Colonial Life Insurance Products

Whole Life Plus (IWL5000)

Colonial Life offers two whole life plans with flexible optional riders. Choose between Paid-Up at Age 70 or Paid-Up at Age 100 plans. Both provide guaranteed level premiums, guaranteed cash value, and a guaranteed death benefit to ensure financial security for loved ones. Coverage remains in force throughout the insured’s lifetime (policy endows at age 100) as long as premiums are paid as specified.

This product can be sold through payroll deduction, individual pay group (IPG) accounts, and non-payroll options.

Group Accident (GAC4100)

Group Accident (GAC4100) is our voluntary group accident insurance product offering indemnity benefits on four plan levels. Employers can customize their plan by selecting from multiple employer-optional base benefits.

Individual Accident (IAC4000)

Individual Accident (IAC4000) is our newest voluntary accident insurance coverage. It provides a broad range of lump sum and daily hospital benefits for injuries resulting from a covered accident. Employers can customize their plan by selecting from our employer-optional base benefits. A competitive selection of employee-choice riders is available in most states.

Individual Disability (ISTD3000)

Employees rely on their income for necessities like housing, food, and clothing. Disability often means difficulty meeting financial obligations and increased medical costs. Individual Disability (ISTD 3000) can help provide financial security for employees and their families during such times.

Individual Medical Bridge (IMB7000)

Individual Medical Bridgeâ„  is a hospital confinement indemnity insurance product designed for the voluntary worksite market. It helps fill the gaps in out-of-pocket medical and non-medical costs, such as deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance not covered by health insurance. This product offers solutions for:


  • Helps offset rising healthcare costs while providing quality insurance coverage.


  • Provides additional financial protection for medical and/or non-medical costs associated with hospitalization, outpatient surgery, and diagnostic tests due to a covered accident or sickness.


  • A tool to help clients redesign health plans and save on rising healthcare costs.

Critical Illness 1.0

Modern lifestyles and stress contribute to more critical illness diagnoses. Medical advances have increased survival rates, but health insurance doesn’t cover everything. Critical Illness 1.0 benefits can help employees cover out-of-pocket costs.

Cancer Assist

Colonial Life’s Cancer Assist product provides financial protection for workers and their families facing medical bills and other expenses related to cancer diagnosis and treatment. It allows them to focus on recovery.

NOTE: Cancer Assist is not available for non-payroll sales.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Regular dental care is crucial for overall health, but it can be expensive. Colonial Life’s dental insurance products provide benefits for preventive, basic, and major dental services.


  • Individual Dental PPO Base Wrapper: Helps employees understand Colonial Life’s dental insurance coverage.
  • Individual Dental PPO Broker-Employer Topic Sheet: Positions Individual Dental PPO to brokers and decision-makers, highlighting competitive advantages, optional benefits, and plan design comparisons.
  • Individual Dental PPO Tip Sheets: Selling & Positioning Points: Provides tips on positioning Individual Dental PPO and answers to common questions and objections.
  • Portfolio of Products Broker-Employer Topic Sheet: Discusses the entire product portfolio available.

Individual Dental PPO (IDN8000)

Colonial Life’s Individual Dental PPO provides benefits for preventive, basic, and major dental services. Our plan covers a wide range of treatments and pays benefits based on a defined co-insurance percentage. Employees can choose any provider, but in-network providers offer reduced out-of-pocket costs.

With eight plan designs and family coverage options, employees can choose the coverage that best fits their needs.

Group Term Life (GTL)

Group Term Life (GTL) is a life insurance product offering coverage for employees at the worksite. It benefits:


  • Can be offered on an employer-paid or employee-paid basis.
  • Provides generous guaranteed issue limits.
  • Offers plan design options tailored to both large and small accounts.
  • Simple program administration for small accounts and customizable options for larger accounts.


  • Provides life insurance coverage at affordable rates.
  • Includes 24/7 access to the Health Advocate Employee Assistance Program, offering online, telephonic, and in-person services, including will preparation assistance at no additional cost.


  • Offers a group term life product with competitive commissions and guaranteed issue limits.
  • Provides situs state availability and the GTL Quote Tool for quoting smaller accounts without requiring census data or home office approval.