A blazer ->A type of formal jacket

A challenge ->Something that will be difficult to achieve

A crime ->Any illegal action

A fine-> An amount of money you must pay for committing a crime

A forgery ->An illegal copy of a document / The crime of making it

A hoodie ->A sweatshirt that has a hood to cover the head

A host-> The one who invites the guests

A hostage ->Someone who is taken as a prisoner to et sth in exchange ofhis liberty

A mugging-> An act of attacking someone and stealing their money

A trial ->Where the judge decides what will happen to the suspect

A witness->Person who sees a crime

Accuracy ->The ability to do something without making any mistake

Accused of-> To being considered responsible for committing a crime

Actually->In fact

Aim ->Objective

An event-> Don’t forget tomorrow’s concert, it’s an important event for the artist

Average ->A standard or level that is considered to be usual

Baggy ->Too big

Bank robbery->An illegal assault to a bank

Bargain-> Something that costs lower than its value

Best-seller / Blockbuster A successful book/movie

Bill ->A piece of paper where is stated the money you owe

Breaking news ->The most recent news

Broadsheets ->Serious newspapers

Budget-> The amount of money you can spend on smth

Burglar ->A thief

Can’t afford ->You can’t pay for it

Career->Professional experience

Cash ->Coins and notes

Catwalk-> A narrow path for models to walk on in fashion shows

Celebrities->Famous people

Cells ->Small rooms

Channel hop-> The action of changing the tune you are connected to

Charge-> Accuse


Checked ->With a pattern of squares assembled end to end

Cliffhanger ->A part of a story which has an uncertain ending so that itmakes you excited to read/see more


Concerns ->Worries

Cool-headed ->Calm

Cops ->Policemen

Costume-> Special dress or clothes you wear for a party or filming

Court-> Where trials and other legal cases take place

Culprit-> The one who commit the crime

Current affairs-> The most recent worries or happenings

Dangerous ->Risky

Decrease ->Reduce

Degree ->University studies

Documentary ->A TV programme about History or nature

Dull ->Boring

Eventually ->Finally

Fabric ->Material

Flashy ->Too bright and big looking

Foreign correspondent ->The representer of a company in another country


Guilty->Not innocent

Hard-hitting ->Critical

Headlines ->The title for a news report

Headphones ->A device that allows you to hear an audio track privately

High-heeled shoes ->Elegant shoes for, usually, women in which you look taller

Inquiry ->Investigation

Jewels-> Precious stones

Journalist ->A person whose profession is to write reports for newspapers

Kidnapping ->An occasion when someone takes a hostage

Make Research ->Investigate

Missing ->Absent or lost

Mud-splattered ->Covered in dirt

Murder An assasination

News flash-> A single sentence long news

Nowadays ->Today

On bail ->To be kept in jail until the trial begins

Outfit ->The clothes you are wearing at the moment

Outrageous-> With a unusual or strange look

Patterned->Not plain

Phone tapping ->Secretly listening to the conversations of others in theirphones

Pickpocketing ->Robbing things on people pockets or bags without anyonenoticing it

Plain-spoken->Direct and honest

Press conference ->A broadcasted reunion between an important person and abunch of reporters

Price ->Cost

Prison-> A facility where criminals live in as a punishment

Public-spirited ->Unselfish

Rely on ->To be based on

Riot ->A public protest where people act noisy or even violently

Ripped clothes->Torn clothes


Scruffy ->Not elegant

Sensitive / sensible-> To be easily upset / Having a good judgment

Single-minded ->Focused

Size Clothes-> will fit you if they are the right size

Skills ->Qualifications

Skimpy-> Referred to clothes that show a lot of your body

Skip class ->Miss the lesson

Smart ->Elegant

Staff ->People who work in the background of a filming

Striped ->With stripes all along the material

Stuff ->Things

Stuntmen ->A double of an actor who does the risky scenes

Suitable for ->Appropriate

Tabloids ->Popular newspapers with a lot of pictures and brief reports

Take for granted-> To think it will surely happen

The jury The set of judges in a trial

The media->newspapers, web news or TV companies

The till ->A drawer where money is kept in a store / Cash register


To advise ->Some advice

To arrest ->To take someone away to ask him about a crime he may did

To be aware of ->To know the risk of something to happen

To be jealous-> To be unhappy because someone has sth you don’t

To broadcast ->To send out a programme on television or radio

To browse-> To look for information on the internet

To deny ->To not allow/ To not accept / To say smth is not true

To fasten ->You must fasten your seatbelt while in a car

To feed->To give food

To manage->To achieve

To realize ->To notice

To reject ->To say no

To release ->Last Friday this singer-songwriter released a new album

To skim ->To read quickly

To spill ->To make it fall accidentally

To spread ->To expand

To struggle ->To experience difficulty in order to do something

To sweat-> To secrete water from your skin when you feel hot

To throw away->To put into the bin

To trip ->To lose your balance while walking or running

To update ->To give the most recent information

To wonder-> To ask yourself

To wrap-> I’ll wrap the present with a dot patterned material


Trendy ->Fashionable

Tune in ->To watch or listen to a specific radio or television programme

Wander round ->A walk in which you don’t go to a specific place

Wardrobe ->A furniture in which you store your clothes

Warning ->Sth that makes you understand there is a possible danger

Weather forecast ->The part of a news programme in which a weather is explained

Worldwide ->All around the world

Wrinkles ->Small lines in the skin caused by old age

Zip-> Usually backpacks have a zip closure