THE SECRETS OF LIFE An 8-year-old approached, even compared to old wishing well look into his eyes and said: I understand that you are a very wise man. I wonder what the secret of life.The old man looked at the small and responding: I always thought in my life and the secret can be summarized in four palabras.La first is to think, think about the values we want to live your life . The second is trust, trust yourself Based on the values we want to live your vida.La third is dreaming: dreams of things that can be Based on the confidence in yourself and the values we want to live Your life.And the fourth is to dare, dare to make your dreams come true, based on watching the confidence in yourself and in your values that you plan to live your life. And with that the old term, saying the child thinks, dreams and dare trust. THE MEANING OF LOVE: U n day a child read the word love to just say: It’s a feeling towards another person or something not quite convinced. He came over and asked his mother, was the same answer, he approached his father and was the mismo.Salió the street, confused, not understanding that love meant. He thought maybe it was talking to another child but did not feel bored nada.Cansado and went to buy ice cream, suddenly called the crying of a child, came over and realized he had dropped his ice cream, seeing the tears I shared this child of his, at that time understood the words of the meaning of love amor.El knew this child is to share something you do not have another. an interesting story I loved her forever but she never knew . The years went by and I followed closely his life, his courtship, his marriage. I was by his side when his children were born until I was the godfather of one of ellos.Su face lit up when I saw her smile disturbed me. I loved her, but she did not know, my love was impossible. I never married, she wanted to live. I never dared to insinuate anything about my feelings ……. y. …… sick one day she It all happened so fast, we knew he would die soon. I saw her, I stayed long hours at his side, and there was joy on his face pálido.En a moment I felt her hand pressed tightly to mine, opened his eyes, sad, tearful. His lips whispered the words I always wait but never thought I get to hear. Very smooth, slowly, he said, my love, thanks for everything you gave me. I’ll tell you a secret, I love you, love you like nobody in this world but never encourage me tell you, I fear …. not love me.

LOVE DO NOT LET DIE: There was a time in history the world a terrible day when the hate that is the king of the bad feelings, faults and virtues bad convened an urgent meeting with them. All black feelings in the world and evil desires of the human heart came to this meeting with curiosity to know what was the purpose. When they were all hate spoke and said: I have gathered here at all because I wish with all my might kill alguien.Los attendees were surprised not much as it was the hate he was talking and always wants to kill someone, yet all asked each other who would be so hard to kill for the need to todos.Quiero hate to kill the evil voice said Love.Many smiled wickedly. The first volunteer was a bad character, who said: I will go, and I assure you that within a year will die Love, discord and provoke such rage soportará.Al not after a year they met again and listening to the report Evil character were so disappointed: Sorry, I tried everything but every time I sowed discord, love passes and then went very diligent adelante.Fue offered ambition, boasting of his power, he said: In Since the failed temper, I’ll go. Love differs by attention to the desire for wealth and power. That never ignorará.Y Ambition began the attack on his victim, who actually fell wounded, but after struggling to get by, renounced all desire for power overwhelmed and Hate nuevo.Furioso triumphed over the failure of Ambition sent Jealousy, mocking and evil who invented all sorts of tricks to confuse the situation and love and hurt with doubts and suspicions. But Love wept confused and thought that would not die with courage and strength is pushed on them and hate venció.Año after year the fighting continued in sending his taunting classmates. Sent to the coldness, selfishness, indifference, poverty, disease and many others who always failed, because when the love he felt faint, he took strength again and everything was over. Hatred, convinced that love was invincible told the others: Nothing to be done. Love his sufferings, we have spent many years insisting and soon logramos.De not a corner of the room stood a little-known sentiment dressed in black with a giant hat that fell on his face and not let him see. His funeral looked like death, I said to kill love seguridad.Todos wondered who it was that he intended to do only what any speech could. Hate said: Go and speak only hazlo.Tan spent some time when I hate to call back all the bad feelings to communicate after a long wait finally HAMA DEAD LOVE. Everyone was happy but surprised. Then the feeling of the black hat spoke to Love That gave them destrozado.Y completely dead and without another word, he left. Wait! so quickly eliminate it completely, “The hopelessness and made no effort to live? Who are you? Feeling OdioEl said first raised its ugly head and said: I’m The Routine.