84 ingles

They and their children were due to move house in very little time, but their new house was still far from (being) finished//When it comes to restoring a house you never know how much things are going to cost, so I made several expensive mistakes that I now regret.//People only learn the hard way, I was advised to hire skilled workers but I was only interested in saving as much money as possible.//I´d never realized how stupid it is to drink and drive until the accident happened to me. Next time I´ll think twice before driving carelessly.// Falling in love is an essential part of growing up. One´s feelings of love towards another person play an important role in our psychological development.// I´m determined to solve the problem. I refuse to give up. Nothing will stand in my way.// Id like to know what your house is like. You may think Im veryinquisitive but I give much importance to the place people live in//. The car broke down but we managed to get there in time for the lecture//. Laws are to be enforced. Laws apply to everyone without exception//. We´ll have to accept their offer for the time being, and hope to get a better deal next year.//The play didn´t start until 9:30, so we decided to kill time by walking round the park//. I intend to take some time off in order to travel. It´s the only way to make my dream come true. Otherwise you never have time to spare to do what you like//. Chapman confessed to stealing the jewels, so he´ll  probably serve a two-year sentence//. Henry is such a proud and conceited man that he´d never stoop to talking to me.// In the 1960s the employment situation was from bad to worse, which led many Spaniards to emigrate to Europe and South America.// What´s your main reason for not going on holiday? Firstly, I hate package holidays and these are the only ones I can afford. Secondly, I hate overcrowded beaches and busy. Finally, I´m a workaholic, I just can´t do without working ten hours a day, so I rarely take more than a few days´ holiday a year.// Would you be so kind so as to let me speak, for a change?  I´d like to bring up the subject of immigrants in Spain.// I´ve just made an important business deal; at first, I thought I´d have difficulty in doing business with the Americans but they are such professional businessmen that everything went well//. What Fred didn´t realize was the huge amount of money he would have to spend, and the time it would take.//  I just can´t help being so perfectionist. If I weren´t so, I would have finished my homework a long time ago//Almost any sport you do will prove effective for you to keep fit. In addition, your mental well-being is bound to improve immediately. //Mammals are animals whose young are born fully formed rather than as eggs. //What had surprised me was the fact that they hadn´t sent me a proper application form to fill in, or asked me for a photograph. //On the grounds of prestige and in order to retain their most able youngsters, it is important for African countries to develop their own universities//. It was so late when we got / arrived / home that it wasn´t worth going to bed. //When he told me that everybody had made fun of him, I could´t help feeling sorry for him.// Whenever I have to take a train, I´m worried about missing it, so I don´t mind waiting at the station.// He attended the best school in the town. His family belong to the local elite.// To be able to interpret dreams, some knowledge of the dreamer is essential. However, there has always been much disagreement about what a dream means. //As far as we know, spiders don´t dream and neither do snakes.// I´m far from  the only one to find answer to problems by dreaming about them//. Flying can represent both a wish to overcome the daily difficulties and achieve bigger strength. // Self-confidence is the key to success.  If you want to climb the social ladder, trust your abilities.// Mr. Blondin, unlike other proprietors of restaurants, doesn´t usually flatter the clients of the upper class.// When she entered the ballroom so awfully dressed I couldn´t avoid / help exclaiming:  What a sight!//It took me a long time to make up my mind, but I have just bought a brand-new car.// My first baby will be born in less than a month and I´m looking forward to seeing him.// . If you went there, the first thing that would take your eye is a superb garden full of the strangest plants//. Sarah is getting lazier and lazier. She has been lying in bed until midday//. We need an education system that enables children to use their imagination and creativity.// It wasn´t easy for me to get used to reading newspapers, but now I couldn´t do without them.// The car wouldn´t have crashed into the van if it had stopped at the red traffic lights.// I think that the quality of education students get  depends, partly, on the social class they belong to, which will give rise to an unjust society//. In other European countries children learn to manage without the help of their parents / their parents´ help at a younger age so that they can learn  to deal with daily problems depending on themselves.// He is not punctual. He makes up for it by working hard.// I don´t care where you are as long as you come early. You know you must come with me whether you like it or not.// Assuming that we miss the plane. What shall we do?// However much you threaten me, you´ll get nothing //Doing the things yourself is safer than letting kids do them//. We were served by an unfriendly French waiter.// Actually I´m not working now, but I´m trying hard to find a job, although it isn´t very easy//. Quick! There´s a hole at the bottom of the boat and water is coming through it. //it is true that Olympic Games are commercialized and there is much greed and drug abuse , but all countries take part in them//She has a very important job in an office, but what she´d really like is to run a house//. is time-consuming and does nothing to improve the already difficult relations//. It is pointless, after all, to hope that the people who are trying to sell their house to give you a factual opinion of their neighbours. //Since most problems offend the ears rather than the eyes, it is surprising that so few buyers take the trouble to find out what their neighbours are like. //We stayed at home not to spend more money//. If you hadn´t had an umbrella, you would have got wet//. less interested in home-made récipes//. When I started to earn/make my living as a journalist, my parents advised me to save some for a rainy day but I preferred not to listen to them so I am now in the red.// The children who lack the security of a good home are more likely to break the law//. Travelling anywhere in the world is increasingly easy  But I don´t know how to behave properly abroad//. Getting rid of some of their belongings filled them with sadness because they reminded them of their father´s murder and happy childhood//. Since the news spread fast all over Europe, the scholars realised how important it was to decipher the inscription as soon as possible.// Dr Sheppard was convicted of his wife´s death but in fact it was the family window cleaner who had committed the crime//. Jim made such a difficult promise to achieve that only his strong will and ability to learn new languages made it come true.// I couldn´t do/go without her. In fact we are made for each other.//  Whenever I try to make a good impression on my boss I make a fool of myself//.  My parents want me to settle down. However, I tell them it wouldn´t do me good to do what is right//.  Although I did my best to make friends with Peter, he just made fun of me//.   My dream turned into a nightmare that had nothing to do with me.//  I can´t help thinking he´s lying. He is always making excuses not to do anything.//  Before doing business with the Chinese I´d make sure they don´t make trouble. // I´d like to make my living as a lawyer. They usually make more money than teachers.//  Students do their duty when they do their homework.// I´ve been doing well but future is uncertain. Anyway, every cloud has a silver lining.// I have put on at least seven kilos since I got married. I should do /go without so many sweets. //Although she made sure to turn on every heater, she was still very cold//.  Teachers sometimes put too much pressure on students although they do their best it isn´t good enough.// Politician, butcher, economist, lawyer, electrician and so on. Although there are so many different professions I find it difficult to choose the right one for me. // Since she couldn´t influence the jury, she isn´t to blame for what happened.//celebrities find it difficult to settle down and lead a normal. They are always being hounded and their fame quickly turns into/becomes a nightmare. // The healthier you live, the longer you´ll live. In other words, leading a healthy and relaxed lifestyle seems a good reason for a longer life.//