Contemporary Valencian Literature: Poetry and Theater

Describes the basic characteristics of poetry today

Increased literary prizes and publishing, as well as normalization of the situation of our language, have favored the emergence of new generations of poets, from its beginnings in the last decades of twentieth century. Despite the great diversity of styles and affiliations of current poets, we highlight some of the defining features of contemporary poetry:
1 – The dominant feature is its eclecticism, integration of all previous poetic tendencies. Thus, there are authors who returned to seek inspiration in classical or medieval mythologies, while others lean toward the surreal ol’onirisme without avoiding eclecticism. 2 – The poet lives to make their experiences and reflections, without any aspiration of becoming theoretical ideology. The poetic experience is a factor of cultural staff. 3-The language is rich, suggestive, metaphorical, abstract, and has joined all sorts of technical innovations. The current roster of authors is very large, in addition to the authors of the previous generation who are still running, we can mention John Valls, Salvador Jáfer Josep Piera, Luis Alpera, William Raymond and Marc Granell.

Describes the renewal period from the theater of war to 70

As an introduction it is noted that during the war, dictatorship controlled entirely theatrical activity and imposed the Spanish theater.
However, during the 50s and 60s Franco began to authorize certain works in our language that they had suffered from prior censorship and restrictions on press and radio advertising. Despite the obstacles, there was some recovery in Barcelona where the theater is represented Espriu Salvador, First story of Esther and other contemporary authors. But Valencia are in a situation of diglossia theater worship in Spanish and Valencian popular and humorous drama, comedy sketches was the star. During the 60, in university circles started to become an independent theater that sought an audience with certain cultural level. This new drama followed the European trends: the avant-garde theater, the surreal, the absurd. In the 70 listed groups that offer shows with new techniques such as mime or dramatic provocation. Theatre companies that are noteworthy: Joglars Boadella directed by Albert, who make theater in this period epic of bandits, the Comedians, representing street theater, Dagoll Dagom-La Fura dels Baus and carrying out aggressive and powerful images plàstiques.Quant authors, the most important playwrights are Jornet Benet and Jordi Teixidor Sirera and Rudolph.

Describes the most important aspects of the play by Manuel de Pedrolo

Pedrolo Manuel’s work is one of the most extensive and varied contemporary literature.
With over one hundred titles, Pedrolo has grown practically all genres and has worked a wide variety of topics and techniques. His production has thirteen theatrical works focused on the theme of freedom, raised from various English and matches the known theater of the absurd of Ionesco or Beckett, who sought to transform the conventions of theatrical technique to show struggle of human beings, often pointless, to understand the irrationality that surrounds it. Cruma (1957) is probably the closest to the tendency absurdista the European theater of the time. The formal and technical match with the theater of the absurd are obvious: the initial situation absurd, circular structure, zero action in a staging of maximum simplicity, timeless space and historical time, anonymous.Men also are not, and bis situation last version for now, where the protagonists manage to escape and migrate to a world which they can enter and exit. The characters have gained consciousness to act against determinism exterior.Semblantment in his novels is evident in the plays the oppressive presence of a structure which is manifested in several aspects and, in a manner reflecting more or less concealed a very real situation, it creates a special atmosphere and symbolic nature, which is one of the great successes of Pedrolo.

Describes the basic features of the current playwriting

Many theater companies that succeed over the 70 and 80 are still currently offering new proposals, researching new possibilities for every season theatrical expression, such as spectacles already famous for his mass media coverage. The comedians and La Fura dels Baus participated in the ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympics; Network Theatre opened the Channel Tunnel … With new companies have appeared equally stable program. Are sample Moma Theatre productions in a line of innovation and rigor; or Albena Theatre, with performances with both marketable and content, quality and humor as a formal protagonista.Paral time, open up a generation of theater writers who have direct contact with both companies and their representations, which are also actors, stage directors … Is the case of Carlos Alberola (Alzira, 1964) to Albena Theatre or Belbel Sergi (Terrace, 1963 ), whose work gathering awards and accomplishments, like his stage directions. Both authors are characterized by a theatrical language research and to build characters and situations that are recognized from the world.

C. Jornet and Benedict: 50 years of theater

Is the first representative of a generation of playwrights that starts with the announcement of the prize theater Joseph M Sagarra. They are all young authors that grow during the dictatorship. With 23 years, won the first announcement of the prize with the work “An old known odor that reflects the collective tragedy of war, misery and kneading renucies. The principle of their production is the introduction of social realism in theater. And although not s’hu pigeonholed, so should be considered much of misery and disclaimers. The principle of his produciio represents the introduction of social realism in theater. Must cosiderar much of its production of 60 and beyond: the trilogy Drudania (1970) presents a frieze of a bitter and desperate country, and equally realistic Berenàu sleep in the dark or 1972 when radio talk Franco (1979). In his theater realism is combined with the narrative didacistisme Brecht, the early childhood or mythical symbolism.

14. Miquel Marti i Pol is one of the poets who has connected with audiences, far exceeding the barrier reading this gender minority. We can classify the work of Martin and Pole in two periods. One, the first corresponds to the earlier books (The factory, from 1958 to 1971, or village, 1966) and is characterized by a more realistic aesthetic with a clear social concern. The other is composed of an intimate poetry month in which the author reflects on his personal situation, conditioned by multiple sclerosis that begins to become evident after age 70. Some books are more significant for this: Dear Martha Suite 1978 or Speaker is strongly critical: life, the world today, the modern world, society, disease, over time …