*Nowadays, TV series are very important for most people, because when you start watching a series you get hooked and you can’t stop, because it’s one episode after another. *On the one hand , TV series can be a source of entertainment and learning, it develops positive values and brings families together to watch together. *On the other hand, it can lead to an abuse of television, it can affect our studies, and it can also lead to physical problems. *On balance, TV series have both positive and negative aspects, but in my opinion they are a very good form of entertainment when we have free time, and they are accessible to everyone, as they can be found everywhere on the Internet. (122 WORDS)


*I really like watching movies, and especially love movies. In my opinion they are very cool and very interesting love stories. First of all, I don’t like movies that start with a very beautiful love and in the end everything goes wrong, because I am very sensitive and they make me cry. Despite all this, my favourite movies are the ones that mix love with science fiction. *My favourite movie is 3 metres above the sky, because it all starts when the boy gets out of a trial for mistreating his mother and then at school he meets the girl, who was a friend of his friend’s girlfriend. He does a lot of crazy things to be with her and in the end they end up being together and having a relationship. *In conclusion, it is a very attractive film which many people like. (144 WORDS)


*Luke had never enjoyed fantasy stories in his life. One day when I was at home with my friend Lucke, we started to watch a fantasy movie, we got so into the role watching the movie that we started to recreate them in my living room. *We started taking sheets and cushions, and we started doing what they were doing in the movie, so that he could enjoy the fantasy story which he had never done before. *Halfway through the film, the lights went out, and we were in total darkness, and that was when we enjoyed it the most, because it seemed like we were inside a tunnel which also appeared earlier in the film. *Finally, the lights came back on and my friend Lucke told me that it was the best way to enjoy a fantasy story. (139 WORDS)


*I remember the first time I went to a music festival, for me it was something super special and super entertaining because I went with my friends. When we got there everything seemed huge, because it was the first time we went and we didn’t know what it was all about. *When the festival started we were amazed because the music started to play very loud and it was very catchy and we started to dance like crazy. *The festival lasted 3 days, so we had to rent a caravan to stay and sleep there. At the festival there were singers of all kinds of music, and although we liked some of them more than others, they all caught our attention. *Finally, when the 3 days were over, we left there meeting a lot of new people and with some anecdotes that we will never forget. (146 WORDS)

5) What is your favourite TV series? Describe the plot and say why you like it.

*My favourite series is called Velvet. This series is about a love story between a humble seamstress and a young man destined to inherit the majestic fashion empire ruled by his father. Both are determined to live their love and break the rules of the time, but it won’t be easy for them. *I like it and it attracts my attention because it is a series in which we can observe love from childhood and everything that is done to get that much desired love. *We can also observe in it how the old factories were creating fashionable clothes in those years and how were the life of the workers of the Velvet galleries. *In conclusion, we can say that it is a series which I think that anyone can like, and in a way it also teaches us how people used to make a living, in general, it teaches us the values of life. (155 WORDS)


*We live in a modern, digitalized world in which most people, especially the youngest ones, are constantly looking at their mobiles, tablets or computers. In my opinion, people spend too much time on their screens. *In the first place, most people check their Smart pones as son as They get out of bed. Futhermore,They are constantly vhecking their social networks such as Instagram and uploading potos about what They are doing. *In the second place, it must be said that most people are hooked on streaming plataforms. One of the most famous is Netflix, an which you can see all types of shows such as series or films. Thus, people spend not only their leisure time watching it but also their time at work when their bosses do not see them. *In conclusión, in spite of the fact that all the technological devices are very useful, They can also become addictive. That is the reason why many people spend much time on their screens. (164 WORDS)