English Vocabulary: Everyday Words and Phrases

Everyday English Vocabulary

Phrasal Verbs with “Turn”

  • Turn on/Switch on the TV: Encender el televisor
  • Turn off/Switch off the TV: Apagar el televisor
  • Turn up the TV: Subir volumen al televisor
  • Turn down the TV: Bajar volumen al televisor
  • Be on: The series is on now – La serie está en marcha ahora
  • Turn over to another channel: Cambiar a otro canal

Phrasal Verbs with “Give”

  • Give away some money: Donar un poco de dinero
  • Give back: Devolver

Phrasal Verbs with “Take”

  • Take out some money: Sacar algo de dinero
  • Take apart a bookcase: Desmontar una estantería de libros
  • Take out: Sacar
  • Take off your shoes: Quitarse los zapatos
  • Take up a sport: Practicar un deporte
  • Take after/look like: Parecer como
  • Take over: Tomar el control
  • Take apart: Desmontar

Phrasal Verbs with “Look”

  • Look for a sweater: Buscar un jersey
  • Look forward to my holiday: Desear mis vacaciones
  • Look around: Mirar a tu alrededor
  • Look up: Buscar en un diccionario, página web…

Other Phrasal Verbs

  • Try on a sweater: Probarse un jersey
  • Put together a bookcase: Montar una estantería de libros
  • Grow up: Crecer
  • Set up: Instalar
  • Close down: Cerrar permanentemente
  • Settle down: Tranquilizar
  • Throw away: Tirar
  • Pick up: Recoger
  • Fill in: Rellenar
  • Pay back: Devolver dinero
  • Put away: Guardar en su sitio
  • Fit in: Encajar
  • Give up: Rendirse
  • Live off: Vivir de
  • Live on: Mantenerse
  • Pay off: Saldar

Nature Vocabulary

  • Branch: Rama
  • Bush: Arbusto
  • Cliff: Acantilado
  • Fence: Valla
  • Field: Campo
  • Gate: Verja
  • Grass: Hierba
  • Hedge: Seto
  • Hill: Colina
  • Lake: Lago
  • Leaf: Hoja
  • Mud: Lodo
  • Path: Sendero
  • Rocks: Rocas
  • Sticks: Palos
  • Stones: Piedras
  • Valley: Valle
  • Well: Pozo
  • Wood: Madera

On a Farm

  • Barn: Granero
  • Cockerel: Gallo
  • Cow: Vaca
  • Donkey: Burro
  • Farmhouse: Casa de campo
  • Hens: Gallina
  • Lambs: Corderos
  • Sheep: Oveja
  • Tractor: Tractor
  • Chicks: Pollitos
  • Grow: Cultivar
  • Harvested: Cosechado
  • Pick: Recoger
  • Planted: Plantado

Things on the Table

  • Bowl: Cuenco
  • Candle: Vela
  • Corkscrew: Sacacorchos (a device for pulling corks from bottles)
  • Cup: Taza (a small bowl-shaped container for drinking from, typically having a handle)
  • Fork: Tenedor
  • Glass: Vaso
  • Jug: Jarra
  • Knife: Cuchillo
  • Mug: Taza (a large cup, typically cylindrical with a handle and used without a saucer)
  • Napkin: Servilleta
  • Oil and vinegar: Aceite y vinagre
  • Plate: Plato
  • Salt and pepper: Sal y pimienta
  • Saucer: Platillo (a shallow dish, typically having a circular indentation in the center, on which a cup is placed)
  • Serving dish: Plato de servir
  • Spoon: Cuchara
  • Tablecloth: Manteles
  • Teapot: Tetera
  • Teaspoon: Cucharilla
  • Tray: Bandeja
  • Wine glass: Copa de vino
  • Cutlery: Cubiertos

Restaurant Vocabulary


  • Lay the table/Clear the table (opposite): Poner la mesa / Limpiar la mesa
  • Take an order: Tomar nota
  • Recommend a dish: Recomendar un plato
  • Carry a tray: Llevar una bandeja
  • Serve customers: Servir a los clientes
  • Pour the wine: Servir el vino


  • Book a table: Reservar una mesa
  • Order food: Ordenar comida
  • Try the wine: Catar el vino
  • Send something back: Enviar algo de vuelta (si le pasa algo a la comida)
  • Ask for the bill: Pedir la cuenta
  • Leave a tip: Dejar una propina

Tools and Things for Repairs

  • Brick: Ladrillo
  • Bucket: Cubo
  • Drill: Taladro
  • Hammer: Martillo
  • Ladder: Escalera
  • Nail: Clavo
  • Padlock: Candado
  • Paintbrush: Brocha/Pincel
  • Piece of wood: Pieza de madera
  • Rope: Cuerda (a length of strong cord made by twisting together strands of natural fibers such as hemp or artificial fibers such as polypropylene)
  • Screwdriver: Destornillador
  • Screw: Tornillo
  • Spanner: Llave inglesa
  • Tap: Grifo
  • Tile: Azulejo
  • Wire: Cable

Do It Yourself

  • Rinse: Enjuagar
  • Rub: Frotar
  • Absorb: Absorber
  • Apply: Aplicar
  • Seal: Sellar
  • Place: Lugar
  • Crumple: Arruga
  • Restore: Restaurar
  • Keep away: Mantenerse alejado
  • Stuff: Cosas

Using a Cash Machine

  • Insert = put in / Insertar = poner
  • Enter = key in / Entrar = teclear
  • Select = choose / Seleccionar = elegir
  • Withdraw = take money out of a bank account / Retirar = sacar dinero de una cuenta bancaria
  • Remove = take out / Quitar = sacar

Useful Things Around the House

  • Box of matches: Caja de fósforos
  • Drawing pin: Chincheta
  • Fuse: Fusible
  • Glue: Pegamento
  • Handle: Mango/Asa
  • Light bulb: Bombilla
  • Needle and thread: Aguja e hilo
  • Penknife: Navaja
  • Sellotape: Cinta adhesiva
  • String: Cuerda (material consisting of threads of cotton, hemp, or other material twisted together to form a thin length)
  • Tape measure: Cinta métrica (a length of tape or thin flexible metal, marked at intervals for measuring)
  • Torch: Linterna

Verb Phrases

  • Change (cambiar) a light bulb or a wheel
  • Drill (taladrar) a hole in a wall or in a piece of wood
  • Mend (arreglar) something that’s broken
  • Put together (juntar) flat-pack furniture
  • Put up (colocar) shelves or curtains
  • Set up (instalar) a new wi-fi network or a home cinema system
  • Sew (coser) a button on a shirt
  • Stick (pegar) something together with glue or sellotape
  • Tie (atar) two things together