She has drunk too much alcohol for 2 years//If i had a computer, I could type essay on English grammar//Although she had been vaccinated, she caught the flu//The pieces of the broken toy were glued by the teacher//I might finish work earlies than usual today//This is the place were we last had coffe together//I wish I could speak German//His parents wouldn’t have got angry//The instructions must be read first//He tried to speak in English// This is the man whose job is very dangerous//I’ve had my television repaired by the engineer//I wish I hadn’t hit the dog on the read//You are better at English than me//Unless your friend comes before ten, he will miss the train//As it was raining tha children stayed at come//Tim asked what time the banks close that day// I am having my kitchen redecorated//She may be his girlfriend//Gerard’s drawing is better than Albert’s//Michael suggested playing computer games//She asked kim if he was going to the party that Friday//They have live in New York for 2 years//You mustn’t smoke in hospitals//In spite of the horrible weather, we went skiing// I wish I had more free time these days//It’s been a year since I met that famous writer//If Wendy had studied for her test, she wouldn’t have failed

She asked the students//As we don’t have enough money, we don’t by that house//That is the man whose brother is my new English teacher//Steve suggested telling Paul about it//If I had made a note og it in my diary, I wouldn’t have forgotten about it//Although she ran well, she last the race//Her boyfriend may be coming to the wedding//Bet stopped smoking last December//My new neighbours have got a baby whose name is Wendy//Despite being over 70, Orson cycled to work every day//The suspects aren’t obliged to say anything//She’s getting the windows mended//It’s not as good as I thought//She told us not to be late//If she had studied hard for the exame, she wouldn’t have made a lot of mistakes//His jokes are better her//We may be together soon//English is spoken all over the world// I wish I had told him everything//Fiona, who is smiling in the picture, is my boss//Although it was very hot, she was wearing winter clothes//My house is being painted now//I wish I had a car// The teacher told me to wait for her outside// She sent off an application form because she needed a job//She hasn’t written a poem for 2 years// Unlessthe tickets arrives, we won’t be able to go.

She had is going to have her car next week//You will be shocked by this story//Unless you review notes tonight, you won’t do well tomorrow//They asked me much money I had put into the account//I wish I could speak French perfectly//These letters should be posted by you//Despite being ill, she visited other countries//He said that he had never seen anything so beautiful//Mary wished she hadn’t eaten so many cakes//If I had study enough, I wouldn’t have failed all my exams at the university//I didn’t remember to phone Lisa on her bithday// Sheila is less tall than her brother//In spite of being cold, we went to the countryside//I had my hair cut yesterday morning//This is the man whose day bit my brother in the park//If my foot hadn’t hurt, I would have gone to the gym//Unless your boyfriend arrives before eight, we will have to leave//As it was raining, the children couldn’t go out to the playground//We weren’t given the ticket by the shop assitant//I haven’t seen Frank for 2 months//I am having my car serviced next week//Unless we meets this month, it will he too late//He asked me where did the robbery take place//Penicilin was discovered in 1928 by fleming// If I knew her address, I could write to her//She asked her where were her//They may only open the museum us the morning//

Green paint can be made by mixing blue and yellow//I started playing the piano 20 years//The man who Sharon is going to marry to is Eric’s brother//Martin suggested having dinner out that night// If I had known it was you, I would have oppened the door//You should go to the dentist//This tree is saikd to be over 400 years old//The man ordered us to keep off the grass//I wasn’t told the secret//They must be at home//If I hadn’t forgotten her telephone number, I would have invited Beth//Shakespeare, who was a famous writer, wrote beautiful sonnets//The dog woke up be cause someone knocked at the door// I wish you cold come along//Apples aren’t as expensive as bananas//Although she beautiful, she doesn’t have a boyfriend// I haven’t had flu for five years//The windows has been broken by the teenager us red// You should take some exercise// We weren’t told the answer by the teacher// She asked me what time my party started//Do you mind closing the door when you leave//She asked how much that T-Shirt was// You shouldn’t eat so many cakes//I wish I had worked hard enough last year//Despite being exhausted, he managed to finish reading the novel//That is the woman whose husband in my boss// The stolen money has been found//If he hadn’t been terrible to her, she wouldn’t have divorced him.