advertising is aimed at a consumer receiver and has 3 goals: report to publicize a new product on the market and for the brand, information should be objective but not disinterested. Persuade, creating advertising that consumers will shift to that brand or product, seeking to influence and change consumer behavior in a rational, emotional or unconscious. Remember, to maintain brand loyalty and ensure repeat purchases.
The advertising company that
issues messages often contain a greater or lesser extent, information about the product or service and put up in many ways. The advertising messages are directed to receptor stimulation, formalized in a creative expression, and sent through various media and supports.Constraints of consumer behavior, the family group with whom one lives from birth, a group that adopts attitudes and behaviors that influence their attitude towards the products. The groups consist of those people that people relate: family, colleagues, neighbors, etc.. The social class: the social division that classifies people according to: level of culture and education, purchasing power or occupation, social class and subdivisions. Culture is the sum of values, ideas and behaviors that one lives from birth. Condicionantes inmates; Personal: to know the consumer’s personal situation to send the messages as effectively, so know the family situation, economic, professional …Sociological perception: process because each individual receives stimuli through different sensory organs and interprets them personally. Learning or knowledge: Process by which one gains experience and brings a change in the behavior of the person. attitude: the willingness of one person to another person, object or situation. The motivaciĆ³ n: is the reason, cause the consumer to purchase. Several theories attempt to explain the nature Mc theory. Dugan. Mark Dougan believes the instinct as a provision requiring the holder to respond to certain objects and is the driving force behind all human actions. Motivationsare related to the need or desire you might have one person.

Advertising models. Theorists of different advertising models claim that the creativity of the ad or message effectiveness are optimal. The main psychological models: learning: explaining consumer behavior as a sequence of steps leading to the decision to buy or not the product. Starcu According to the ad is effective, it must attract attention, be innovative, meaningful, credible and memorable. Aida model (attention, interest, desire and action). Seeks to draw consumers’ attention, interest in the product request and cause the desire to get the action of purchase,dagmar model aims to set advertising goals. Attitude, these models claim that advertising influences the attitudes of consumers toward a product. If advertising generates a positive attitude will improve product perception by consumers and enhances their income. Characterizatio sticas advertising communication process: Advertising is a specific process of communication, the sender is the poster, the message is the announcement and the mass media: press, radio, film, tv, direct marketing. And the receiver is the target audience. Impersonal character: Advertising is done through the media in which there is no personal contact, advertising uses personal and impersonal channels of communication. Sidedness is the group of people it targets are not required to respond to the sender of the message.Controlled and paid Communication: The advertiser pays an advertising agency for the implementation of the message. The advertiser controls all of its features: time, frequency of broadcasts, media that will be issued. If the company uses a communication channel itself will not have to pay autopubliciadad is announced in buildings it owns, labels on their packaging, advertising brochures that accompany the products. Commercial or transport vehicles of the company. Using mass media: advertising wants to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest time possible. The best method is to use all or some of the mass media. Reports of the product, service, idea or institution: This information will influence the purchase. The advertising is used to make known: political views, religious, environmental, etc..It influences the purchase or acceptance: report in order to influence the purchase decision is one of the objectives. The results of the ad campaign be considered on the basis of sales figures and pricing in the scope of the campaign for his compensation and acceptance.