is having a healthy school breakfast. Nowadays, children usually eat biscuits, cakes or packed food for lunch. That is easier for their parents to prepare, but what they must know is that this type of meal may not be good for their kids. Therefore, what parents should do is to be conscious about their children health. Another way to solve this problem is eating fruits or sandwiches at lunchtime. 2P. The way of parents behave is essential for children. The figure that children have as a reference is their parents, so their example will be a reflection for their kids. They should educate them in values and good manners, but also in good nutrition. Thus, parents must avoid fast or prefabricated food and bring a balance diet at home where children could eat meat, fish, vegetables or cereals. If parents do not eat healthy food, they might not either. Conc: To sum up, unfortunately, childhood obesity is a current problem but it can be solved if you have healthy life habits. Moreover, children can have extra help from school and parents like school projects and healthy breakfast but also a balance diet at home. In fact, this problem will have a more favorable solution if parents and students work together. It can be a bit hard sometimes, but nothing is impossible!

Segregation of children with special needs:Nowadays students with special needs, especially in the Primary stage, are isolated because teachers, in many cases, don’t know how they can include and work with these students. In the meantime, a good way to palliate it is to improve the training of the teachers and to evaluate them according to their abilities. So this way, a simple hand can change the world. 1P. A great deal of teachers need opportunities for inclusive education during their training, and to feel supported (for instance by specialist colleagues) to continue trying new ideas throughout their employment. There needs to be an effective balance of theoretical and practical learning for teachers at pre-service and in-service stages. For example, there is an association called Mira’m in Gandia that helps families and teachers improve how they can work with autistic children. Eventually, they give speeches about new methodologies and each week they go to thé school, to control if these methods are efficient. 2P. In addition, all educational systems should evaluate the progress of the students in a global way, considering their capacities individually. This way, all students would be evaluated fairly. Moreover, they should have an evaluation model which can give a mark for this children’s effort and not just to those concepts they understand and acquire. Conc: All in all, we have reached the conclusion that teachers want to learn to do their job better every day. For many of them, it is a challenge to have a student with special needs in the classroom but it is a gift to be able to enrich ourselves. As future teachers, we have to broaden our minds and train ourselves to assist each student in the best way. Are you ready? Gifted children: When we think of gifted children, we may associate them with many advantages but, it is not as great as it seems. A large majority of them has the intelligence more developed than social skills, and this can end up as a failure. As future teachers, we should consider them as students who need special attention, so we must design strategies for helping them to develop with their learning process. 1P. Gifted children usually have bad behavior because they can get bored, that is, they are demotivated. As there are more students in the class, it is difficult for teachers to find the best way to catch the attention of all the class. Despite this, as a teacher, I consider that is important to know our pupils in order to select the best learning strategies like cooperative work or projects. 2P It is crucial for gifted children education the involvement of their parents, as far as they accept the need of their kids. One they recognize this, it is essential to arrange meeting frequently between teachers and parents. Otherwise, the effort made at school would not make sense if it does not continue at home. 3P Some schools have introduced a voluntary group for gifted children. In this group, they learn and investigate on topics they are interested in, as well as debates. These activities might be very interesting for them and may suppose a release of the overwhelm they feel in class. Conc: To sum up, we must take into consideration that gifted children, although they are smart, they are children with special needs that require a good relationship between school and parents, teachers must know their students and we should create comfortable environments that develop their skills based on their interests. Let’s empower these children!

Stress during exams If you feel stressed during exams fight to win. As students, we usually are under a lot of stress during exams. Here we give some solutions to prevent stressful situations. Beginning with doing some sports and then creating a daily routine based on healthy habits. 1P. When we think about exams, we can only imagine ourselves sitting on a desk looking at class notes but it’s important that we remember that, if we want to be able to make our best, we also need to take care of ourselves. A good starting point could be start doing some sports and create a daily routine. Sports are a great way to stop thinking about everything for a little bit and focus you mind on what you will be doing after you practice it. I’s also recommendable to get yourself into a good daily routine, like waking up at the same time every day or eating regularly. 2P. A daily routine that benefits you when you are stressed is based on good healthy habits such as eating, drink a lot of water and have enough sleep. Eating well involves including a variety of vegetables and fruits/also making the three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is advisable to eat some snacks between meals, some healthy good ones can be nuts, chocolate and natural tea. In addition, drinking water helps you be hydrated, and it is necessary to, at least, drink one liter and a half of water every day. Furthermore, the hours you sleep will determine your energy of the day so it’s ideal to, at least, sleep eight hours to have enough power to study and be confident with your exams. Besides everything health related, it’s important to get use to organizing ahead your tasks. Conc: Stress during exams could be a painful problem for many students. Sports might be a great way to escape from stress and creating a healthy daily routine could be more likely to help improve your results. Let’s go for it! Pupils’ Lack of motivation Were you motivated by teachers back when you were at school? Nowadays, demotivation is a real problem, which may affect some pupils at school. As we know, the lack of motivation is sometimes produced by passive dynamics or old methodologies that don’t let a few students to be interested in the contents that they are supposed to learn. solve the problem, there are many activities that can be done with students. Let’s see some of them… 1P. Being in contact with the nature should help students to fight against the lack of motivation. Outdoor activities should be Helpful for students in order to achieve this objective. As an example, taking the students to the park nearby to do some tasks such as collecting leaves, sticks, flowers or similar things depending on the season of the year. 2P. On another note, in order to improve pupils’ lack of motivation we can also use a variety of manipulative material for learning. This activity will help students understand better the abstract concepts. Moreover, if the students acquire the contents based on practicing they will probably increase their motivation. Developing the manipulative abilities is one of the benefits that offers this kind of exercise and it enhances to develop fine motor skills. Conc: The current demotivation of some students can be solved by increasing the time spent in the nature or using manipulative materials. These solutions are a good way to avoid some demotivational behaviors such as low marks, distraction during classes and some other similar issues. Shall we use them?

Technology addiction in children: Have you ever been hooked by technology? Nowadays, most of the kids are addicted to technology. This is due to different causes, but we are not able to recognize it until consequences are shown. To try to solve this problem, it’s essential to find several solutions, because it affects children and also their environment, like parents. In order to deal with this worrying issue, some solutions are: contacting a professional, set up parental control and encouraging hobbies. 1P. First of all, technology has negative effects on children’s health. One of the solutions could be to ask for help to a professional. Due to the consequences produced by the technological addiction, it would be necessary to contact a professional to help parents and children reduce them. It would be convenient to have some external advice to know how to face this problem. 2P. Secondly, kids don’t do activities further than using technology. Hobbies could help children to be distracted and busy. A good example of this could be doing sports like football, swimming or gymnastics. Besides, they could go out to the mountain or other places where there is not access to technology. Conc: To sum up, it is released to say that most of the addictions have some negative consequences. In order to fight against technology addiction in children, the proposed solutions could be effective ways to reach a technological detoxification. All in all, parents and children should help children extinct the addiction to technology.