Civil war

The Civil War: Military uprising/The outbreak /Phases and evolution in both areas//Causes :Two theories: The war as a consequence of a fascist intervention( liberals and left parties) /The war as a defense of a segment of the Spanish society in order to protect the religion and to stop the advance of communism (conservative historians) /Democracy against Fascism/Nationalism against communism//The republic at war: -Azaña, overwhelmed by the coup, appointed José Giral as head of the government to try to stop it /Giral had to dissolve the army and armed the Popular Front and union members /September 1936: the socialist Largo Caballero created a government made up with socialists, communists and even anarchists /A Popular Army was created with Soviet aid/- Divergence: – the government wanted to concentrate efforts on winning the war – radical groups defended the priority of a social revolution //The POUM (anarchists + Trotskyist) advocated a radical revolutionary process. They confronted the government but were defeated inn 1937 //Negrin (socialist) formed a new government and forwarded a peace proposal called the Thirteen Points