Burgos en llanta


I’m going to describe my best friend JOsi who is very friendly.

Josi, in my opinión is very ugly.He has long dark hair, black eyes and he hasn’t got a beard which is increíble because he is 19!Josi is very friendy and funny too, but he is too nervous and very talkative, if he starts talking, it is very dificult stop him!

Josi is the best fan of Real Madrid that I know. He plays football in VIllarcayo with me and his game is similar of Luka Modric. This year he has stopped in studying and he hasn’t finished ESO.

To sum up, as I told before Josi is very funny and he has been my best friend since I was 5 years old and I want him to be my best friend all my life!


Hi Carlos,

How are you? I hope you are fine.I’m writting to you because haven’t talked for many months. I have to tell you a nice idea.

I told my friends to visit you next month but we aren’t sure because not everybody has enough money to go to Alemania from Bilbao, but we can buy you the ticket instead and can come here for a month and stay in my house.

We miss you, and we need to see you. If you come, we can go to San Mames to see Athletic vs Ream Madrid. We can also got to party all the weekend, or on Friday or Saturday.

So, you have to decide what you prefer! Write back and tell me.

See you,                                                 Alex


This week in Villarcayo the school was burnt and people think that a student did it.

Last Friday the school was burnt and fifty seven students were injured and all the classrooms were destroyed. Now the pólice is looking for the person who did it, but people think that a student was responsable for it and he did it because didn’t want to go to the school. Morover many people think that it can be imposible but…

Finally the town hall has told the citizens that in one year they will build a new school. So the teachers and the students are looking forward to the future.


I’m going to write about my favourite football player. He plays in the best team of the world, Real Madrid is Luka Modric.

Luka Modric is , in my opinión, the best centre midfield of the team.

Before he came to Real Madrid, he played for a  team in Croacia and now he is internacional with the national team of Croacia. During this career he has won one champions league, one liga of Spain and one “copa del Rey” the TV’s programs think that next year he will leave the team and he will go to play football in England but  we will see what happen!

To sum up he hasn’t got many titles but not because he doesn’t deserve them!


This summer after one night of fun in a small village in the north of Burgos, one friend and I decided to drive a car when we were back in VIllarcayo. My friend who has the driving licence drove it, but we didn’t think that we were drink and driving is more dangerous.

So we took the car and after some minutes driving, we had an accident, But the accident was very dangerous because we were driving very fast , and the car didn’t have airbag. We were very lucky because nothing happened to us, but the car was completely destroyed.

During the accident, i didn’t realice because everything happeed very quickly, but just after it I was White.

Finnaly, we had to contact withh a specialited person to take the car to the garage and my friend was upset because he didn’t know how to tell his father all the story.


I’m going to describe the Eiffel Tower which is in París, France. This tower is one of the most visiter places in the world. If you go there, you can see many tourist taking photos.

The tower is very beautiful, it is made of metal, it is 300 metres high more or less. In the tower there is an elevator which goes to the top and at there,  you have excellent views. You can see all Paris from there.

Moreover near the tower, there is a very big garden where tourist can have a picnic.

In my opinion everybody must go to visit this tower because it is fantastic and not only the tower is fantastic, but also the city is very beautiful!  I recommend it to everyone.


I’m my opinion downloading music from the internet is disonest.

On the one hand it is disonest because the artists want people to buy the original CD and make more money and became even richer. Although I think that it is disonest, I download music from the internet like all the people who have new technologies and just with one click,  you can get all the album of a singer,  and it is free! It is fantastic!

On the other hand, downloading music from the internet is illegal but it is free, but there are many websites where it is legal but it costs money.

To sum up, i think that the police must close all the websites where you can download music free.