Ethics item 7, Part 1

1. Marginalization and discriminazione

Marginalize means leaving the sidelines, away from society to certain people to avoid treatment or your company.
When the separation of the group or society is voluntary does not speak of marginalization
The action of marginazion is left out of society certain people against their will.

Discriminating means giving inferior treatment to certain people in society based on religious, ethnic politics, sexual Economy.
Any discrimination can be reduced to economic factors
The discriminazione is the delay, within a society of a person or group of people for various reasons: religious, political, racial, economic, birth, sex.

2. Immigration

Many people move from their country to another for various reasons. All can be regarded as immigrants. But do not feel any rexazados not suffer discriminatory treatment, this is because economic prospects.
Immigrants raise the rexazo are destitute having no resources are considered a threat by some in the emerging xenophobia. Undocumented immigrants, illegal underemployed.
Migration is the movement of people or peoples of one country to another or from one religion to another (within the same country) by underlying economic, political or social
Migrants are people displaced from the point of view of the country of origin. Immigrants are persons displaced from the point of view of the country of arrival.

The rejection causes inmmigrantey
The integration of immigrants is not easy, reach a strange paus without economic means and lack of language and customs. they are associated with marginal activities.
– Begging, poverty and difficulty in finding employment are evils qe impact on immigrants begging to be the only way to survive
– Prostitution, poverty and marginazion immigrants can lead to prostitution
– Crime is the solution to solve their economic problems.

3. Poverty

POVERTY qe human condition characterized by sustained or chronic deprivation of resources capacity, views, security and power necessary to enjoy an adequate standard of living and other civil, cultural, economic, political and social.
It occurs in developed countries and in countries desarrolo or underdeveloped.

Causes of Poverty
– Utilitarian conception of the person. A factor of poverty is injustice member. This led to the exploitation of the weakest and the least useful of marginazion.
– Loss of natural resources ls
– Fatalism poor person tends to accept the fact of their poverty as inevitable.
– Lack of knowledge

4 Discrimination by age
Children and the Elderly

Discriminaxion childhood
– Absence of civil registration
– Child Exploitation
– Child Marriage
– Trafficking of children
– Violence
– Conflicts
– Lack of schooling
Discrimination of the Elderly
It consecuendia the passage of a rural and traditional society in which convivia three generations, to an urban, predominantly in the qe nucleal family, consisting of parents and children
The discrimination of the elderly is the main cause psindustrial society development.
In the nuclear type family there is little place for the elderly.
Advances in medicine have increased life expectancy of elderly modifying conceto, income drop, lowers the importance and consideration of their views and decisions, they weaken their physical and psiqicas, are prone to disease.
The elderly is another milestone in the development of human sere has its positive aspects, but older people are able to deigualar Conociminento younger. the old Peudada qe do what is proposed and have more free time.

5 discriminazione disability
The discrimminacion against any person with disability by reason of a violation of constituyr and dignodad values inherent in the human.
Impairment and disability are not synonyms concetos. When we speak of people with a disability, we refer to the act for which a person has limited physical abilities sis, mental, intellectual or sensory long-term.
When referring to people with disabilities include those who have ddeficiencia constable, who interacts with diver impedor barriers to full participation in society on an equal basis with others
The concept of disability includes hese two elemntos: single decrease in power of the individual and any other mode of social organization of society.
Po discrimination based on disability means any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of disability which has the purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition enjoyment or exercise on an equal footing, of all human rights and freedoms Derex fndamentales in the fields civl cultural economic and social policies or otherwise. It includes all forms of discrimination including denial of reasonable accommodation.
The socuedad must act in three areas
In education, the education must begin the integration of persons with disabilities with appropriate teaching
In the workplace
Dard integration should be in the workplace
In the social field in terms of access to consumer goods they must facilitate the movement and mobility by eliminating the transport difficulties and obstacles arquitectonicas.l most important is awareness in the society. Qque Contrary to popular belief, Greek xenophobia xenos (foreigner) and Phobos (Mede) does not mean fear, but hatred of foreigners abroad. As the etymology of the word itself indicates cobarsde xenophobia is an attitude.

6 Dicrminacion by ethnicity
Means the discriminazione racism or persecution of people considered inferior by reason of ethnicity
People racist act against the ethical principle of equality of all human beings in dignity and rights
Racism can emergence inthe heart of any society as prvencion against an ethnic minority to be wary of. Such desconfianxa feeds posivle of fear of losing one’s own signals of distinct cultural, religious, historical or political
Ethnic discrimination is a negative and antisocial
Combating these Brottes cluster is the task of society, which promotes social inclusion and equality of human beings tosdos.

Ethical reflection 7

On the marginalization
Society should not reject any of its members should all Dwellings ofrever development and education opportunities and resources for living with dignity.
However, can not be considered when the state hatya marginalization, condemned to a penalty or security measure contained in the penal code.
– The temporary removal of society through imprisonment or banishment
– It makes you lose purchasing power with some fine
– Prohibits it from exercising any trade, profession or

Sobrre the discriminaxion
Discrimination in his justification for the difference.
The differences can not justify discrimination
No people or superior to other cultures, people and cultures are different
There is a difference equal to homogeneity: the right to equality must be respetadodesde the difference, the homogenization is characteristic of totalitarian societies.