Extreme Vacation Activities: Thrill, Adventure, and Excitement


1-to go on vacation()to go on holiday()ir de vacaciones



4.to dive()to jump into water()bucear profundo

5.skydiving()Jumping from a plane()paracaidismo

6.scuba diving()deep-sea swimming()buceo

7.to look for()to seek/sought/sought()

8.to come with the territory()be a normal and accepted…

9.cave()Large hole in the ground()cueva

10.injury()harm or damage()dolor

11.location()a place or position()ubicación

12.narrow()not wide()estrecho

13.to reach()get to()llegar

14.diver()someone who dives()buceador

15.get stuck()be unable to move()atrapado

16.run out of()to have no more of()quedarse sin

17.to collapse()to fall down()derrumbarse

18.to trap()to catch()atrapar

19.crucial()extremely important()crucial

20.in the event of()in case of()en caso de

21.to delay()to cause to be late()retrasar

22.ascent()a movement upward()ascender

23.depth()quality of being deep()profundidad


25.unpredictable()impossible to foretell()impredecible

26.current()a movement of water…()corriente

27.sweep away()to destroy()arrastrar


29.warn()to tell sb about possible danger()avisar

30.to turn back()to return()volver

31.to come to mind()to think of something()ocurrirse

32.nothing beats()it is impossible to find something better

33.hole()an opening into()agujero

34.sheer()absolute, pure()puro


36.not a single()not one()ni una sola

37.to touch()to feel with your fingers()ni una sol

38.to be likely to()will probably()probable

39.pose a problem()be a problem()disfrazar un poblema

40.freeze/froze/frozen()Change from liquid to solid

41.to take place()to happen()ocurrir

42.cage()box for animals()jaula


44.unlikely()not probable()improbable

45.to grab()to take hold of sth()coger

46.tail()animal: end part()cola

47.fin()a thin flat part that sticks out from the body ()aleta

48.common sense()good judgement()sentido comun


50.to agree()to have the same opinion()de acuerdo

51.to be hooked()to be addicted()torcido

52.rush()sudden intense emotion()correr

53.draw/drew/drawn()to attract()atraer

54.to fill()to make or become full()llenar

55.beneath()under()de bajo

56.stunning()extremely impressive()imponente

57.to resemble()to look like()parecerse

58.disappointing()not as good as you had hoped()decepcionante


60.how about()used for suggestions()que tal?

61.flood()an overflowing of water…()inundacion

62.aftermath()the period that follows an unpleasnt event

63.firsthand()received directly from a source()vivir algo

64.widespread()happening in many places()expandido


66.loss()amount lost()perdida

67.to struggle()to fight()para luchar

68.cater to()to satisfy the needs of()

69.to come face-to-face with()be confronted by()cara a cara

70.steer clear of()to avoid sb or sth()evitar

71.to witness()observe()ser testigo de

72.in need()not having enough money or food()necesitado

73.assistance()help or support()ayudar

74.drop()reduce, fall()cae


76.spill()cause liquid to fall out()derramar

77.(a)piece of advice()recommendation

78.to patronize()to support()frecuentar

79.good value()worth what you payforit()preocuparse dinero

80.out of service()not working()fuera de servicio

81.to lower()to reduce()reducir

82.to entice()to attract()persuadir

83.crowd()a large number of people()multitud de gente


85.bargain()item sold at discount()regatear

86.give a try()to make an attempt to do()dar una oportunidad

87.make sure()to ensure()confirmar

88.ahead of()in front of()delante

89.upset()emotionally disturbed()molesto

90.a pile()things that are put one on top of another()monton

91.a brick()a block for construction()ladrillo




95.to amuse()to entertain()entretener

96.sensitive()easily hurt()sensible

97.in trouble()in a difficult situation()en problemas

98.to strike/struck/struck()to hit()huelga

99.to go down()to decrease()bajada

100.annoyed()bothered or irritated()molesto

101.to raise (money)()to collect()recolectar dinero