SLIDES. S.lorenzo church. As we see it is a sculpture of the Quattrocento Renaissance belonging to s: plant grows from church square has 3 naves separated x Corinthian columns on the dome cn crucero.las aisles are covered with hemispherical domes k while the nave has a flat wooden tezumbre decorated with medieval elements casetones.mantiene lighting ls lateralespor ships through arches resting óculos.los as a piece on entablamentos.concretamente it is the church where the author is brunelleschi s.lorenzo. s.andres church. as we see it is a sculpture church has a Latin cross plan with a nave and dome in the interior crucero.en cn covered with barrel vault and coffered arches resting on thick pilares.posee a round arch crowned x punto.esta a large frieze and a large faxada is similar to the arc is triunfo.concretamente church san andres located in Mantua authored alberti. David di Donatello. as we see it is a Renaissance-style sculpture in the first half of the s: a sculpture in the round made in a young bronce.representa naked leaning on his leg Derex izkierdo resting his foot on Goliath’s head ka k the sculpture has great harmony and serenity in ekilibrio.expresa of anatomy rostro.tratamiento be exa light bronze slip on the and provides contrasts (clarooscuro). symbolizes the victory of intelligence over force bruta.representa the young in a sensual and erotica k besides playing with a idealizado.concretamente realism is authored by the David Donatello. the Annunciation. as we see it is a pictorial of Flemish Gothic style s: 15.trata a topic tabla.presenta a painting on the main characters in an arcade background an open door shows the room where we can observe the expulsion of Adam and Eve from delicacy of the characters and the encounter between the Virgin and the Archangel gotico.logra are reminiscent of the style and color perspective is rico.concretamente authored The Annunciation Fra Angelico. spring. as we see it is a painting of the Quattrocento s: 15.trata a mythological theme and k represents the arrival of the quenching technique primevera.utiliza on madera.observamos in the garden of eternal spring to venuda (goddess of love) to chair the Venus we see escena.sobre launches Flexas k cupid of love around 3 gracias.a the wind Derex ropla k izkierda a ninfa.a the mercury touching a scene this frutas.toda in an idyllic landscape very detailed, highly chromatic variety colorido.aunk there is a light uniforme.concretamente spring is authored by Botticelli. La Gioconda. podm watch as it is a pictorial of s: 16 . uses the technique of oil on a portrait supposedly is the Mona Lisa, the wife of a rich smooth giocondo.Mona called the merchant has just given birth to her second ijo and it was customary to commission a retratopara celebrate the occasion . the lady portrayed is seated on a chair in front of a portrait paisake montañoso.el stresses two points: the face and hands of the expression of hands, smiling, his eyes docile> works carefully the details, a fine veil covering the hair of the lady and the sleeves of her gown glows natural.concretamente La Gioconda is authored by Leonardo da Vinci.Michelangelo’s David. watchers as we work is a marble made of escutorica s: 16.The face conveys strength and go, tension and apparent calm terribilitá.representa showing David in the moment before his meeting with manifests all escutura Marked anatomical knowledge veins, tendons and muscles in tension.tiene steadfast gaze, expression in the subject matter is religiosa.concretamente is authored by the David by Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel. as we can see this is a pictorial, specifically an illusionist arkitectonico hindered k dividide in 9 sections, place the genesis different landscapes emphasizing the scene of the creation of Adam and sin original.introduce gigantic figures of prophets and antoguo will sibilas.lo more ImxtanT of this work is the study of the nude body humano.el remaining space is decorated with medallions, putti .. particular, it is the Sistine Chapel where the author is Miguel Angel. Villa Capra or Villa Rotonda. podems watch as it is a arkitectonica work of s: 16.The building has a dome cuadragular with central.en each side of the square there is a peristyle x faxada jonico preceded and framed x 2 statues are the 4 faxadas =. The four porticos maintain high gables triangulares.esta on a podium. virgin of the rocks. as we see it is a pictorial of s: 16.utiliza the technique of oil on the carton.el issue is a religious scene appears in the k virgin san juan child, baby jesus and a pyramidal structure angel.presenta determined in a 1-plane the Virgin, St. John and the angel and among them the figure of the child jesus k ace the gesture of blessing mano.el cn the background is a rock where paisake employs the technique of sfumato pa dofuminar disints plans.rostro serene, delicate beauty, how to represent the sweetness, this in an environment jumedo.concretamente is the virgin of the rocks where the author of Da Vinci.