1. In ancient Greek mythology gods are depicted with multiple heads. This is because?

      1. Multiple hands represent multiple abilities and allows them to sustain multiple icons.

      2. It allows the gods to be presented as moving objects.

      3.   Both A and B  

    2. Which ones of the following characters are three of Vishnu’s avatars?

      1. Ganesha, Vamana, Kurma

      2. Rama, Krishna, Buddha

      3. Sarasvati, Rama, Lakshmi

    3.    Period of history in which the Middle Ages were left behind, to begin what was then

             known as Modern.

      1. Prehistory

      2. Old age

      3. Renaissance

    1.    Reasons for Africa’s Colonialism Downfall

      1. Europeans could no longer afford the cost of keeping their empires

      2. The African colonies suffered during the Depression, the result was poverty and great unrest

      3. Both A and B

      4. None of the above

    2. The working hours in the first Industrial revolution were from ___________ hours.

      1. 16 to 18

      2. 20 to 23

      3. 15 to 17

      4. 12 to 15

    3. What body of water played a major role in the development of the ancient Egypt?

      1. Mediterranean Sea

      2. Red Sea

      3. Nile River

      4. Both A and C

    4. For which pharaoh was the first Egyptian Pyramid built?

      1. Khufu

      2. Khafre

      3. Zoser

    5. What material did embalmers wrap mummies in?

      1. Strips of cotton.

      2. Strips of wool

      3. Strips of linen

    6. Why did the egyptians make mummies?

      1. To preserve the bodies of the dead so they could live in the afterlife

      2. To decorate their homes

      3. To remember the dead

      4. To honour the gods

    7. What is the Pietà? And where is it found?

      1. A painting by Leonardo Da Vinci  in the Louvre.

      2. A sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti in St. Peter’s Basilica.

      3. A mural by Raphael in the Sistine Chapel.

    8. What happened when the viking era was over?

      1. Christianity was spread across Europe

      2. The Roman Empire was over

      3. The discovery of America

      4. The end of the Ming Dynasty

    9. Who is the “Ruler of the gods” according to the vikings?

      1. Rán

      2. Thor

      3. Odin

    10. How many Avatars does Vishnu have?

      1. 10

      2. 7

      3. 5

    11. What are some benefits of colonization?

      1. Diversification and the mixing of cultures

      2. Being able to enslave others

      3. Having more land to build houses on

    12. What system in the english language is derived from Norse Mythology

      1. Numbers

      2. Days of the week

      3. Months of the year

    13. When the prison of la Bastille was stormed during the French Revolution on July 14th 1789, what were the revolutionaries after?
           a.   The huge stock of arms and powder that was kept inside.
           b.   The only seven people held prisoners.
           c.   The guards and officers of the prison.

    14. Choose two Indian gods

      1. Rama

      2. Chac

      3. Shiva

    15. Of the following characters, whose relationship was changed by a famous movie studio?

      1. Kronoa

      2. Loki        

      3. Brahma

    16. In which of the following cities were women not considered citizens?

      1. Scandinavia

      2. Mohenjodaro

      3. Athens          

    17. What major event led to the independence movement in Latin America – with the exception of Brazil?

      1. A peaceful economic treaty between Spain and the virreinatos

      2. The revolution of powerful latin chiefs (caciques)

      3. A weakened Spanish crown because of the Napoleonic invasion

    18. Which of the following mythologies had as a central trinity “The creator, the preserver and the destroyer”?

    1. Mayan

    2. Greek

    3. Hindu

    1. What is the name of the old Nordic alphabet?

      1. Futhark

      2. Mahabharata

      3. Mammen   

    2. Which archaeological area belongs to the mayan civilization?

    1. Tajin

    2. Monte Alban

    3. Tulum

    1. Why did Martin Luther’s thesis get so much attention?

    1. He wrote in english

    2. The development of the printing press

    3. He was the most important monk in his sect

    1. The Epic of Gilgamesh was written with one of the following writing systems. Also, this system was used for keeping records and making contracts. (oldest writing in the world, from sumeria)

      1. Hieroglyphics

      2. Cuneiform

      3. Logographic

    2. Mesopotamia was located between which 2 rivers?

      1. Tigris and Euphrates

      2. Nile and Tigris

      3. Nile and Indus

    3. Why have historians established that the mayan civilization came formally to an end in the year 1697?

      1. Because of the absorption of the mayan culture by the aztec empire

      2. Because the last mayan city-state was colonized by the spanish conquistadors in that year

      3. Historians have not said that, the mayan civilization ended formally in the year 900 due to a drought

    4. Why was Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire important for the European Renaissance?

      1. It controlled all the trade routes throughout Europe

      2. The printing press was invented in Istanbul

      3. It linked China and India to Europe

    5. When did the Vikings era end?

      1. when the become Jewish

      2. When they become Christians

      3. When the become Buddhist  

    6. Which of the followings characters is the principal God in nordic religion?

      1. Asgard

      2. Odin

      3. Aysur

    7. What are the four noble truths of Buddha?

      1. Dukkha, arising of Dukkha, cessation of Dukkha, path to the cessation of Dukkha

      2. loyalty, love, respect, wisdom

      3. reduce, reuse, recycle

    8. What makes Fray Bartolome de las Casas such an important character in mayan history?

      1. He was a spanish Fray that protected Mayan culture.

      2. He was a Mayan fray that sides with the spaniards.

      3. He was not relevant to mayan culture.

    9. Who was the main god (god of the sun) in Egyptian beliefs?  

      1. Ra

      2. Cleopatra

      3. Nefertiti

    10. What is the most important book of Sumerian culture?

      1. Gilgamesh

      2. Ramayana

      3. The Bible

    11. Who is the god of destruction according to Hinduism?

      1. Brahma

      2. Shiva

      3. Vishnú

    12. Which emperor can be compared to Constantine in Hinduism

      1. Bhaga

      2. Ashoka

      3. Varuna

    13. Main form of art in Hindu culture

      1. Paint

      2. Dance

      3. Sculpture