Q2. Why does the Postmaster send money to Lencho? Why does he sign the letter to god?
AnswerThe postmaster sent money to Lencho to help him at the time of his distress. Hailstones had totally destroyed his corn. His family would go hungry that year. Lencho had written a letter to God to send him a hundred pesos. In order not to shake the man’s faith in God, the postmaster collected seventy pesos and sent them to Lencho and signed his letter ‘God’.

Q4. Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money? What is the irony in the situation?
AnswerLencho thinks the rest of the money has been taken by the employees of the post office. The irony in the situation is that it is another way round instead of taking away the money the employees of the post office had collected money to help him at the time of his distress. But the Lencho said that the post office employees were a “bunch of crooks”. Class 10 English Important Questions

Q6. There are two kinds of conflicts in the story: between humans and nature, and between humans themselves. How are these conflicts illustrated?
Answer There are certainly two kinds of convicts in the story. One is between humans and nature. Humans pin their faith in nature. Lencho hopes that there would be rain and a good crop. But nature wills otherwise. Hailstones destroy Lencho’s crops and he says that he will all go hungry that year. The second conflict is between humans themselves. Lencho doubts the integrity of the post-office employees whereas the letter has raised some money to help him at the time of his distress. Moreover, at the point of time, the postmaster intends to shake. Lencho’s faith in God. But after reading his Letter, he raises some money to help him.

Q1. In what way was Wanda different from the other children?
Answer – Wanda was very different from the other students because she doesn’t usually talk with other students. Maybe just because she was a poor girl and also don’t have any friends. And so, unlike other children she was different.

Q3. Why is Maddie embarrassed by the questions Peggy asks Wanda? Is she also like Wanda, or is she different?
Answer – Even Maddie was a poor girl too and that is why she was embarrassed by the question that Peggy asked Wanda. Maddie also usually wore old dresses. When she heard that Wanda have 100 dresses, She thought that now others will start to mock her too.

Q1. Why didn’t Maddie ask Peggie to stop teasing Wanda? What was she afraid of?
Answer –Maddie didn’t ask Peggie to stop teasing Wanda because she is Peggie’s best friend and she has faith in her best friend that she will never do anything wrong. And also she is afraid because she was a poor girl too.

Q2. Who did Maddie think would win the drawing contest? Why?
Answer – Maddie thought that Peggie would win the drawing contest because Peggie was a great artist. Who can draw or copy a picture from a magazine and can also draw a face of film stars too. So Maddie thought Peggie will definitely win the drawing contest.

Q1. What did Mr Petronski’s letter say?
Answer – Mr. Petronski, Who was her father wrote a letter to the school that his daughter would not come to that school any more. Because they were moving to a big city where no one will make fun of her name.

Q2. Is Miss Mason angry with the class, or is she unhappy and upset?
Answer – Actually when miss Mason come to know that the whole class was making fun of Wanda’s name, She was both unhappy and upset but not that angry. She felt sad for Wanda from her bottom of the heart.

Q3. How does Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father?
Answer – When Maddie came to know about the matter, She felt a very sick feeling in her bottom the heart. After that, She cant concentrate in her work because the sick feelings. She thought that even she was as bad as Peggie too. Because whenever Peggie use to insult Wanda about her dresses, she did not stopped her.

Q4. What does Maddie want to do?
Answer – Meddie wants to tell Wanda that she don’t have any negative feelings for her or she don’t wanna insult her. Also she feels sorry for everything and did not want her to leave that school.

Q1. What excuses does Peggy think up for her behaviour?  Why?
Answer – Actually even Peggy was also upset when she heard about this matter. She clarify that she have never told her a foreigner. And she also told that she never make fun of her name. She just thought that she was too dumb.

Q2. What are Maddie’s thoughts as they go to Boggins Heights?
Answer –  When Peggy and Maddie was going to “Boggins Heights”, She thought that if they find Wanda, She would tell her that as of now, nobody would make fun of her name. If anybody did, they will fight with them for her.