Don juan

ACT ONE: debauchery and scandal
Start Doing in Seville in the year 1545, the first four acts pass everyone on the same night is carnival night and Don Juan to mask writes to a table in the inn Buttarelli, who talks to Ciutti, which acts as a servant Don Juan. They speak of their man he presented as a Spanish knight, frank, rich, noble and brave, which however ignore the name says. Don John addresses Ciutti and hands him a letter telling you should be given to Dona Ines in the Schedule in which states and must wait for its owner, who knows of his intentions, an hour, a key and a password.
Buttarelli speaks with Don Juan and asks for Don Luis Mejía. Buttarelli says that Sevilla are not in a long time. Don Juan asked news of him and then Buttarelli recalled that that day is the deadline of a year that bet Luis Mejia and Juan Tenorio that “who would in a year with more wealth, more damage.” Don Juan asks if you think Don Luis come to appointments and hopefully answer Buttarelli pay well for betting, but does not believe that neither can remember the bet and as the term ends. Don Juan tells him anyway prepare two of his best bottles in case they appear.
Buttarelli Mejia Tenorio believes that already in Seville when the man seems to know well, suddenly appeared at the door and sees the stranger among quarreling great bustle in the square. He thinks that when both the city and it goes all revolt and sends Michael to prepare the table for the meeting of the two men.
Appears Don Gonzalo de Ulloa (Commander of Calatrava) and asks if Don Juan Buttarelli has an appointment today. The host asks if he is Don Luis and says no, but you are interested attend the meeting. Buttarelli offers cook another table nearby and Don Gonzalo says he’d like to see them but secretly. Buttarelli says there is no adjoining room, but due to its carnival behind a mask can hide any lord. So Gonzalo instructed to bring the mask.
As he recites his reasons expected to attend the meeting, it seems to want to save the honor of his daughter, he says prefer to see dead before that wife of Don Juan. Buttarelli brings the mask and tells you when the game is already very close, is at eight and who fails to appear at the first stroke lost. The host will be removed wondering who this gentleman and the man complains of being in that role, although it says it is all for the sake of his daughter.
Appears in Don Diego Tenorio door asking if this is the hostel of Laurel, if the landlord and if there is an appointment that night Don Juan Tenorio. Pass and sits on the opposite side of Don Gonzalo, giving money to Buttarelli to not ask questions. Don Diego is regretted that a man of his race should come down “so mean to mansion,” but thinks there is no humiliation that a parent not be lowered for his son. From the bottom Buttarelli looks surprised the two men.
Captain Centellas arrive, Avellaneda and two gentlemen to witness the bet. Buttarelli and greet old acquaintances and he brings them bottles, while the gentlemen arguing about which of the two rollers is also bad head and make their bets. They ask Buttarelli, who tells them the arrival of a strange man wearing a mask who wrote letters and gave him two gold pieces to prepare a table with their best wine. They say if did not recognize any of the knights and he denies it. A bet that was Don Luis and others that it was Don Juan. They begin to make the quarterfinals of the eight, several people come to the tavern and the last stroke a mask Don Juan comes to the table prepared, immediately goes up there with Don Luis mask.
They both challenge and doubt about their identity. Then they removed their masks and their friends come to greet them and also the curious. Soon pass bet in a year who could do with more more evil fortune. First Don John tells his adventures in Italy, his duels and love affairs and immediately Don Luis does the same recounting what happened in Flanders and Paris, and three times lost his fortune and how you intend to replace it because tomorrow is married to Dona Ana de Pantoja, rich girl . The two stories are very similar both for what they are preparing to revise the lists that the two are in mourning their dead and their wives seduced. When you don Juan’s account leads in a number of Don Luis in both cases. Then Don Luis defiantly tells him all he needs is a novice in the list that is for practice. Don Juan tells him haughty accepts the bet and attaching it’s fiancee for some friend who is married and says he plans to take him to Dona Ana Both accepted the bet and talk a moment alone with her servants.
Don Gonzalo summons Don Juan and then warns him that his father had bespoken a wedding to do good and ashamed to see him there. Don Juan tells him to remove the mask, so does Tenorio’s surprise and leaves telling him to forget Dona Ines. But Don Juan replied that or given or has to go take it off. It now stands before him that scolds Don Diego and disowns him and reminds him that there is a God of justice. Wondering who is he who speaks that way tore the mask and is surprised to see her father. Don Diego and Don Gonzalo cancel out the wedding saying he agreed, rather Don Juan does not shy away and to receive forgiveness from his father and God in the final trial, says he trusts him very long and also he has not asked sorry.
Leaving the inn, Don Juan and Don Luis were arrested by sheriff that each of his servants had been sent for betraying the contrary. But before breaking reaffirm that commitment remains. Wisps are the captain, Avellaneda and other onlookers who bet each one of them.

ACT TWO: Skill

Don Luis Mejía appears hidden lurking outside the home of Dona Ana appears Pascual, servant of Dona Ana and Don Lewis calls it. He was surprised to see him there who were prisoners they said. He said his cousin, the royal treasurer, lent him money so he could leave prison and tells him what happened with Don Juan, the bet and how he fears for Dona Ana, knowing the gentleman’s prodigious skills Tenorio. Pascual tries to calm him by saying that Don Juan is in prison, plus Luis tells him that if he managed to escape, why could not do the same opponent. After expressing these concerns Don Luis said that the only way they get
to spend the night is quiet in the house of Dona Ana or otherwise making the street while the courts will find, because if there anyone you trust less than Don Juan’s women. Pascual scolds him but reluctantly agrees to go with him the night in his room, more silence and asked if Don Luis is about to enter says you must wait for his master, Don Gil de Pantoja retire to his chambers to ten, so he asks that at that gate and wait in a call there and that while trust him.
But Luis can not wait there doing nothing, the nerves will not corrode and expected to feel much love and uneasiness by Donna Anna, so he decides to call the window. He replied Dona Ana and he tells of his fear of Don Juan, she tells him not worry, to trust it, for tomorrow will be his wife. But Don Luis asks for your peace of mind to grant you a favor.
While talking on the other side of the fence are Don Juan and Ciutti.He asks his servant if it has fulfilled its orders. Ciutti nods and hands him the key to the garden of the convent, said that the saint is waiting there. The servant heard that someone else on the grid and then realizing that Juan Luis is talking to a lady decide to ambush. Dona Ana and Don Luis was being fired in that she will wait there again at ten and hand the key to the house. They hear someone approaching and fired. It’s Don Juan that intersects both Don Luis and when unsheathed their swords with his Ciutti placed behind Mejia and trap it. Don Juan is glad of his good luck, for now while the lady snatched the other will be locked in his cellar. But suddenly you hear get another woman.
This is Bridget, the saint, who brings news of the novice Dona Ines. Don Juan asks if his page has a pocket and delivered a paper, she replied that it should be reading now Dona Ines and have been prepared with such skill that surely fallto surrender to him. She says she is very beautiful, is only seventeen years and that both he told you about already burning in his heart a flame of undying love. Don Juan seems moved by the portrait that depicts him and it surprised Bridget, he says, because he believed a libertine. He argues that “so noble an object must focus double.” Bridget says that moms should be contained and that the key has been given by the faculty can come and easily reach his cell. Bridget and appears Ciutti Sale.
He tells his servant that is now free of Don Luis and he is going to call with a sign that Lucy has agreed with her that Don Juan’s to address. Lucia arrives and asks him what he wants. Without warning He tells her he wants to see Ana de Pantoja. She was first shocked, then his mistress home tomorrow, but soon Don Juan has a lot of money that appears immediately remove any prejudice. There are at ten in the evening so that she will deliver a key. Don Juan laughs gold exclaiming that there is nothing to fail, and leave as she tells Ciutti: “at nine in the convent, at ten in the street.”

ACT THREE: Desecration

In cell Dona Ines talks to her Abbess, who seems to communicate the decision of his father to stay for life in the convent. The abbess then praises his luck as there has never been out there and do not know the outside world he can not miss and is therefore free from temptation. He says he really envy. Dona Ines abbess sighs and thinks it’s because misses her governess, she says that when he returns to send to her and sends her to sleep.
Marching Abbess Agnes says she does not know what has since the words of the abbess who both have convinced sometimes seemed empty today. Hear the footsteps of her nurse Bridget, who closes the door to enter
But Agnes tells him that is order in the convent that is open. Bridget tells him so they can talk better and asks if he has looked at the book that brought him. Agnes replied that he had no time then came the abbess. Bridget announces that the book sends Don Juan. Agnes excitedly opens the book and a letter falls between its leaves. Innocent question what and who is that role. Who is going to be, but Don Juan, ‘said the nurse. The novice sighs and tells Bridget and does nothing to think about the gentleman Tenorio. She tells him that seems to love, but denies this and says Ines dare not read the letter. Encouraged by her governess finally reads the letter from Don Juan, that is trapping more and more to make him swallow the bait whole. When Bridget tells him that just maybe the spirits as Don Juan can get there, if you have the proper key. Just then footsteps on the stairs and is Don Juan.
Agnes looks surprised, not knowing if it is reality or illusion and printing faints, taking her in his arms Don Juan and dropping from his hands the letter he sent her. Don Juan says that’s better and saves time, and he thinks people take her down and waits for him. Bridget shocked thinks that man is a beast. Salen.
Enter the abbess wondering where Agnes and her owner will therefore not seen in his cell. Tornero sister appears and tells him that an elderly gentleman wants to talk to her, that their charter allowed him to go to the convent. Knowing that this is the Abbess of Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, Commander of the Order, it does happen. This tells you everything that has to do with Don Juan and asked to bring your daughter, because he wants to care, because people say they have seen your nurse talking to the servant of Don Juan. The abbess sent to the gatekeeper to look at Dona Ines that is not in his bed. The father is startled because he knows that it is time to be there and then find the letter from Don Juan, who reads lamenting. Tornero arrives saying she saw a man jumping over the wall of the garden, and Don Gonzalo runs, fearing for their stolen honor.

ACT FOUR: The devil at the gates of heaven.

In the castle of Don Juan Tenorio, of Seville near the Guadalquivir river. On a balcony Ciutti Haban and Bridget. This is ground for horseback riding. Agnes is and they talk about the audacity of Don Juan. The twelve already given in the cathedral and this time he had to return Ciutti says Don Juan. Bridget asked why not come with them and he replied that he still had to fix some issues in the city. Ciutti it marks the brig anchored in the river waiting to take them safely back to Italy when Don Juan. Dona Ines begins to awaken and the squire tells Bridget to handle it.
Wake Ines surprised at being in that room unknown. He does not remember anything and most are surprised to learn that is in the castle of Don Juan. Bridget tells a story of a fire in the convent, and as she faints
and Don Juan the saved both suffocated and died for being such odd hours took them to his house until dawn. Ines tells him to go there, because she has her father’s house and did not seem right to be in Don Juan, but the nurse says they are far from Seville, across the Guadalquivir. Ines asked to flee, as it has poisoned the heart, perhaps love Don Juan, but something tells him to be away from him before he returns, because if she sees him before may no longer have the strength to do so. At that time hear the sound of oars on the river, is Don Juan to return. Bridget tells him that his men take home, but first he must say goodbye.
Comes Don Juan, Bridget tells about the fire which was to Agnes and says he talked to his father that he is in his safe house. Sale Bridget and Don Juan displays all its gallantry, promising the most beautiful words to Agnes that her love for her is sincere and true. Ines drunk says she feels the same and he intends to speak with his father to give him her love. At that time they hear to get another boat, commanded by Don Juan and Ines with Bridget appears saying that a masked Ciutti strives to meet him. Don Juan tells him to permit entry.
Don Juan is tightened his belt a sword and two pistols and sends out his squire. Masked appears that this is of course to Don Luis, who comes to avenge the affront of Don Juan Dona Ana in a duel, and then says they were stationed, having lost their lives and he is left with no choice but to fight . A starting point are mourning when they hear noises outside.
Sign Ciutti Commander announcing that comes with gunmen and asking Don Juan to flee for his life, more Don Juan asks him to stop entering the Commander, but only him. Then I asked Don Luis to wait behind a door to talk with the Commander, for his daughter is there and will fight as finished with it. Luis reluctantly accepts.
Enter the Commander enraged willing to get his daughter and give him his due to her abductor. Don Juan, however, fell to her knees asks her to forgive, then declares his love for Dona Ines is true and that their naivete has achieved what closures have failed or sermons of priests, Coming back from a demon into an angel. He says he will bring as the Commander, will pay his penance for the end he lets her daughter marry honestly. But the Commander refuses to take heed and declares that it will never be his wife, who is a coward and he suspects this is the last of the tricks of Don Juan to get his way, but that will not do. Don Juan tells him that he wanted to meet, but now weapons must prove their honor and courage.
Sale Lis Don Mejia of hiding to claim his revenge and so also are the two affronted face to face with Don Juan, there is a scuffle and Tenorio kills his two opponents. Sale Ciutti telling his master to throw over the balcony to safety and it does so, oyéndoselo into the river and be picked up by the ship sailing away rapidly.
At the time go soldiers and officers in the room, followed by Dona Ines and Bridget. They find the two bodies. Dona Ines recognizes the corpse of his father. The soldiers see off the ship and demand justice for Dona Ines. “But against Don Juan”, exclaims the love.


ACT ONE: The shadow of Dona Ines.

Tenorio family pantheon. The three remaining events happen in one night, five years later than previously narrated. In the beautiful garden of the cemetery can be seen in the foreground the tombs of Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, Dona Ines and Don Luis Mejía. Behind these is seen the tomb of Don Diego Tenorio.
The sculptor admiring his work already completed, is preparing to leave when Don Juan comes wrapped. He asks the sculptor to explain, for some time that lack of Spain and found this site very different. The sculptor says that of course as it was before it became a palacevault or in the wish of its owner. She says she is a famous story to which he owes his fame and Don Juan asks him to the recount. The sculptor tells you lived there as a gentleman, Don Diego Tenorio, who had the worst of the children, so she left her estate to turn it into the pantheon, with the condition that he be buried in those who had perished by the wickedness of his son. He tells that he is the sculptor who made all the statues and asked if he knew the deceased and to the said Don Juan. He nods and goes recognizing statues bystanders and after defending the honor of knight Don Juan, currency suddenly the statue of Dona Ines. Ask if she died and the sculptor replied that he apparently died of feeling to return to the convent abandoned by Don Juan. This prompts the sculptor to leave him alone and give you the keys to the cemetery, especially when he says it is impossible to discover his identity and makes threatening hand over the keys.
Don Juan is the only ticipantion, noting that those who took life gave her a good burial. Meditate seems his past actions and thus goes to the statue of Dona Ines saying that since he had to flee did not think of anything in it and now he finally gets back, it is to find his grave. It rests on the grave and buries her face in her hands as if crying. Suddenly a mist envelops the statue of Dona Ines and it disappears. Don Juan out of his stupor, create a supernatural feel and see that the statue has disappeared.
Appears in the shadow of Dona Ines talking to Don Juan. This crazy thought and heard his words. She tells him she gave up her spirit into the price of impure soul of Don Juan and was told that if he wanted both his burial there in wait for Don Juan, and that their salvation depends on him to repent, if not more does with his soul perish Dona Ines. So that night tells act with consciousness as it is the date where they will decide their fate and saying the shade of Agnes disappears. Everything remains as before under the statue that does not recur.
Don Juan is stunned and thinks that everyone is aware of his imagination and challenged the deceased to leave, so he again returned to their graves.
Captain Wisps appear and Avellaneda calling Don Juan Tenorio. This view treats the spectrum, the more they identify as friends and greet. I wonder what he’s doing there and he answers them talking to their dead. They scoff and ask if you are afraid of them and proud he denies it. They ask you tonight tell you the story of his return to Seville. It invites them to dinner that night at his ranch to tell the story, but before leaving to prove he is not afraid of ghosts invites to dinner the Commander turned to his grave. Wisps tells her insanity is not value but rather Don Juan reaffirmed his invitation.

ACT TWO: The statue of Don Gonzalo.

In Don Juan’s dining room at the table with him Centella and Avellaneda. On the table is another plate and an empty chair.
Don Juan tells how he received the emperor’s favor and he returned to Seville and as immediately bought a furnished house that was sold cheap as payment to creditors. They serve wine and Don Juan tells Ciutti that serves the Commander. His friends laugh at him, the more it indicates that even if a friend could not come it will not serve as a must stop. They laugh and while providing you hear a knock at the front door. Send Don Juan to Ciutti open, but it comes back saying there is anyone out. Call back and Don Juan tells Ciutti give you a kick to the joker. They sound more knocks, but this time on the stairs. Don Juan tells his friends that this is a hoax concocted by them, but deny the lords. While knocking sound coming closer. Don Juan closed the locks on the door of the room and asked to return for dinner. Are now knocking on the door and then Tenorio challenges callers, because if it is killed by the camera should be able to pass. At that time the statue of Don Gonzalo past the door without opening it and quietly.
Wisps and Avellaneda fall faint to see this marvel. Don Juan exclaims: “It is reality or delirium. The statue of the Commander tells you why there is astonished to find that he himself invited. Don Juan recognized the voice of the Commander and he said that as not a spectrum will not live there. The statue tells you that God granted him the right to attend that appointment to tell Juan that there is an eternity after life and that he must die tomorrow, so that God still gives the deadline to order his conscience . Then he invites you to meet him tomorrow and pay him a visit. Don Juan accepts the invitation but said that first wanted to make sure that it is a spectrum. Take his gun but before he can shoot through the wall disappears.
Don Juan doubt of his vision and believed to be ingested because of the spirits. Dona Ines then calls before he said his side needed it and it would appear if the wall is pierced the shadow of the deceased. She urges him to go to the appointment tomorrow with wisdom and accept the death and that day their bodies sleep in the same grave. Shadow disappears.
Don Juan was surprised and nervous and felt that this was trick of his friends who pretended to be asleep and he played such a joke. The awake asking if this is true but both say lo9s know nothing and believe however that there is Don Juan who has slept with a poison poderles then tell the story of the deceased. Are threaded in such a discussion that just retándose a duel.

ACT THREE: Mercy of God and apotheosis of love.

In the pantheon of the family is Don Juan Tenorio, wrapped and distracted, grieving over the death of his two friends, who say they sought his own ruin. Go missing the statue of Don Gonzalo and called the Commander. The tomb is changed in a parody of guest table with snakes, fire and ashes. All the other tombs are open and the skeletons of victims of Don Juan and the statue of Don Gonzalo. The only remains is the tomb of Agnes.
The statue says that as time expires as the captain was killed outside his home. Don Juan exclaims that there is no perdion a statue for him and asks him to shake hands in farewell. At that time as wasted exclaims that his last moment of redemption of his hand has to go to hell. Don Juan is trying zafar stone hand over all the dead are hovering over him already. Don Juan is inca knees apologizing to the sky with one hand. At that time Dona Ines is holding the hand of Don Juan, said that to give his soul saved to your beloved. Send the dead back to their graves and says that love saved Don Juan. Dona Ines falls on a bed of flowers and next fall Don Juan, their mouths out their souls as two bright flames that are lost in the sky to the beat of music.