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1.How do you program an input validation on a selection screen that allows users to correct their input? //Implement a check at the event AT SELECTION-
SCREEN. In case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed.
2.Which of the following program types can contain screens? // Executable programs, Function groups, Module pools.
3.Which of the following statements dynamically changes the data type of field z1?// Assign z1 to casting.
4.Which statement is used to generically define the data reference variable z1? // data z1 type ref to data.
5.You want to loop over an internal table without copying each table row to a work area. How can you achieve this using a field symbol? // LOOP AT
6.Which screen in the ABAP Dictionary allows you to log data changes to the table? // Technical Settings.
7.In which sequence are the following ABAP Events triggered? // 1. INITIALIZATION, 2. AT SELECTION-SCREEN, 3. START-OF-SELECTION.
8.If you are using external debugging (debugging of HTTP and RFC requests, which arrive in your ABAP system), what will the Debugger do? // May or may not
stop, depending on external factors.
9.What is the default length of the type C data type? // 1.
10.In an ABAP program you have the following code sequence:
ASSIGN var TO CASTING Which type is used to cast the assigned memory area? // The type of var.
11.What is the maximum number of watchpoints that can exist at one time? // 10.
12.What does Software Layer Aware Debugging allow you to do? // Specify as much or as little code to debug, Debug only a small portion of code, Debug a large
portion of code.
13.What are some of the advantages of using OPEN SQL // All standard SQL commands can be used , Syntax is checked at design time.

14.You run an executable program which contains the following code:

DATA: gv_var1 TYPE n LENGTH 3,

Gv_var2 TYPE n LENGTH 3 VALUE ‘456’.


CLEAR gv_var2

Gv_var2 = gv_var1.

Gv_var1 = ‘123’. At what point does the system reserve memory for the data object gv_var1? // As soon as the program is loaded into thie internal session.
15.How can you add a session breakpoint to your program? // Set a breakpoint in the ABAP editor Set a breakpoint in the ABAP editor and select Save.
16.What are the advantages of modularization? // Reusability , Transparency, Maintainability.
17.When you add programming logic to your ABAP program that checks authorizations,which of the following do you have to create? // An authorization object ,
An authorization role.
18.What are the advantages of defining texts symbols in executable programs? // They facilitate multilingual functionality , They are easier to maintain than
19.dbtab is a transparent table. What is declared by the following statement? DATA myvar TYPE dbtab. // A structure variable.
20.Which parameter types can be used in the signature of a functional method? // RETURNING , IMPORTING.
21.When included in a structure, which elementary field types allow the structure to be considered a character-type data object? // N , D , C , T.
22.When should you use a hashed internal table? // When accessing always by primary key , When accessing mainly single records

23.In which circumstances is a table considered to be a text table? // This table has an additional language key field , This table has a foreign key to the
data table as a text table , The entire key of this data table is included as the key to this table.
24.You call a lock module Which exceptions could the lock module raise when a logical lock CANNOT be set? // FOREIGN_LOCK , SYSTEM_FAILURE.
25.What options do you have when setting a watchpoint? // Stop at any change of a specific variable , Stop at predefined conditions for a specific variable.
26.Which of the following ABAP dictionary types can you use to define domains? // CHAR , NUMC , DEC.
27.Which data types are incomplete ABAP standard data types? // P , N , C.
28.In which modularization units can you use parameters? // Methods , Subroutines , Function modules.
29.Which of the following customer modifications options are available in the table maintenance generator? // Maintenance screens , Events.
30.Which type of view uses an inner join in a search help? // Database view.
31.What type of ABAP Dictionary view is implemented as an INNER JOIN? // Database view.
32.In addition to the primary key of an internal table, how many secondary indexes can you define for an internal table? // 15.
33.When is a foreign key check performed on an input/output field? // If the field refers to the dictionary field for which a check table is defined.
34.Which boundary conditions lead to improved access time to an internal table? // Left justified part of key for sorted tables , Fully qualified key for
sorted tables, Index access for standard tables.
35.What can be defined using an implicit enhancement option? // Additional attributes in global SAP classes , Replacements for global SAP methods , Additional parameters in SAP function modules.
36.Which of the following features do you have to consider when you use shared objects? // Memory bottlenecks Concurrent read accesses are supported , Data is saved as attributes of objects.

37.Which of the following interface technologies are available in SAP systems? // HTTP , OLE , RFC.
38.What features are provided by the database interface? // Conversion of Open SQL statements from ABAP statements into the corresponding database
statements , Database independence of application programs , Access to SAP table buffers.

39.You have 2 objects: O1 of type class C1 and O2 of type class C2.
Class C2 is a subclass of class C1. Which of the following statements implements an up cast? // O1 = O2.
40.ABAP is a programming language that… // Interacts with the user , Controls the business logic , Separates program code from language text , Processes and formats data.
41.What ABAP statements can you use to create an instance of the class CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER in an ABAP program? // DATA: go_container TYPE REF TO
CREATE OBJECT go_container…Delete the entire contents of a table.

42.Which type of view cannot be used in a search help? // Maintenance view.
43.What is the difference between the INITIALIZATION and AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT events? // • INITIALIZATION is only processed once • AT SELECT-SCREEN OUTPUT can be processed multiple times.
44.You want to add a field ZZPRICE to the SAP standard transparent table EKKO.Which of the following actions result in an enhancement of the SAP standard? //
Create an append structure and add ZZPRICE to it , Add ZZPRICE to the customizing include for the table.
45.When is an ENDSELECT not required for a SELECT? // When you do a SELECT SINGLE , When you specify appending a table , When you specify into a table.
46.To which of the following you must assign newly created SAP repository objects? // Package.
47.You want to add a field type CURR to a transparent table. What else must you do? // Create a reference to a field of type CUKY.
48.Which of the following transactions can you use to define transparent tables? // SE11.

49.What is mandatory for automatic data transport between a variable and an input field on a classical screen (dynpro)? // The name of the variable and the
name of the input field must be identical.
50.Identify the types of controller. // View controller , Window controller , Configuration controller , Component controller , Custom controller.
51.What does the enhancement category for a database table or structure do? // Can produce warnings at incompatible points for the structure , Can identify
where program behavior may change , Specifies the types of changes that can be made to the structure.
52.Which of the following are key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver? // People Integration , Information Integration , Application Platform.
53.Which class is used to define a reference for an instance of the ALV Object Model? // Class CL_SALV_TABLE.
54.Which objects can share data through context mapping? // Component controllers and view controllers.
55.Which of the following characters is the first of a menu exit function code? // +.
56.When starting the Debugger, what circumstance causes the runtime error DEBUGGING_NOT_POSSIBLE? // Starting a non-exclusive mode in a productive system.
57.Is it possible to have multiple active implementations of business add-ins at a time? // It can have multiple implementations if the Filter-Depend checkbox
is selected , It can have multiple active implementations if the Multiple use checkbox is selected.
58.Which actions release a lock object (with a default value for _SCOPE)? // COMMIT WORK , ROLLBACK WORK , DEQUEUE_ , An “/n” in the command field , The
display of a dialog message type A.
59.What scheduling technique is used by the ABAP debugger dispatcher for processing user requests? // Round Robin.
60.You are using the new debugger and you want to change the content of an internal table.
Which actions are allowed? // Change row content and press Enter () , Delete the selected rows , Delete the entire contents of a table.

61.Which of the following can you do with the ABAP debugger? // Analyze internal tables , Analyze memory usage , Compare data objects.
62.In the technical settings for a transparent table, buffering is switched on and single record buffering is selected.Which statement uses the buffered data
assuming that the WHERE clause contains restrictions for all key fields? // SELECT SINGLE …
63.What must you do to define a database view using the ABAP Dictionary? // Choose the database tables from where the view acquires data , Define the join
conditions between the tables. , Choose the fields from the tables that should be part of the view.
64.Which of the following statements regarding search helps are true? // You can use a database view for the search help selection method , You can use
transparent tables for the search help selection method , Help views can also be used for the selection method for search help.
65.Global data types defined in SAP systems are… // ABAP Dictionary types.
66.You define a formal parameter to a subroutine that accepts only internal table of type standard and type sorted as actual parameters. Which of the
following generic ABAP data types must you use? // Index table.
67.You write a program that updates a data record in the data base using the following statement:

UPDATE scar FROM Is_scarr.

Which of the following tasks does the Database Interface perform? // It applies a logical lock to the updated data record , It translates the statement to
native SQL.
68.Each ABAP program starts with an introductory statement. Which statements are correct? // The introductory statement can be modified , The introductory
statement must be the first statement in the program.
69.Which desktops are part of the new ABAP debugger? // Desktop 1 , Break./Watchpoints , Objects.

70.Which of the following items are used in a Web Dynpro Application to transport database data to the user interface? // Context node , Supply function.
71.Which controller types can exist within a Web Dynpro component? // View controller , Component controller , Window controller.
72.Which database objects can you create in the ABAP Dictionary? // Projection views , Logical databases.
73.You r program performs a data base update by calling function modules in an update task.

Which ABAP statements can be used in the program to discard all update requests for the current SAP logical unit of work(LUW)? //MESSAGE TYPE A , ROLLBACK
74.Yur task is to enhance the screen of an SAP standard application.
How do you determine if there is a customer?// You search in the flow logic of the screen for CAL CUSTOMER-SUBSCREEN statement.
75. Under which circumstances will the classic Debugger start as the Debugger? // When you specify the default as the classic Debugger in the settings of the
Object Navigator , When five modes already exist for this logon session.
76.You want to translate dynamic text in a web dynpro. From which abstract class should you inherit? // CL_WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE.
77.Which comparison operators can you use in a logical expression related to the WHERE clause of the SELECT statement? // LIKE (fits pattern) , EQ (equals) ,
GT (greater than).
78.You can use the logical expression IS SUPPLIED for any formal parameter passed to which modularization unit? // Instance method , Function module , Static
79.Which of the following is a true statement? // A sorted table can have a unique or a non-unique key , A hashed table should always have a unique table key.
80.Where do you create online documentation ((F1) help) for fields on the screen? // Data element.