How would define concept?“concepts” are general ideas you use to organize your experience, and in doing so, bring order and intelligibility to your life.are the vocabulary of thought. Ex: changes from being bias to being more open, marriage, education, success, communication – concepts are continually being defined and redefined. Derived from the latin “boundary” you use it to classify an object,idea or experience

How would you define what “sophisticated thinker” is? Solving a problem, thinking outside the box Knowledge through research, knowledge data collection Understanding the issue/ history of the issue Taking logical approach to solving a complicated issue It is not just reacting- goes beyond just reacting to a crisis or issue To become a sophisticated thinker, you must develop the expertise in the conceptualizing process, improving your ability to: form, apply, define, and relate concepts

How would you apply “concepts to your academic life? Forming a thesis- taking a position on a topic issue- example- defining what marriage means to you? Forming new concepts…To make sense of hoe disciplines function, you need to understand what the concepts of that discipline mean, how to apply them, and the way they relate to their concepts.You’ll learn: methods of investigation, patterns of thought and forms of reasoning. They are useful in clarifying and expanding thoughts

If you are a creator, what does it mean to be an active participant? How can we better understand our own negativity or positive influence on our own surroundings? Our world does not exist as a finished product, waiting for use to perceive it, think about it, and describe it. Instead we are active participants. you are making sense of the world by composing and organizing your world.Chronological and process relationshipsthis can be explained in various ways:mechanical (assembling a bicycle) physical (learning a sport) mental (developing your thinking)creative (writing a poem) comparative and analogical relationships:  finding similarities and dissimilarities casual relationships:  cause and effects. All the possibilities

explain the “allegory of the cave” and how would apply to modern life structure of a society philosopher king is top (enlightened but you do have a true/good heart- not using power for their own purposes) those on bottom are cave dwellers- they cannot see reality/ they see only shadows we are in modern society the cave dwellers to show our ignorance…light is truth, knowledge/ education/ not reading keeps us ignorant…fear keeps us ignorant white lukewarm group that refuses to take a side/

define the “Socratic method” “dialogue between two people/ two organizations/ can also be with the self-keep asking questions until you feel you have expelled the topic/ cannot go any further with your questioning and only then you arrive at truth- method of argument

what is the definition of ethics/ morality? Definition of goodness and badness subject to culture and environment. Principles that govern our relationships with other people. Essentially equivalent terms.

What is inductive reasoning? Process of elimination, based on what you know and forming ideas off of that. Survey populations. Survey your professors, how will they know…see the answers and then look at the environment. Reasoning that uses a number of specific examples to arrive at a conclusion . begins with evidence and moves to a general statement or conclusion based on evidence.

What are fallacies?Skew how the information is presented/ fit it to what they want it to represent. Wrong moves in the construction of an argument.

What is empirical generalizations? And what are three questions should you ask so you aren’t doing this? Generalize a group based on information I have.Is the sample known?Is the sample sufficient?Is the sample representative? Pattern or regularity that repeats over different circumstances

What does it mean to live creatively?Application of creative thinking. A person who lives creatively will not find boredom. It should come spontaneously. Listen to your inner voice.

King says “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” what does he mean by this? An injustice can be a “norm” if we mistreat one group, it can happen anywhere, Syria was brought up as an example What is direct action?Example is a march- this happens when negotiations fail

What are the steps to a non-violent campaign? Collection of the facts to determine whether injusticies are alive, negotiation,self-purification, and direct action

How does one determine if a law is just or unjust? Laws are man made rules that different societies abide by whether it is culturally or morally. In some countries, you are told what to wear by the law.