Exploring Themes of Guilt and Redemption: A Deep Dive into “The Hundred Dresses”

Q3. Why does Wanda’s house remind Maddie of Wanda’s blue dress?

Answer: When Maddie and Peggy reached Wanda’s little house at “Boggins Heights”, they found that her house looked shabby but clean. This reminded Maddie of Wanda’s faded blue cotton dress, which was also shabby but clean.

Q4. What does Maddie think hard about? What important decision does she come to?

Answer: Maddie was upset that she couldn’t meet Wanda because Wanda had already left. She thought about Wanda, her faded blue dress, and the glowing pictures of a hundred dresses. She decided that she would never again stand by and say nothing when someone was being treated wrongly.

Q2. Maddie thought her silence was as bad as Peggy’s teasing. Was she right?

Answer: Yes, Maddie realized that her silence was as bad as Peggy’s teasing. When Peggy teased Wanda, Maddie’s silence made Peggy feel like it was okay to continue. Maddie knew she should stand up for what’s right, but her fear of being bullied herself kept her silent.

Q3. Peggy says, “I never thought she had the sense to know we were making fun of her anyway. I thought she was too dumb. And gee, look how she can draw!” What led Peggy to believe that Wanda was dumb? Did she change her opinion later?

Answer: Peggy initially thought Wanda was “dumb” because Wanda claimed to have a hundred dresses, which seemed impossible for a poor girl. However, Peggy changed her mind after discovering that the dresses were actually beautiful drawings, proving Wanda was a talented artist.

Q5. Why do you think Wanda gave Maddie and Peggy the drawings of the dresses? Why are they surprised?

Answer: Wanda’s gift of the dress drawings, especially after being teased, shows her kind and forgiving nature. Maddie and Peggy are surprised because they didn’t expect such generosity from someone they had wronged.

Q6. Do you think Wanda really thought the girls were teasing her? Why or Why not?

Answer: Yes, Wanda likely knew the girls were teasing her. The constant questions and remarks about her poverty and appearance would have made it clear that they were making fun of her, causing her sadness.

1. What did the girls write to Wanda?

Ans: The girls wrote a friendly letter to Wanda, congratulating her on winning the contest and praising her drawings. They asked about her new home and teacher and wanted to express their regret, but ended up simply writing a friendly letter signed with many X’s for love.

2. Did they get a reply? Who was more anxious for a reply, Peggy or Maddie? How do you know?

Ans: No, they didn’t receive a reply. Maddie was more anxious because she constantly thought about Wanda, imagining herself defending Wanda from bullies. Peggy, however, had started to forget about the situation.

3. How did the girls know that Wanda liked them even though they had teased her?

Ans: The girls realized Wanda liked them because she gifted them drawings of dresses that resembled themselves. Maddie’s drawing had a face like hers, and Peggy’s drawing had a face like Peggy’s, showing Wanda’s thoughtful and forgiving nature.

4. What important decision did Maddie make? Why did she have to think hard to do so?

Ans: Maddie decided to always speak up against injustice. She felt guilty for not defending Wanda and realized that staying silent was as bad as participating in the bullying. This realization was difficult because it meant potentially losing Peggy’s friendship, but Maddie knew it was the right thing to do.